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Monday, May 31, 2010

Holy Calling

For those who had missed the first session of SCF Praise and Worship Training by Pastor Jacinta, here is a short note about it, can't share it as detail as Pastor Jacinta, but something very important to know as part of the 'Holy Calling'.

Worship - reverence. You can't worship in any other way. There is reverence in worship because we see Him as He is. Worship is us giving of ourselves.

Before everything starts, Pastor Jacinta asks us to read Numbers 3, so please read this before the next session comes.

Who are in this "Holy Calling" field?
  1. Song Leader
  2. Psalmists
  3. Musicians
  4. Tambourine Dancers

"Call to Worship"
Praise and worship team is a Holy Calling, a group of people who are set apart, Levites in old testament, were the chosen tribe, Deuteronomy 10:8 says, "At that time the Lord set apart the tribe of Levi to carry the ark of the covenant of the Lord, to stand before the Lord to serve Him and to bless His name until this day."

We, as part of praise and worship team, are the Holy Calling ones, to be set apart and chosen as His priests, we are given with God's power to bring down enemies strength, to stand in the gap for God's people, to prepare the way, to prepare the hearts of the congregation, to prepare the congregation to receive the Word of God, to break down walls (Walls of Jericho), focus heart, focus mind, Draw the congregation into the Presence of God, to call for worship, "The Power of Praise and Worship".

The heart of every one has to be cleansed by God's grace, to set yourself apart from sins, discourages, doubts, condemnation......etc. We might be in a need of healing, deliverance, we have problems, struggles etc., when we start to worship Him, it will bring to a change of our focus back to Him, in His presence is all we need. Worship is an action, remember it is not just singing songs, worship is a sacrifice and it is a laying down of our lives, our wills, feelings and we say by bowing before Him. Heart attitude, the outward action should be a reflection of what is going on on the inside that He is our King, we are not our own. A relationship needs to be built daily.

It is definitely very awesome, to see lives transform through praise and worship, therefore confess your sins, praise Him for He is our King, He is great, worship Him with our hearts, let us sing together in unity, with one voice!

Let the sick say: 'I am healed.'
Let the weak say: 'I am strong.'
Let the blink say: 'I can see.'
Let the bound say: 'I am free.'
Let the poor say: 'I am rich.'
Let the lost say: 'I am found.'

Worship is a lifestyle, an offering to God.

Happy serving.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

See Good things in a hassle.

Thursday morning, clear sky, wonderful breakfast me and Gab had had. The moment I went to my car (brother's car) and found back tyre went flat, kind a panic at that moment, I do not have time to fix it, have to send Gab and another 2 boys to school. While hurry them into my car, and sort out a solution.

Tried to fill gas in at petrol station near by, but can't work, then went to my brother's house to take his car to send kids to school. Due to mum went out for exercise couldn't get her to fetch me back, therefore I walked home in the morning, lesson starts at 8am, phew.... what a hassle.

As I post my status in facebook as:

A day starts with hassle, found out one of the tyres went flat early in the morning...

I got the first comment from Daniel: Don't just see the evil around you. See the good that God is already doing!

Here I go, the first good thing is 'I SAW It' was punched. After morning session, I used to have one house-call student, that I need to give lesson at her house, the parent sms to cancel today's class, the 2nd good thing God has made.

Then I sent the car to the workshop just near by, the tyres have to replace due to the age of usage. This car is belong to my 2nd younger brother, he had an accident earlier, the front bumper and other's part were missing inclusive of number plate, indeed I was quite worry whenever I am driving, but... it is really better than no car! I have classes everyday, just can't imagine cancel all my classes... for weeks. So, after got his permission, I ask them to fix all together for him, 3rd good thing God has made, why did I say that, because I am helping my brother to settle his problem, counted as one good thing.

Thursday is the busiest day, classes after another at HOME, isn't it God is so good? If this the tyre get punched on another day, I would have to cancel class and might not be able to fix it for my brother, and if it is punched tomorrow, even worst.... tomorrow is Wesak holiday, all my holiday plan ...burn! the 4th good thing God has made.

