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Thursday, October 13, 2016

“You will be kicked out from the group!”

I have just started attending BSF, short for Bible Study Fellowship since September, it has been two months, every Thursday at 9:30am at SS17 First Baptist Church. It is not far from where I am staying, my friend from Serdang is also attending BSF every Thursday morning.

I was told indeed I must not be late, or being absent without prior notification, strict practices.

It was rather struggling to get time to attend this class, I know I need no excuses to just quit it, in order to not allowing or giving a tiny chance from stopping it, I went every Thursday so far.... but non of the day was early or at least punctual, I was late from the very first day.

I am in grabcar driving since July, driving every weekday morning after sending son to school, because those times are MEGA PEAK time, I don't know where I will ended up to, especially on Thursday, I tried to end trip before 9am, so allowing myself to have enough time to drive back to SS17.

Most of the time got stuck in the jam unfortunately.

To the discussion group, hardly speaking to anyone, often listening to them sharing their opinions, most of the time they were very polite, and gentle.

Every Tuesday, the group leader will give me a call to ask if anything I need to pray, and she will then put into ASK and send to us in a Whatsapp group.

Today, I was very late, came from USJ, yet took me the longest time to stuck in the slow traffic then I go from KL.

As soon as the sharing in the hall ended, I met a lady from the same group, she is an usher too, we give a smile and nod head every time we see each other, never saying anything, she came to me with smiling face and say: "Hi!" Oh I was very surprise, finally someone attend to me and may be wanted to know me better after a month of joining.

I was feeling happy and responded quickly: "Hi!"

"If you be late again, you will be kicked out from the group."


Mmmm.... I know I am bad as I being late all the time.

haha, don't you feel odd? I felt odd, and thought: " Ok, then just kick me out!"

"Wait a minute! I am not going to allow this happen to stop me from knowing God's Word. You may not be perfect, you are the blue eyes in the group, sharing great testimonies, if you do not know how to care or at least ask me if I know the regulations of BSF?" So discouraged. So different from the lady I know in the group sharing.

Fine, If you think I will just "LET'S QUIT! NO WAY, here I am to be overcomer!
I am not quitting BSF because of her!

Go forth! and March In!

Monday, September 19, 2016


三天两夜在马六甲El Sanctuary 圣殿度假村“烈火营” ,来个属灵冲电,也矫正个人焦点,为世界而忙得不可开交,容易偏离主道,摔跤搞到自己焦头烂额。



敬拜赞美后不经意跪下(我这人鲜少跪下,因为害怕膝盖疼😅),我对上帝说;“不是愿意付出一切吗?(自以为义😕)我向来愿意为祢的国度去做,对我一个女人,我能做的,除了愿意以祢给的恩赐用在国度里,我更需要照顾好祢赐下的家,这个家庭虽然只有我和小儿,总不能不顾一切,我最讨厌是没有责任感的人,我不能去接受一个没有责任感的自己,我很累,我很讨厌自己为世界的事而累。。。上帝,你不明白我。。。” 说着,眼泪不停地流下,弄湿了椅子,有害怕人看见,赶紧用纸巾抹掉。。。但掩饰不了自己的激动与鼻涕的“川流不息” (无助)


“可以。” 说着也点了点头。
心里想着:“我不曾告诉任何人我属灵状况,也不曾表示我很累,嗯,这个小姐妹会祷告些什么呢?上帝告诉了她什么东西呢?” 这个念头不是出于骄傲,只是出于上帝会怎样对她说话。









#上帝同行 #从新得力 #一路上有你   #耶稣 #烈火营

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Uber or Grabcar Drive in Malaysia?

Have you read about this article 

Part-time Job: Should You Drive For Uber Or GrabCar?

It has full details about the fare and calculations. I am sharing here is more to the driver's experience, real life incidents.

I started Uber drive in June, and Grabcar Drive in July. Below is my experiences about both.

Uber Drive

I loved it, online whenever and wherever you are available, driving is never my thing before, surprisingly ever since I started driving then I realize that driving is such an enjoyment, especially you can earn while you drive.

I enjoy meeting people that are cheerful, and appreciated their kind attitude, we chatted and have fun during the drive. Well there are all sort of people around, there are riders that are very unfriendly.

Uber incentive hours

Uber riders mostly paying by credit card, I loved this feature not until they accepted cash term riders.

