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Saturday, November 30, 2013

How does Sewing Octopus price the product

Is it a sensitive article? I would like to tell my experience.

When I look at the price that I put for my product, for example the recent laminated cotton trendy bag, RM 235 (or RM 230, I can't remember lah), I saw the first reaction of those who don't know much.... -.-  do I have to explain?
Am I earning a good money from it?

Yes, I want to explain (again). No, Sadly not.

<p>Laminated cotton Apples 2-way trendy bag</p>
<p>H 14.5" X W 22.5" X D 7.5"<br>
22" Genuine slim Cow Leather handle<br>
100% US cotton for lining stiffened by high quality thick and soft interface<br>
One detachable H8" X W7" zipper pouch<br>
Bronze hardware<br>
2 bronze lobster swivel hooks<br>
YKK Jeans drop-ball metal zipper<br>
Ticket / card pocket <br>
One adjustable (cotton cord)&nbsp; drawstring with stopper for drinking bottle or others</p>
<p><b>RM</b><b> 230</b><br>
<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> <a href="" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"> <img border="0" src=""> </a> </div><div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> <a href="" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"> <img border="0" src=""> </a> </div>

This is a big bag, let me list down one by one:
1) 1 meter of thick interfacing - I used high quality cotton interfacing, there are tons of those cheap quality in market. RM 18
2) 1 meter US 100% cotton for lining, RM 32
3) 1 meter of US quality laminated cotton, RM58
4) 2 meter though it only needed 44" for genuine cow leather handle, guess what? RM 60, do you believe it? Can't imagine it is that pricy right?
5) 2 lobster hooks, there are many from china and Taiwan, I used once and it just crashed when I accidentally dropped on the floor. So, I decided to use good quality hardwares. RM 7
6) Leather label RM 2
7) YKK metal zipper RM 3.80
8) bronze snap 2 pieces RM 1
9) Bronze buttons RM 3
10) cotton cord RM 1
11) drawstring stopper RM 1

It's easy to just say "Expensive", do you think is easy to sew a bag? Takes an hour? Two? Or three? You bet! It takes more than that.

If the price for a dressmaker let's assume is RM 80, we deserve more indeed, sadly sometimes is lesser than this price. Moreover.... There are people asking for discount. :(

I think for an artist like me, I don't know much on business making, it makes me feel discouraged.

Bit, I will still keep on, because I love seeing people using and appreciating my creations.

Below is the new clasp I bought yesterday. Take a look at the price, how much should I price my product if it is done? Mini for lesser price? Or RM 20? Sigh. I pray that God's favour is upon me, and upon all my sewing products.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Awaiting for the season of love

Awaiting for the season of love
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Traditional Can Opener

This is the outlook of a traditional can opener in Malaysia, got it at RM3.80. I do have another bulky type of can opener, I need one of this traditional can opener for an ultimate purpose which many still do not know what it is for. 

There is a friend asking me what is the use of the sharp head in this can opener, mmm..... I was rather amazed that there are people living in Malaysia do not know this ultimate function.

I love Teh-C, tea + sugar + evaporated milk = Teh-C 

There is a special way to open an evaporated milk can, to open it, you need this traditional can opener, may be I am rather particular, haha somehow I prefer this way.

 Place the sharp head on the surface of the can, make sure the 'hook' is hooked up to the can rim, act as a supporting point.
Once is hooked, lift the handle while presure the sharp point.


 For smooth pouring, you need another open point right opposite of the opening.
Do another time 

I love drinking barley with evaporated milk, this we called Barley with milk

Yum Yum ~ <3 p="">

Handmade Useful Sewing Measurement Templates

Something I made it for my sewing convenience.

Left: Curve corner template, thanks for Chris Lee, she lend me her clover curve-corner metal piece, I copied and made myself one.
Top Right: Triangle measurement templates, useful when making a boxy base for all sort of bags
Bottom Right: Square in different sizes 

Needle Organizer

Made this two years ago, the time I started to sew, using some felt scraps sew it randomly at first, then added a button turns this scraps into needle organizer.

Sewing Tool Storage Case for sale

Sewing Tool Case (Pink)

Click "Sewing Octopus Sewing Tool Storage" for bigger images
Price: RM45 (Display items are not included)

Measurement: H15 cm X W24cm X H 5.5cm


Two heads high quality zipper

Large Netting Pocket for magic pens; ruler; bias maker; clips and other sewing tools.

Pockets for scissor / seam ripper and thread cutter with stopper strap (detachable)

Two transparent pockets for needles; templates; buttons; snaps and others.

One deep compartment with divider, ideal for storing rotary cutter; measurement tape; soft pins; thread; bobbins and others.

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