I choose to praise God, because it is said:

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever.
Psalm 136:1

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

我需要一个'好记性' 之万灵药。

肉体受伤,需经过清洗,消毒,包扎与服药,无论是口服或是外敷。心灵的创伤,由情感的受损开始,魂里的挣扎,心灵开始受到波动,就好比是人体的免疫系统受到外来病菌的侵犯,身体开始抵抗病菌,抗胜了也难免气血亏虚, 体力衰弱, 在康复期中需要选用一些补药调理.


看 - ‘记得’阅读物的选购与选读很重要,对的文章有助于我们改变观念.

听 - ‘记得’听一些好的建议,‘记得’远离一些带有消极思想的朋友,不是叫你与他们绝交,只是暂时远离。

想 - 当你‘记得’看好的,‘记得’听好的,多多少少会使想法带来改变,从而取替你旧有的观念。

讲 - 生死在舌头权下,让我们有智慧地选择讲好话。

做 - 是一种选择,说清楚一点就是需要‘记得’努力不断去做这个选择,即使偶尔不习惯,但继续的做。

若我每天'记得'服用这些补品, 就能缩短康复期,我的忍耐性不够强,有时候想要赶快复原,所以想到只吃些止痛药就可以了,可是身体免疫系统还是弱不惊风,常常感冒,不能根治。不喜欢常常生病的感觉,所以这一次必须要调理好以至根治。

善忘是我最大的缺点,我需要一个'好记性', 好让我百战百胜。

一个'好记性' 之万灵药。

Monday, May 24, 2010

Snow Lotus Yeast Enzyme recipe 制作天山雪莲酵素比例分量

I knew about Snow Lotus from HK series, and learnt from the story that snow lotus could heal almost all the diseases and sicknesses, but never knew how true is true from a story. After so many years, and have came across to this enzyme recipe, and have seen many testimonies, it is really worth the trying, moreover my mom is making it for all of us :p, so here I am.

Me and my family have been consuming this enzyme for around half a year, my mum making it for many of our relatives and friends, people around us, and most find it works wonderfully to improve their health condition. And as I searching for more details of it, and wanted to put up the recipe my own, and I found a blogger has posted up the making with nice photos instructions, here is the site:

How to make Snow Lotus yeast enzyme 制作天山雪莲酵素比例分量

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Praise with one voice

Attended SCF Worship Seminar titled: "Sacrifice of Praise", it is a 2-session seminar, today was the 1st part of the whole seminar; the seminar started at 1pm after Sunday service, which adult, youth and KK praise and worship teams attended, from as young as 6 years old to as 'young' as 05 (better put in reverse way, Oops!), hosted by Pastor Jacinta.

The most happy thing is my Gab now is serving together with mommy~ say cheese! I told him I am proud of him and praise God that we able to serve God in the same ministry.

In the seminar, we learned 'What, why, how and when?' about Worship, the role of worship leader, psalmists, musicians and dancers.

To be able in one of the team, we've got to know it is a 'Holy Calling'. One of the thing that brew me was "Singing with one voice", and I knew from music theory 'one voice' meant playing together, more prescribe as rhythmically and melodically, and I did remember when I was in symphony orchestra, the conductor Mr. Ota said about playing in unity, none of our instruments should stand out from one another, we should try our best to emerge our notes into the piece, that is what I understand. But talking about it in praise and worship I really have no idea how to explain it clearly, because it is not only about the notes, counting, but it is also about spirituality, and I am not that spiritual, when I play piano accompaniment, I am more particular on the harmony, counting and intonation of those psalmists, sorry to say that, but I am still ok with you guys.....

And as soon as I got home, I google about it, many articles again..... and I found one, and it is:

With One VoiceSunday, May 23rd, 2010
by David S. Lampel

People who share the same focus will always sing in unison.

Individuals become a family by having something in common. In the case of human relation, it is the blood flowing through their veins that binds them together. But in the case of the family of God, it is the blood flowing out of the veins of Christ that does the binding.