There are a few slots of incentive hours, which Uber guarantees the amount you can get whenever your fare is lower than the guaranteed fare, with the condition of 1.25 trips per hour (TPH), If you are online for 4 hours, you need to have at least 5 trips during these slots. 50% of the pick-ups shall be in core-service-area (CSA)

How does it work?
In the scenario of your total fare of the week is below RM500, you are in TIER 2, guaranteed hour pay is RM25.

For example in the morning 6am to 10am slot. If you meet the all requirements TPH,and percentage of CSA pick-up, total amount of gross fare is RM58, time online is 4 hours (you shall not take break in order to have full GROSS RM100 incentive)

guaranteed fare RM100 - RM58 (fare ) = RM42 (Uber should pay you extra)

RM42 x 80% = RM33.60 nett is going to bank in to your account.

The more you drive, the lesser Uber will compensate.
Upon the TPH and CSA is really out of your control, as you won't know the next rider's destination, yet you need to accept every single 'Ping".\ (request)
Requirement of CSA is for that particular slot, there is noway of compile with other slots and other days. If you can't make it 50% of pick-up in CSA for the slot, too bad, you are not qualified for the incentive.

Sometimes you make more than the amount, especially you got an airport trip. Sometimes you will have less than enough trips (TPH) when you have long distance trip and jam routes, sometimes you are brought to outside the CSA like Nilai, Sri Kembangan, Kepong, Sungai Buloh..., situation like these always happen.

Bad experience of my UBER DRIVE
You don't know where the rider will go when you accept the ping. Many times the pick-up distance is 11km driving time is 25 minutes, after picking-up the rider, and found out just to take the rider to go somewhere 4km, in the 4 km route, approximately total fare is RM4.50, deduct 25% Uber fee (RM1.125), you get RM3.375 (Sorry, I really can't take this shit!) So I learnt not to take any trip that pick-up time is above 5km.

Sadly, I got deactivated once, and another time was I called to tell the rider of the distance and time to pick-up is too long and too far, complained by a rider, when I reject the pick-up because the pick-up distance was 11km, which means, I better not to call but just to cancel the trip in order getting this complain lodged.

From here I truly felt this kind of rider is very inconsiderate and selfish. And why I want to give my precious time and precious service to this kind of selfish riders?

Uber drives are giving their best time and effort to give riders the best choice to ride instead of taking taxi, they should indeed respect and appreciated drivers.

For the incentive that Uber is giving, is paying you RM25 gross (Uber fee is 25% from the trip you make + Uber tops up the balance to make up to RM25 GROSS, the top up amount subject to 20% of uber fee) to do fetching job! Totally not worth the effort, apart from here, you need to pay car installments, services, fuel and TIME on the road.

Bad experience 2
A lady rider, requested to go Trivoli Condo in Bangsar, most of the time I use Waze to navigate the route to go there, she kept saying this way "no, no, no... use another way." But but.... "Where is another way?" She doesn't know either, so I continue to drive eventually came to a road that was closed due to construction, I had to make another round and find a way to send her back. It costed her ride about RM22, well during the ride, she was quite cool, this happened in my first week of Uber drive, I was still blur then, after that I saw the payment back to RM8 on top of that because I gave her a discount code which entitle her to have Free RM5 for 5 rides, so she only have to pay RM3 but I have spent my time and 23km drove her back. There was a function that Uber rider can lodge a complain of the route that they don't like, so Uber will review it to the shortest distance. SHIT!

Bad experience 3
Early in the morning of Monday, I have gotten a Ping in Subang SS15, the rider went Nilai. Gosh, the end of the day!

Bad experience 4
Going to KLIA is not that good deal in fact, most of the time you have to come back empty car, or waited there for 2 to 4 hours. RM75 flat rate - uber fee, you get RM52.25 You see, what kind of money you are "earning"??  or loosing indeed.

Grabcar Drive

The enjoyment of driving is still there after a month of Uber driving. Now is time to start GrabCar to find out the differences between two systems.

Didn't really like Grabcar drive at first, because of the cash term, I need to get ready small notes, and quite worrisome about the rider of who I am about to pick-up, because they can be anyone without true identity, you will get "Superboy", "Dreamy", or even "   .   "  , a dot!!!!? I feel insecure, nobody will knows who is the rider, the phone can be registered with a stolen ID, or stolen phone.

Something still attracting me to remain Grabcar driving:
1)  Grabcar Fee 20%
2) Fare is more reasonable
3) Pick-up distance is so SO MUCH nearer.

