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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wonderful weekend

A report of my wonderful weekend:

Was overworked on Friday, had a 'tough' hike on Apeh Hill (Which I told my friends that it was just an easy hike, so paiseh~!) there were not that tough for the past few times, I was cracking my head out here what made this time such a big difference..... could be... my weight! (Gosh! Have been making too many of scones and cupcakes..... )

Together with church youths and hiking buddies, with a newbies Xavier, together 9 of us, by the time I reached home after lunch was about afternoon 3 something, and handed over a bag full of balloons to church, rush back for a long shower, then headed back to church again to start making balloon arch. With the help of Kooi Sai, Joel, Siew King and Paul, managed to finish this wedding balloon arch by 8pm.

I was dog-tired at the end of Friday, my legs lifted up unconsciously and left uncontrolled  while I was trying hard to sleep.

Saturday was really a fantastic day as our church was holding the first Marriage Renewal Vow, 7 couples participated, the longest marriage is 36 years. Such a precious opportunity, joy and honor to witness 7 beautiful brides and 7 charming grooms gave their vows in the presence of God, splendid!

As I wore 3" high heel shoes, as soon as I took it off when I reached home, I felt very painful on my left heel, had problem walking on a flat ground, to ease the pain, I tip-toed, that was the problem I chose to sleep early, very early~ at 9pm.

Sunday, today, attended Sunday service, the only difference was that I took full 10 hours of sleep, hence I had a sleepy head in the morning. Fantastic praise and worship led by Pastor Tommy. Arh, also glad to see Michael and Laurie were there among us!

Visited mother of brother Shyewoon in Klang, of course we took the chance to experience Klang sumptuous - food.

This lunch, I was happy to see Ben finally be Ben!! He has came back as himself — talking, glad that he 'is back'! I confessed I shouldn't confront him from talking, which made Mun Wah and me feel 'uneasy', any way, we had wonderful time to listen to Ben did the talking as usual, ha~

The visitation was wonderful as we sang many songs in the room which we enjoyed seeing the mother singing together with us in joy and peace, wonderful, we decided not to forget to bring along song book and guitar next time we do our visitation.

And we headed home for movie 'Letters to Juliet' with Debbie and Michael, interesting love movie, hope we didn't bore Michael with this movie as this is a girl movie. And went for dinner with another 'just arrived friend —Ah Boy' in Taipan. This will be my last event of the day, phew! All the way from morning 10am till night 10pm, Michael said he was out the whole day! So did we. Wonderful day~

End of the report.

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