A person may be drawn to participating in a choir by a love of singing_but it is that man or woman's love for Christ that will keep the song in his or her heart.

So how do we sing in unison?
Singing in unison (as used here) does not mean everyone singing the same note. What it means is that we all agree on

who is to sing to whom we are singing why we are singing
The answers to each of these can be found in Psalm 148. First, who is to sing? After itemizing every created thing, including the sun and moon, fire and hail, snow and clouds, the Psalmist continues his list with
. . . kings of the earth and all nations, you princes and all rulers on earth, young men and maidens, old men and children. -Psalm 148:11-12 NIV
The point? Every person on this earth is to be praising the Lord. The second question_to whom are we to be singing_is answered by the first three words of the Psalm
Praise the Lord! -148:1a
Can we emphasize that too much, or too often? In this scattering world of distractions and false truth, can we hear too many reminders that it is the Lord who is to be the sole object of our praise and worship?

When the choir members arrive for practice, when they troop in on a Sunday morning, when musicals are staged and rehearsed and performed_the desire of every heart should be for the Lord. The focus of every thought, every intent, should be on the Lord.

Finally, why?

Verse 13 answers this.

Let them praise the name of the LORD, For His name alone is exalted; His glory is above the earth and heaven. -148:13 NKJV
Why? Because only the Lord's name is exalted_literally, "set on high"; it is only His glory that stands above earth and heaven.

With one voice.

What unity and strength there is in joining our voices as one, in praise of the One, the mighty God of heaven, the only one worthy of our praise.

In unison.
From In Unison, by David S. Lampel. Used by permission.

You see, I really do not know how to explain it well enough, I am blessed and this article is simple enough to say all that we need to know.

Happy serving!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sometimes he could be that considerate

Gab will have to stay home sometimes, I will pack him lunch. And this year, I enlarge his territory of service, he has to wash his dishes after lunch, his bottle, Tupperware that he brings school for snack, and also his school shoes.

Some of the days I will be quite busy, that are the days that he has to do all this, he has no complaint. One afternoon, he phoned me that he would like to cook instant noodle as his lunch, I understood as that day, the lunch was really tasted 'no appetite', so I let him cook and urged him to be careful when cooking. (Don't worry, this is not his first time of cooking)

That very night when I came home, I saw that everything had been cleaned and well kept, oh deep in my heart I felt comforted and encouraged, sometimes he could be that considerate. My sweet heart melted.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010












Jane's Note:


别那样想这样的女人,真的那么沉重吗?真想多了解一下,因为我觉得自己就像上属所写的那副德性。 唉,怎么开始感觉有点儿沉重起来。。。

Sunday, May 16, 2010


作者:熊玲 时间:2010-3-25 浏览次数:32

文/熊玲 心理咨询师 成都蓝天心理咨询中心





  ·当两个醉入爱河的情侣,有一天忽然得知他们是同胞兄妹… 又或者,一个忠实地爱着对方5年之久的女孩,忽然发现那个男子是有婚姻有孩子的情感骗子;

