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Monday, November 30, 2009

Life + Experiences = fear?

Experiences are our best teacher, they enrich your life, they colour your days, they fill your every minute with surprise.

Reading might help us to understand more, and seeing it in a wider angle, like Dr. James Loh has once said in his facebook status: ''Those who love to read and read widely usually do better in life all round.'' I agreed with that.

Never cease to read and experience, both could help you living a better life.

But fear has nothing good to bring to your life.

Fear of esperience of life?

I have ever thought: ''Look at the marriages of friends around me, sucks! Does this mean I will have a sucks marriage too?''

''Look at those who suicide, does this mean I will suicide too?''

''Look at those failure, does this mean I will be one of them?''

Unlikely, many things came together to make one like them, it all depend on how you take things, and how your understanding level, and how your attitude is, and how your ability to handle it.

Whatever comes, treasure them, whatever goes, let them go, and learn from them.

And most importantly, don't let FEAR haunt you from EXPERIENCING LIFE.


无论你的性格有多坦白, 多直率, 多开朗, 在某个时候, 某个地方, 某件事, 对某些人, 某些情感, 总有说不出的秘密, 赞成吗? 异议? 别摔啦, 想清楚, 这可没什么不正常, 我们是人啊, 许多时候, 人本来就对自己的情感不坦白, 因素只有一个, 害怕.

我 ~ 心里深处的秘密...多的很, 别以为读我的部落格可以知道我的秘密, 告诉你, 部落格可以说的都不是秘密, 哇哈哈! 说真的, 有秘密才叫做真正活过, 嗯...再说深一点, 生命中有秘密的人, 才真正为自己活过! 很牵强吗?哇~! 数一数... 我还真的为自己活过, 精彩, 哈! 太多的秘密了! 不为人知的, 只给好朋友知道的, 有些只给爱人知道的, 有些只给过客知道的. 吖! 又想一想, 家人知道的可真少呀! 也没关系, 无论怎么样, 家人还是我生命中最重要的, 甚至不可缺的.

人一生中的秘密, 一点一点的储存在上帝为我们预备的心盒里, 偶尔向上帝说说我们的故事, 整理一下, 回味一番. 千万别为它们感到遗憾, 或悲伤, 它们不需要这些.... 它们也许希望我们好好学习对自己的情感多一份了解, 早点学会对它坦白, 不要再把秘密塞进拥挤不堪的心盒里...就是给它们最好的安慰了.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Coming back

I stopped praying ever since the joke happened, just felt restless, and discouraged, I stopped doing devotion ever since then, and the feeling of not attaching with God (though I know He is always with me, He is in me.) is so helpless, hopeless, strengthless and dry, no direction ( in growing spiritually) battling and wrestling in many thoughts, even a tiny little thing...

I ... should say, allow myself went wild, gone astray, brought hurts, didn't care much how people feel, didn't care much what consequnces will come, just do what I want to do, life is short, enjoy every moment, in terms of doing what I feel like to do. That moment or the period of time wasn't that fun, wasn't that happy, I should say I felt guilty more then any other feelings.

Where have I been? somewhere ... that my sense told me is way too far, standing on the cliff, somewhere if you jump you will never come back, at least I know my spirit will diagnose with cancel cells and never healed. Though I know God is a forgiving God, I just don't want to do this for granted. Thank God for He has given me a heart, a God-fearing heart.

Now I am back, coming back, with His mercy, His amazing grace, His Spirit has led me here again...

To be able to enjoy His greatness, His fullness, His abundance. His glory has once again shine brightly in me.

"Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you!"
--Isaiah 60:1

Jane Lee

Not about what we want

At the very moment, thing seems to be simple when your action is decided by your feeling, you just do what you wanted, what you feel like doing it... that makes you feel great, and your day is beautiful, you've done what you feel like to do it.

I don't like to make things complicated, but I do believe there are consequences in every move we make.