During Grabcar busy time slot, Grabcar incentive is guaranteed for WEEKDAYS:

RM16 per trip if total fare of the day you made is above RM30,
RM18 per trip if total fare made is above RM55,
RM21 per trip for total fare above RM90,
and the last tier is RM25 per trip if fare made above RM135,

Pick-up area has to be 50% in Busy Areas  and this percentage is calculate base on WEEKLY basis, if you can't make it during the time slot of that day, don't worry, you total up all the trips that you pick-up during Peak Hours for the whole week. as long as all Busy Area pick-ups is still more than non busy areas for the whole week, you will still entitle of the incentive.

This is the record chart of the week 8 Aug - 14th Aug, which I drove mainly Grabcar

GrabCar and Uber
Week 2
DayDate$ B.HoursTripsTransactions$ NonB.HTripsTransactions Grabcar 20.00UberTipsTotalMilagePetrolTollIncentivesGrand Total
Wed10-Aug65.0084+5+14+5+6+10+ (3+18)65.0052.0044.7923.00119.7946.0079.00
Fri12-Aug74.00915+8+6+5+3+( 9+16+9+3 )10.0011084.0067.2011.0078.20124.000.3070.00
Grand Total397.00317.6091.6538.00447.25209.00125.050.30272.00

Let take the Monday fare to view how GrabCar gives us incentive
Fare RM70, fare above RM55 entitled of RM18 per trips, I made 7 trips, get the average fare of each trip is RM10, therefore Grabcar is giving RM8 nett for every trip.

The calculation of incentive on Monday will be 7 x RM18 = RM126
RM126 - RM70 (fare collected) = RM56 to be banked in to my account.


If you ever drove Uber, you know the BIG DIFFERENCE about the incentives.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Chalk bag

  Handmade Chalk Bag  
By Sewing Octopus 

Drawstring felt lining
Metal champ 
Adjustable Waist belt from S to XL waist size  😉


Sunday, June 19, 2016

My first Uber ride experience

On the Saturday morning, needed to fetch Gab for tuition, though I have been a Uber driver since 1st June, but I haven't tried a trip as a Uber rider, this day I planned to give it a try, called a ride even though Gab didn't agree to go for it, I told him better go now, the Uber driver is waiting at guard house now. 

It took about 10 minutes upon arrival, which I can see the route from uber app, and notification alert about completion, I wrote a comment "Thank you for fetching my son to tuition" to thank the uber driver, as a driver myself, I appreciate much the effort of every driver. 

Gab sent a message to me:
It was really a surprise to both of us, can't believe it is true, especially Gab, too bad he didn't take a "wefie" with Tan Sri Abdul Wahid. 

The news about why Tan Sri Abdul Wahid Uber drive.


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Homemade Golden Syrup

Golden Syrup is used in many Chinese dessert, one of the recipes that calls for golden syrup is traditional moon cakes. I used to buy from confectionery store one bottle 700g for RM4.60 and some I bought at RM6.90, the difference from homemade I could tell is aroma is stronger and colour is darker (cooked longer) for homemade. 

It isn't hard to cook in Thermomix. I did a comparison between traditional way of cooking golden syrup, we need to use a brush to "water" the pot to prevent syrup from cristalize whereas Thermomix is just the 3 circles!!! 

Thankful of Madeline shared her recipe with us, this encouraged me to try on my own to cooking golden syrup, if you could compare the way cooking in pot, Thermomix rocks!!

the Three Circles on front panel: Time, Temperature and speed

Thermomix Recipe

Homemade Golden Syrup 
750g Water 
1000g Sugar
1 pc Lemon, sliced 

1) Place all ingredients into TM bowl to cook
     mc / 75 min / V / speed 2 

2) Using chopsticks to remove lemon slices, let it cool before storing in a sterilised jar. 



750克 水
1000克 糖 
1 粒柠檬,切片

      量杯 / 75 分钟 / V / 速度2

2) 取出柠檬片,待凉后装进消毒后的瓶子。

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Char Siew Bao 叉烧包


Buy TM5 in Malaysia drop a message to Thermomix Fervent Thermist - or  Jane Lee


Thermomix Recipe

Jane's Char Shao Bao 叉烧包 制作教程影视Video Tutorial

Recipe Inspired by Annie Xavier

Char Shao Ingredients 

400g Skinless pork belly, diced very small piece
40g Shallots


4 tbsp Sugar
1 tbsp Light Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Dark Soy
4 tbsp Oyster sauce
1 tbsp Shaoxin Wine
1/2 tbsp Corn Flour
1 tbsp Chicken Stock Powder (Optional, taste of course is better with it.)
1 tsp Sesame oil
60g Water.(Can add up to 200g)

* Best is prepare filling one day before.


