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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Give it a try on my cupcakes!

Another cupcake project for my beloved brother and sister-in-law's birthday. Piping roses was my first try, I have watched a few tutorial video clips in Youtube, pick up some ideas of piping it. Challenging was that I have to pipe very quickly before creamcheese gets too creamy, there were a few rejected ones though, in this reason, I need to store piping bag back to fridge for chilling. Get back to work after 10 minutes again.

Another technique to deco cupcakes. I would love to use creamcheese instead of icing sugar, many of my relatives and friends prefer creamcheese too, they ain't too sweet, and it goes so well with chocolate cupcakes.

Perhaps, give it a try next time if you think of buying a cake, try cupcakes!
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5 stones

This is our young time game, playing with friends in the class room, while waiting for teacher, during recess time, click here to read how to play this game.

I take this set of 5 stones I sewed recently, to ask Gab if he's seen anyone playing it in school, he said 'Nope', and I asked Alycia if she sees it too, she said 'Nope'.

And I asked most of my students too, only one or two from kebangsaan school knew how to play them. Sigh, I guess, Chinese school children are too busy with their homework.

I decided to 'revival' this game in Gab's school, first of all, I need to teach him playing it. Start from him, of course, I want him to sell this for me too! haha. Chicky...chicky mom!

5 stone sack

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Monday, March 26, 2012

First Fabric Hand Carry Bag

I spent two days to complete a fabric hand bag, enjoyed much in the progress from cutting template, design the inner pockets and pouch, to sewing magnetic snap, everything is under controlled. But the materials quite costly, the front fabric already costs RM52.80 per meter!

Due to the cost, I can't keep all the products I sew, I will have to sell them in order to continue another project, not to just earning but to cover the cost and a little of my effort and time spent.

I have found on net there are quite a number of sites selling handmade goods.
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Alphabet Quilting progression

 Quilting is what I love to learn from long long time ago, at last I have the chance to get started.

First quilting project is 'Alphabet Quilt'. Very excited about it. The progression is a pathetic truth I don't want to mention it, it was started two weeks ago, I remembered in my first class, I asked teacher how long can we finish this project, she said some took three weeks, I didn't believe it and I told her I am going to finish it in one week time.

Well.... at least I know why quilts are selling quilt at  high price!

It's darn difficult! Trace those patterns, cut templates, iron-on, choosing fabrics for each of the alphabet as well as base, trim the edges, paste on the the templates bla bla bla..... after three weeks.... I am still doing this, well part of the reason because I was very busy with baking projects and other sewing project like mother's day bag and pouches.

Add oil to me!!!
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Recorder Playing

Gab has the recorder since standard 1, we bought it because it was listed in the book list. And sad thing was, I noticed from then.... he never knew how to play it, because teacher didn't teach them how to play, worst thing was that I found out teacher even taught the wrong theory!!!

Last night was as usual as it could be, after my night classes, Gab tidied his school bag.... I heard him playing recorder, well, I really thought he was just 'playing' some notes... wait.. that was '友谊万岁' “Friendship forever", I was very surprised that he could actually play something from recorder.

I showed him my excited look, then I grabbed the recorder over and told him I want to learn how to play, and I am so glad and grateful that there is a music-teacher teaching them music class this year! He taught me how to read and play by showing me the chart he drew from teacher. I want to share this with you just in case your children have not learnt anything, here I typed it on 'Microsoft word' then transfer to 'Paint' to save it as PNG format.

Cupcakes Project

I am rather busy with my sewing recently, helping Joey to sew her beanbags, and some of my own sewing projects too.
I got a call from Cindy, she asked if I could take her order, to bake 20 cupcakes for Jaden's birthday celebration in his kindergarten. I rejected her as I planed to go for sewing class on Wednesday from morning then go for music classes in the afternoon till 7.30pm, and I just made an appointment with a friend for some business talk at 8.30pm, it will be another busy day for me.

Another reason indeed, I have not tried baking cupcakes with decorative toppings before, which are presentable for a birthday, I was rather worry in another word. I took a deep consideration after hang-up the phone, and I told myself, in business, nobody will turn down their customer for any reason, and I shouldn't shut the door and reject my order, it is rather 'irresponsible' to Jane's bakery, do I sound serious? Anyway I have decided to push myself to go further, I called her right away and told her that I would like to take her order.

Wednesday sewing class canceled. Searched some cupcake recipes, how about chocolate cupcake with creamcheese topping? Creamcheese is always my favourite! After the morning shopping, got all the ingredients I wanted, headed back to start cupcakes baking!

I prayed while I was baking, it has been my 'lifestyle assurance' from God, is better than rely on my own strength and knowledge, kind of like 'work' insurance I submit to God.

Praise the Lord for everything went well! Here they are, they looked lovely, but I don't know how much the kids like it.
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gab's first lunch box sack

After I have got the sewing machine, I have never stopped sewing, searching for ideas day and night, things I want to sew already in a long queing list. Lunch box sack is the first thing I want to sew for Gab.
He has stay back after school for his extra tuition in school from Monday to Thursday, although after-school-care-center prepares lunch for him, but I can't imagine how horrible is it that he has to take his lunch at 3pm!!

And therefore, Marcia will pass his lunch box while she does sending and picking up her children. It is not something necessary, but I would like to make him a little special by sewing him this lunch box sack.

At the mean time, I sewed another two for sale, RM30 each. I am using 100% Japanese Cotton. with lining. This is reversible lunch box sack.  W 8 3/4" X D 6.5" X H 6" (14.5" from base to handle tip)
 Drop me a message if you would like it custom made.
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