合理防御 保护自身不受伤害本是人的本能,当忽然面对残酷现实,我们本能会有防御性反应,如否认、反向认同、压抑、逃避、歇斯底里、生理症状等等,以保护自己不被残酷所击倒。这些是自然和正常的防御反应,也是人在应急情况下的合理反应。但合理的“应急防御”时间不会超过几天至3个月。如果防御反应的程度重和持续的时间太久,有可能会陷入慢性抑郁状态,这就需要求助专业的心理疏导。重要的是,我们需要允许自己面临残酷事件时有非常态的防御反应。
具备一种被迫接受的心态 我们谁都不愿看到残酷事实,但当残酷来了,我们没有退路,除了防御性反应,还就是在心里做“迎接它”的考虑。面对残酷,想到是它撞上了我,我们需要有被迫接受的态度,即不否认它、不憎恨它、不对抗它,那么,残酷所必然有的负面情绪来了也很快会过去。
理性是王 理性是对客观真相的尊重。面对残酷,能否做到合理防御,或是漂亮的进攻,又能否做到难过着接受残酷事实,是绝对需要理性的能力。在残酷事实面前,尽管人们理性上觉得应该直面和接受,但实际就是做不到。我们明白这是人的感情(感性)不能接受残酷,而感性之所以不接受是不需要理由。感性的力量猛于虎,很多时候理性败给了感性。如果人总有“为啥我知道该咋办却就是做不到”的困惑,那只是想象的理性,而非真正的理性。真正的理性是指一个人对客观真实的包容、遵从和把握,不歪曲不否认不隐藏。
  人与动物最根本的区别是有理性。驾驭感情的力量,和处理人类中复杂而残酷性的事情,惟有理性能力。古希腊哲学家巴门尼德认为“理性是王,毕竟感觉的验证必须由理性来评判。感觉与理性,我们该坚持哪一个呢?任何声称自身优越于理性的方法都必须是由理性来加以采纳和运用的。这就赋予了理性一个几乎凌驾于所有探询方法之上的专断统治权。” 因此可以说,理性是战胜残酷的最高手段。
具备心理能量 心理能量,包括人的承受力、接纳度、 慈爱之心、宽恕之胸襟。
【此文载于《家庭医学》2009.10(下) 总第382期】

Solution: No eye see

Have you seen such parenting that they will never spank the child or even say 'No' to a child's behavior? I am lucky to meet one which is my music parent, the parent allowed their children to do whatever they want, but thankfully I am allow to teach the elder girl with discipline, (otherwise, I don't know how to teach by not discipline and being firm on certain requirements).

She allows her child to climb even window's grill, to play around, to eat, to play sockets, fan, whatever in my room, I saw him fell from table, fell from chair, head injured by knocking on table's corner, bed, I can take these, because the mother can take it, but I can't take it when he 'poo' in my room, eat in my room, at last I voice it out not to have food in my room, and another thing I can't take it is to play with my phone, I gave him a 'mean' look, and say "NO!". That's it, clear enough, phew..... he is not coming with his sister anymore.

I forgot the name of this type of parenting, this family is homeschool their child. The girl is another issue, she does whatever she feels like to do, at this moment, still under control in my 'authority', but quite a hard case to me, and require more patience to handle it. My solution is that, learn not to press too hard, and to tell the parent about any attitude problem I face, let the parent take over it.

Today, there was another family came to join KK time, from one of the Sonshine playgroup parents, the younger daughter were running up onto the stage many times, and was touching everything she sees, imagine it, the first time she joins, she behaves like that, what's more next? I carried her down from stage to her mother, she yelled as is I tortured her, she had a few times like that just in 2 hours, the mother very patience and lovingly play with her, asked her not to do this, not to do that, chasing after her, salute to the mother, the little girl must be a hyperactive child.

I didn't do much on that, because I don't know what can I do other than discipline, and I do not have the 'love box' of relationship to discipline her, therefore just 'no eye see'.

Imagine my child is like that, I think I have gone crazy ... Salute to the mom.

Friday, May 14, 2010

试。鞋 ~




我需要的是亲情,一种没有背叛,没有承诺,没有比较,没有媲美与取悦。还是根的问题,倘若我不懂得爱,也就找不到亲情,由爱情转化到亲情,两人的友情也跟着深厚进展成感情,关系才能持久,这时候的亲情也是感情上最好的归属。 我要先学懂得爱,既然找到根的问题,就从根学起吧!嗯,何医生,不懂是否需要每双鞋子都试一试呢?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

该死的 ' 不甘心'


1:7 敬畏耶和華是知識的開端.愚妄人藐視智慧和訓誨


1:2 传道者说、虚空的虚空、虚空的虚空.凡事都是虚空。

这些不是我不懂,人的本性只有个 ‘贪’ 字,佛学所云之‘贪噌痴’, '贪’就写在前头。尽管前人,传道士,贤人,甚至圣人在几千年前说出无数的训诲,有受教育,没受教育的,有钱的,没钱的,都脱离不了这个弱点。