1) Marinate pork dices at least 4 hours.

2) Place shallots to chop
    mc / 5 sec / speed 6

   Scrape down shallots

3) Add marinated diced pork in TM bowl to cook
    mc / 12 min / 120°C / Reverse / Soft speed

4) Let cool and chill in the fridge overnight

Next day, take out the chilled char shao filling before kneading. The Char Shao filling calls for two portions of bao dough. Therefore adjust your time wisely. 

Thermomix Bao Dough

Ingredients A

135g Water (150g water when I omit oil, it will be a little sticky when handling)
20g Oil
20g Sugar
1 tsp Yeast

Ingredients B 

250g Bao Flour / plain flour
pinch of salt

Ingredients C

500g Water


1) Place A in TM bowl to mix
    mc / 30 sec / 37°C / speed 1

2) Add B to knead
    2 min / Knead 

3) Weigh each dough at 25g, make into a round ball shape. Flatten it with rolling pin to make a disc, , scope in 1 tablespoon of pork filling place in the center of the disc, now pinch and fold the outer skirt to closing the disc. Ok.... best is to see it. Here it is the video of How to pleat and shape the bao

4) Place each char shao bao on a square parchment paper. You don't like it to be stuck on the Varoma tray. Let it prove for 30 minutes.


Watch the easier way of shaping bao.

叉烧包 教程影视Video Tutorial


.* by this time I will knead another batch of bao dough before steaming the first batch, or you keep charshao filling in freezer till whenever you wish to make fresh char shao bao.

5) Put water in TM bowl. Stack Varoma in position. Steam
    15 min / V / speed 1

Pull the skin of the dough to make smooth surface 来平面粉团的皮
Seam side up, press and make thin disc 折面向上,然后压平

rough surface 粗面

scope a small tsp of char shao filling place in the center of the disc

Fold and pinch 折然后捏紧

Repeat the fold and pinch 重复折和捏的动作

Like this 就这个样子

Join all the folds and pinch together.向中间挤进去捏紧。

Let it prove for 30 minutes  发酵30分钟

Double in size, ready to steam. 体型增长大概双倍,可以蒸了
Steamed Char Shao Bao 蒸叉烧包

Jane's 叉烧包


400克  花肉,超小切丁
40g克 小葱头


4 汤匙 糖
1 汤匙 酱清
1 汤匙 黑酱油
4 汤匙 蚝油
1 汤匙 绍兴酒
1/2 汤匙 蜀粉
1 汤匙 鸡精粉 (随意,加了味道比较好)
1 茶匙 麻油
60克 水 (可加至200克)

* 建议把馅料一天前煮好,冷藏


1) 腌制馅料至少4个小时

2) 放入小葱头,剁碎
    量杯 / 5 秒 / 速度 6


3) 加入腌制好的肉丁,烹煮
    量杯 / 12 分钟 / 120°C / 逆转 / 匙速

4) 待凉并冷藏

第二天可以取出待用,这份馅料需要两份馒头的食谱,因为版主是用Thermomix蒸煮,所以分两次揉面团。那么自己拿捏 时机安排所需的时间哦!


材料 A

135克 水 (我用150克来代替,并取消油的分量)
20克 油
20克 糖
1 茶匙 酵母

材料 B 

250克 包粉 或 普通面粉

材料 C

500克 水


1) 放入材料A,搅拌
    量杯 / 30 秒 / 37°C / 速度 1

2) 加入B, 揉
    2 分钟 / 揉键

3) 秤35克一份,揉成小球状,杆平面团(我用压的)加入一小匙的馅料在中央, 折和捏,重复动作,最后把折扣都挤上捏平。(可以在这里观看本人为你准备的教程影视)

4) 把捏好的叉烧包放在准备好的包纸上,排放在蒸锅里,等待发酵大概30分钟


* 这个时候我会先揉第二批面团,然后在洗净加入水来蒸煮第一批的叉烧包。但如果您打算收起来在别的时间另做新鲜叉烧包的话,就先冷冻剩下的叉烧馅料。

5) 放入水,塔上蒸锅,蒸煮
    15 分钟 / V / 速度 1

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sweet Vinegar Pork Ribs

One of many yummy and easy Thermomix recipes you must try!