When Gab was small, he always winded for something he wants, but I rejected him by a very good reason: 'No, I can give what you need, not that what you want.' I also believe God will do this to answer our prayers, when my prayer is not answered, there are two possibilities: 1) Wait, now is not the time yet; 2) No, this is not what you need;

Spirit, Soul and Mind, always good to keep spirit stand firm with God's word, let the spirit leads. Our soul and mind always tempted with what we want and what we feel good about, they always fall, they will have conflict sometimes, we always have a choice to make a dicision, which one you are leaning on? God's word or your feeling?

Overcoming is a progression, not easy as I thought, not tough as you have imagined, just understand well.... not about what we want!

Jane Lee


I was told the goodness about enzymes earlier ago, but just didn't border to listen and make it, till one of the parents came and share about enzymes and email me more about it, I started to try making those.

Yesterday was the day of 'harvesting' my first DIY garbage enzymes, with the use of a big sieve and a funnel to help fill into small bottles. Three months ago, I have made two combinations of enzymes, one is vegetable enzymes (which in the month of Aug, I cooked three days a week, without 'wasting' the left over and unwanted dried leaves and pips, I used it to make vegetable enzyme), another combination is fruits garbage enzymes ( fruits skin, pips, riped fruits, dried fruits - mainly lemons, pears, pineapples), I did have one Banana fruits garbage enzymes, this one smell good too.

Fruit Enzyme or DIY Enzyme, there are two types, fruits enzyme for daily consumption, another is garbage enzymes which is what I am making, for housekeeping usage.

I used to have lemon/pineapple enzymes apply all over my face and body once a week since October, that help even out skin's colour and tone, fruits enzymes is a skin refining properties. That have the ability to digest dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, improve skin texture, revealing a smooth, fresh appearance.

After done all the filling up, pour some in a small container diluted with water, about 1 to 10 ratio, then use it for hand mopping the floor and tables, and I also use this enzymes to remove stubborn oil stained in frying pan, it worked amazingly, it just gone, then I sprayed the toilet tiles, and wash toilet just with that, wonderfully clean. Another amazing thing is, my hands didn't feel rough and dry after all the cleaning.

Friends,, never too late to start, here it is...

How to make fruits garbage enzymes:

For garbage enzymes, use any fruits that has been in the fridge for far too long or skin of fruits you are about to throw away to make this enzymes.

Making garbage or eco enzymes is very useful in a long run. Remember the ratio 3-1-10, three parts of unwanted fruits, one part of sugar, use 10 parts of water to make this enzymes.

  1. Fill water and sugar in a bottle, stir and mix well till the sugar totally dissolved.

  2. Slide in 3 parts of unwanted fruits.

  3. (then put it in the bottle for three months, and if you have skin disease pour a little bit of enzymes in a small tupperware, then dip your hand inside each day a time.) {Gab typed this sentence, cos we used this to dip his finger's infaction in June}

  4. Remember in the first two weeks, stir it once in three days. Close the lid but not too tightly. As mentioned by Gab, keep it fermentation for at least 3 months.
Even I don't have enough fruits, I may add it up at ease, fermentation date starts when it is filled up to the required portion. Or I may keep those fruits in freezer, both ways work.

Jane Lee

Monday, November 23, 2009

Strawberries and Yogurt Smoothie

A fruit and yogurt smoothie is a quick, easy and healthy drink that all children would ever wanted.

  • 1/2 cup of strawberries
  • 3/4 cup of yogurt
  • 1 cup milk
For tastier: (Optional)
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 table sp strawberry syrup
Put all of the ingredients into a blender and puree them together until smooth. Also, a banana may be needed to get the smoothie to the right consistency (thick and creamy).

Friday, November 20, 2009

After the fight is over

After the fight is over

By Dr James Dobson

It’s not the fights that should worry married couples; it’s what happens when the battles are over. Almost all husbands and wives experience conflict, which is not necessarily unhealthy to their relationships. A verbal spat that stays within reasonable limits can open the windows and give the couple a chance to vent frustrations and release some steam. The important questions, however, is what happens after a fight is over.