孩子们想要的东西太多了,有了这个就想要那个。别人有的,自己也想要有,有时候还要是一模一样的。永远有个没完没了的 ‘我要’。


第一戒 除了我以外,你不可有别的神。
第二戒 不可为自己雕刻偶像。
第三戒 不可妄称耶和华 你上帝的名。
第四戒 当纪念安息日。
第五戒 当孝敬父母,使你的日子在耶和华 你上帝所赐的地上得以长久 。
第六戒 不可杀人。
第七戒 不可奸淫。
第八戒 不可偷窃。
第九戒 不可作假见证陷害人。
第十戒 不可贪恋人的房屋,也不贪恋人的妻子,仆婢,牛驴,并他所有的一切。

第十戒说的就是贪,上帝把贪放在第十戒,不是说它无伤大雅,反而是要告诉我们那最小的就是万恶之首; 像他所说的《信,望,爱 》以爱为大。



未能得到的永远是迷人的,得到了以后又怎么样呢?有些时候付出的代价是无法弥补,察觉过后已经是时过境迁, 灿烂过后就是凋零。

所罗门王在生命里享尽荣华富贵后写了传道书,那是因为‘已经’ 拥有,所以看透这一切,可是多少人能够真正明白呢?我也不明白,或许是不甘心,非要得到为此,是不?这个该死的不甘心!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


转摘: 男人与女人爱情的差距


男人和女人是不同的。对男人而言,性可以只是性。只有当他们觉得有必要的时候,才将性和爱统一。所以当一个男人进入一个女人身体的时候,可以仅仅是身体。而女人,当她接纳一个男人的时候,首先在情感上, 她就已经容纳了他了。所以,在这样的情感里,女人跪着,男人站着。








男人爱女人的过程是:爱—-怕---烦---离开, 女人爱男人的步骤是:无所谓——喜欢——爱——真情难收。

当男人很爱女人时,女人可能还没有 爱上男人,当女人逐渐的喜欢并爱上这个男人之时也许正是男人厌烦了女人准备开溜之际。










男人无性无爱 ,女人无爱无性。



而女人不同,女人是在得到之后才懂得付出和牺牲,因为守住才是她们的目的。所以在完成一夜激情之后的女人们总是一个受害者, 因为一般男人在得到之前是比任何人都肯付出和牺牲的。女们们怀念那种牺牲和温柔……可是男人的爱是有条件的,男人总是要爱符合自己要求的对象,当你己经不再符合新鲜的条件,你就得退场了。



稿源: 她风尚  编辑: 常缨


心... 没有我想象中的冷, 硬而没知觉.

好久没有这种心痛的感觉, 我想也好,


有点想哭, 但又觉得没这个必要,

今天的答案, 只是证明了生命中的另一个错误选择,


转个弯, 整理鞋底下的尘埃,








Friday, May 7, 2010

Before and After ... that matters

It always keep me wondering why am I right all the time, I just don't want to end up that I am the smartest people in the world which I know it is not true, and that makes me feel that I am such insensible, inconsiderable, irritable, unlovable, .... argh everything you could think of from a self-centered person.

The answer is simple enough, as I was talking to Pastor Tommy, and again, as usual.... I was right, very right for some incident and situation, then I said goodbye and last sentence I said to him was 'because I am always right!', that made both of us laughed. That was not the end, I told myself, it is not right, it must not be like that, then I realized: Time matters, I am always right because I always Right the Wrong, the time realm: Right is after the Wrong, Wrong is before the Right, of course I am always right, bla bla bla bla....... I better giving out 'adjustment', 'lessons', 'reasons', 'judgement'.......... 'lao kui'... more to improve, what a proud person I am.

Lord, so so sorry for my behavior. I know why you put me in 'that' position, blunt my 'Axe', for future 'chop downs' ..... I just hope I could understand more of your plan in me, just...... please don't leave me Lord, I can't survive without your strength, I can't stand right without your guidance, I can't grow well without your grace and steadfast love. Please...... keep me in your arms.

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