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Saturday, April 21, 2012


             C  D                     Em
看哪 猶大   獅子已得  勝
           C            D       G
眾聖 徒預備 朝見 祂
           C           D                     G    D/F#  Em
少年 人看異 象老年人要 作  異    夢
           C          D           Em
因為 神的復 興將來 到
           C            D          Em
聽到 鍚安的 號角響 起
           C            D     G
萬國 萬民都 要顫 抖
          C             D                  G      D/F#  Em
耶和 華日子 將到光明  將除 去 黑 暗
           C           D           Em
因為 神的復 興將來 到
           C            D           E
我們 要看到 神的榮 耀

           G                     D/F#
這世 代我們用敬拜 爭戰
          Em                    Bm
我們 用禱告改變世 界
           C                       G  D/F#   Em
這世 代聖靈要更新 澆  灌我  們
           C        D         G
這世 代是 耶穌世代

           C            D         Em
因為 神的復 興將來到
           C            D           G
我們 要看到 神的榮 耀

Friday, April 20, 2012

Who am I?

If you are the dragonfly....

who am I?

I just found out...

I will be the pond that you spend your days hovering around.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dragonfly Lover


you don't appreciate nectar  like butterflies do,

you can 't make honey out from pollen,

I know,

you don't have beautiful wings,

but they are strong, fast,

you hover, you fly backward unlike others.

I see your uniqueness, clearly.... without missing each of the goodness.

I know,

you are not in the rushing of doing anything,

you live in the water for a year before you could fly.


don't you know me?

Heart, my precious fine silk

every seam I have sewn onto here,

my affection abounds all the more toward you;

How could I explain this feeling?

delusion, illusion,

confusion, hence dilution,

that's why you are beautiful,


 that's why I love you.

Dragonfly lover~

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