In healthy relationships, confrontation ends in forgiveness, in drawing together, and in deeper respect and understanding. But in unstable marriages, conflict is never entirely resolved. When the consequences of one battle begin to overlap with a prelude to the next, it becomes a very dangerous situation. It’s a good idea for couples to take a close look at what happens in the aftermath of confrontation.

Are there things that you’ve said or done that have grieved your partner? Do you need to ask forgiveness for attacking the self-worth of your spouse instead of focusing on the issues that divided you? Are there substantive matters that haven’t yet been resolved? Deal with them quickly before they fester and erode the relationship from within.

Remember the old saying – Don’t let the sun go down on our anger. That’s great marital advice.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ice Drip Coffee

Went by Jaya 33 business center, took a short look around flea market, saw this small stall, selling all kinds of coffee filter, and met the promoter Jean, she is nice and friendly, she explained to me some differences on coffee beans, and introduce this Ice-Drip Coffee maker, and that drew my attention indeed.

Here are some products on the table for sale, by Coffee Ritual @ Section 14, Petaling Jaya, you may contact them in this phone number 03 7956 1080


A unique ice drip coffee maker that slowly brews coffee, one drip at a time, brews cold coffee in 6-8 hours. It could store in refrigerator for weeks, and I tried that cup is stored more than a week, it tasted like coffee liquor.

Monday, November 16, 2009

GNC monoplax

GNC (Gabriel Ng Cinemax) does not have wide space of room, does not have leather arm-chair, and surround sound system, but it serves free milk-shake, provide blankies.. and pillows...

Last Saturday after SES chair-dance practice, me and Gab went for dinner at Maju-maju for Tosai, and I just had a glass of Teh-alia, Gab ordered strawberry milk shake.

The surprise was in the milk-shake, very super extremely sweet, even Gab did not take the 2nd sip, it was actually milk+1 scoop of strawberry ice-cream+condensed milk, that they call milk shake, RM3.50, and I took one sip, Gab took one sip, urghhh...! I poured in half bottle of mineral water, and it still tasted super duper sweet, we gave up the one!

Then I told Gab: "I know how to make milk shake, and mommy's milk shake is so much better than this one!". Gab suggested: " really? then we can watch DVD at home, ok?" Then we start planning for the our Saturday movie date.

"Ok, so I took my shower first, then your turn, while you are taking your shower, mommy make the milk shake......" I suggested.

Later, when came to his turn, he told me not to go into our room first, so I didn't, I went preparing the things needed to make milk shake.

Look for Home made milk-shake for things needed.

As soon as we got our milk-shake...

Then we walked into our room, "ta da...! " he sang this ... =.=", I have to co-ordinate with him and showed him the "suprised look" (keke, I am quite a good actor!) He got ready the blankies, and make a cosy seat with pillows, chosen a DVD ready to press the button. I remembered that time, when I was looking for the controller, Gab said: " ma, no need, you just sit down." then I saw his hand slip into blankie, held out the controller, and press the button, haha he is just too cute!.

So .. GNC is just 'shiioook'. He said he wants to charge RM5 per ticket, free milk shake, wonderful GNC! Gab had made the "Movie date at home" so special and unique.

Thanks to the Lord, because He has given me what I needed the most!

Jane Lee

Home made Milk-Shake

Here is what you need for Milk shake:

  1. UHT milk, a little, if you don't want to have waterly milk shake.
  2. Vanilla / Chocolate / Strawberry ice-cream 3 to 4 scoops
That is it... put them in a blender, blend them up! and ready to be served for one!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SonShine Playhouse

Today, I was invited to conduct 'creative time' for SonShine Playhouse by Justine Ng, thanks to her invitation, I am able to have a chance to share with parents and guide them to twist a simple balloon sculpture, the insect of the week is dragonfly.

SCF SonShine Playhouse is a playgroup run mainly by volunteer mothers in the church premises, to prepare a happy, safe and relaxed environment for little ones to learn life skills through plays, songs, musics and movement and story tellings, every Tuesday 9:30am at Dream Hub.

It was so fun to talk to those toddler... can be both challenging and rewarding, why did I say so? It is nearly impossible to get them to listen to you, most of the time they are not listening, some hopping around, some day dreaming, some just standing still and looking at you with their mouth open, some are still sucking their fingers, basically I was just talking to the parents, because I got parents replied in a *funny cute baby voice. Meanwhile have to talk like a kiddy child in order to make it interesting to those adorable toddlers.

The creative time (craft/handwork/library) starts at 10:30am, I was there at about 10:10am after sending Gabriel to my brother's house.

As I enter into Dream Hub, I saw them were dancing and singing, toddlers scattered all around the hall, do as they wish, I got a warm welcome from them by shouting "Hello Auntie Jane!'' My heart is warmed and my smile is sweet.

I hurried to fellowship hall, start pumbing balloons with the help of Esther, she is a volunteer helper as well as Kingdom Kidz's Sunday School Teacher, have been partnership with her from the very beginning of my serving.

There were total 15 toddlers, ballooning started as soon as they finished singing and dancing (morning exersice..haha). I have pre-twisted two balloon dragonflies, I called them My Pets, one named GreenPea, another named Orange, obviously one is in green and another in orange, purpose is to create a topic to start communicating... well, like I have said, mostly parent replied, haha. It was still fun to talk to them, to instruct them, they were good and took instrution carefully.

Most parents were afraid of twisting balloons, I saw many expressions from their face, they were brave for their children, then we came out the Bible verse "Be strong and courageous'', ''Be bold'' to encourage those mommies.

To make a balloon dragonfly, I use:

  1. Inflate one 260Q Qualatex tube balloon and leave about two inches uninflated in the tail end for body
  2. Inflate one small round balloon 5" inches in diameter, about half of the actual size.
  3. Inflate one 160 Thailand made tube balloon and leave about half inche for wings

Balloon Dragonfly twisting instructions:
Dragonfly's body
    1. Make an 1.5" bubble, then a loop (fold twist) that is big enough to allow the tube balloon to go through, then make a lock twist with the first bubble.
    2. Repeat the step '1' again, hence you will have one bubble, one loop, one bubble and follow by another loop in order.
    3. Take the end of the balloon and insert it through the 2 loops, continue to pull the balloon till it make a 'small handle' allow to fit in 'eyes' of the dragonfly.

Eyes of the dragonfly
    1. Get the center of the small round balloon, align with the nozzle to the center of the balloon.
    2. Use fingers to press the center of the round balloon, twisted to get two kidney shapes bubbles. Make sure the nozzle (knot) is hidden in the center of the twist.
    3. Slide in the two kidney shapers bubbles through the 'small handle' of the dragonfly body.

The wings
  1. Make a big loop by tying both ends of 160 Thailand made tube balloon together.
  2. Get the center point, left hand holds the nozzle, right hand pull the loop to another side to make get the center point, pinch with two fingers, pull it to the nozzle, then make a twist at the nozzle and the center point, you will then get an '8'.
  3. Attach the center of '8' balloon with the first bubble of the dragonfly body, twist the bubble around the center of '8' to tie them up, with some adjustment for the last step of ''Making balloon dragonfly'.

Kids were so excited holding their new pet cruising around the hall, 'kissing' each other, boys were having 'pet fighting'.

I am rewarded with a cup of black tea and a plate filled with swiss roll, crakers, biscuits, chocolates, and... arghhh, forgot. Of course the most rewarding is their lovely smiles, and hugs.

Ballooning is just one of the activities we have in Sonshine Playhouse, there are more crafts and acivities going on through the year. Visit SonShine Playhouse for more info.
Check out this Photo Album here!

Jane Lee

Sunday, November 8, 2009

~♥~ Lunch with Gab and Brian ~♥~

8th Nov, Brian and I brough Gab for lunch after Sunday service, an outing Gab and dad had after ...I think about 3 to 4 months ago... can't remember when was it.

Gab ordered his favourite- Cheese pita bread, and stick with daddy the whole session, hmmm... I am not jealous, I just felt... the place was so warm, why sat so near, haha it's ok, I know he missed daddy.

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~♥~ We had gread meal and fellowship in Restaurant Chilis ~♥~
Somehow, the food served here are better than TGIF.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fleeing Temptation

Fleeing Temptation by Alan Smith

There are times when running away is the proper response. In his first letter to the Crinthians, Paul said to "Flee sexual immorality" ( 1 Cor. 6:18 ) and "Flee from idolatry." ( 1 Cor. 10:14 ). Fleeing is especially important when we encounter temptation. We sometimes make the mistake of putting ourselves in situations where we are tempted, thinking that we are strong enough to handle it.

Sometimes we are, but often we are not.

Remember when Joseph was tempted by Potiphar’s wife? She “cast longing eyes on Joseph and she said, ‘Lie with me.’” (Gen. 39:7). Joseph refused to commit adultery with her, but she persisted to the point that finally Joseph needed to flee. “He left his garment in her hand, and fled outside.” (Gen. 39:12).

There may not be a Potiphar’s wife in your life, but there is likely some temptation which you find difficult to resist. If alcohol is your temptation, flee. Make a decision to avoid people and places where alcohol will be readily available. If sexual impurity with a boyfriend or girlfriend is a temptation, flee. Make a decision to avoid situations where you are alone and the temptation is stronger. If inappropriate use of your money is a temptation, flee. Stay away from the mall!

The worst mistake any of us can make is to think that “I can handle it. I know this is a strong temptation but I won’t give in. I’ll hang around close, but I won’t cross the line.” The real question we need to consider is this: “Who (or what) do we want to stay close to?” Because fleeing is not just running away from something; it is also running toward something.

“But you, O man of God, flee these things and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, gentleness.” (I Timothy 6:11)

Father, more than anything in this world I desire to be close to you. Help me to flee from those things which tend to pull me away from you, and draw me close. In Jesus’ name, amen.

.*;*. ^ . ^ .*;*.

There is another article about Fleeing Temptation:


This is a long one, but it is good to know more.

Jane's Note:

Knowing me who always overconfident in thinking I can resist temptations and influences without fleeing.

Result shows that I am so vulnerable, and weak before temptations. From my experience and here I hope that you allow me to give you this caveat: ''Friends.... run away from the thing you called it temptations.'', and if you allow yourself live with it, not long you will find yourself falling in to commit the first sin, then one sin leads to another, therefore God says flee from it, He knows our weaknesses, it is never too late, now.... ''RUN!''

Jane Lee

Ultimate Plan

I know He is faithful and true, I know everything that in His plan, has His ultimate purpose...

NOW I KNOW why He made that 'JOKE'.

Jesus, you are:
  • Awesome
  • Righteous
  • Holy
  • True
  • Almighty
  • Love
  • Faithful
  • Gentle
  • Powerful
  • Forgiving
  • Patience
  • My refuge
Thank you Lord, my redeemer!

You make me whole

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The God I Know

The God I Know (Lyrics): "Words and music by KC Gan, 2008

When the stage is bare tonight
There’s no one else
Just You and me
When the curtains close behind
There’s no pretense
I’m on my knees

I will lay down my life
For the love sacrifice
You gave to me
It’s all because of You
All because of You

The God I know
Righteous and Holy
The God I know
Faithful and true
The God I know
My tower of refuge
Hearts are healed
Christ revealed

The God I know
Light of the City
The God I know
Strengthens the weak
The God I know
Your heart beats within me
As You are, so are we

This is my cry
My one desire
More of You
More of You

The church He knows
Righteous and Holy
The church He knows
Is faithful and true
The church He knows
A tower of refuge
Hearts are healed
Christ revealed

The church He knows
Light of this city
The church He knows
Strengthens the weak
The church He knows
Is strong and mighty
As He is, so are we"

Jane's Note:

31st October, my first heard of this song during SCF's SES (Saturday English Service), once again, reminds me of who God is... my heart ripples.... my heart is humbled by His love... my heart is yielding for His mercy...
I am crying in the dark...

Reaching out for His heart...

And He said:

You are worth more than anything

You are mine

You are precious

You are my daughter

You are free

You are strong

You are rich

You are healed

You've lack nothing

I am here with you
Come back to me...

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