TM5 Thermomix Recipe

Jane's Sweet Vinegar Pork Ribs


600g Pork Ribs
20g Ginger, sliced  
50g Rock Sugar 
50g Black Vinegar 
40g Rice Wine
20g Dark Soy Sauce 
25g Soy Sauce 


1) Add in all ingredients to cook
    mc / 25 min / V / ↺ soft speed  

2) Tilt the bowl, using spatula to stir clockwise, make sure all pork ribs are well coated.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Steamed Cracker Layered Cake

I am encouraged by Tina, one of my customers has already started venturing in converting ordinary recipes to Thermomix Recipes, I would like to share of her converted recipe here to bless more of Thermomix users. 

This is the recipe template, putting pictures and words in png format easier for storage in phone, a little more effort needed to do extra miles! 

I usually would share recipes with my customers in this format. Here it is the recipe template of Steamed Cracker Layered Cake Thermomix Recipe Template.

You are also welcomed to join facebook fanpage Thermomix Fervent Thermist for more updates. 
Or to also share your food and ideas in facebook group Thermomix - Fervent Thermist

Thermomix Recipe

Steamed Cracker Layered Cake

250g butter
170 g brown sugar
200 g cream crackers (I use Jacobs Hi Iron)
5 eggs
2 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder

1) Cream butter and sugar
     mc /  15 sec /   sp2

2) Run sp3, add eggs one by one thru mc hole till well mixed

3)Add cream crackers. 
    mc / 15 sec / sp 5

4) Pour out half the batter. 
Add choco powder in the other half. 
     mc / 10 sec / sp 3
Pour out into separate bowl

5) Wash TM bowl. Put water for steaming, qty just over the blades

6) Line small cake tin with some butter. Pour 1 layer of original flavour batter into cake tin.
      Steam 10 min / V /  sp2
(*Add at least 500g water, start counting when water reaches Varoma)

7) Put chocolate flavour batter. Steam 
     7  min / V / sp 2

Repeat till all batter is finished. 

* Please check water lavel.  Quantity needed differently depends on the number of layers you make.

8) Last round steam 10 min / V / spd 2

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Coconut Duet Jelly 椰子燕菜双重奏

Coconut Duet Jelly in martini glass

Coconut Duet Jelly in disposable cups for party

I was going through the recipe with audience before start in TrueMix office training hall.

Let's cheers! Toss for an abundance! 
Coconut Duet Jelly is a combination of coconut and sea coconut. Very easy recipe again, original recipe from

Thermomix Recipe

Jane's Coconut Duet Jelly

Ingredients A: 
2 tbsp Agar-agar powder
150g Castor Sugar
400g Water
600g Young Coconut Water
4 blades of pandan leave
200g Young coconut flesh, shredded

Ingredients B:
2 tbsp Agar-agar powder
50g Castor Sugar
400g Water
400g Young Coconut Water
200g Sea Coconut Syrup
200g Shredded Sea Coconut Flesh

Ingredients C:
2 tbsp Honey
2 tbsp Lemon Juice


1) Reserve the Syrup from honey sea coconut, shred sea coconut flesh and young coconut flesh for later use. 

2) Bring Ingredients A except young coconut flesh to boil
      mc / 8 min / 100°C / speed 1

3) Discard pandan leaves, toss in coconut flesh, then pour mixture into prepared mould to half full.

4) Rinse TM bowl with water, place ingredient B except sea coconut flesh in TM bowl and bring to boil
      mc / 8 min / 100°C / speed 1

5) Lastly, stir in sea coconut flesh and ingredients C, mix well 
     3 sec / speed 2

6) Pour sea coconut mixture into the half-set young coconut mixture. (Or if you are doing it in party cup, spoon into each cups/ glass, pour coconut liquid into each cup / glass.)

7) Leave to cool and set completely then keep in the refrigerator.

To arrange a TM5 demo, contact Thermomix Fervent Thermist


Jane's 椰子燕菜双重奏

打印 Jane's 椰子燕菜双重奏 食谱
2 汤匙燕菜糕粉
150克 幼糖
400克 水
600克 幼椰子水
4 片班兰叶

2 汤匙燕菜糕粉
50克 幼糖
400克 水
400克 幼椰子水
200克 海底椰肉,切丝

2 汤匙 蜜糖
2 汤匙 柠檬汁


2)除了 椰肉,将材料A放入,烹煮
      量杯 / 8 分钟 / 100°C / 速度 1


     量杯 / 8 分钟 / 100°C / 速度 1

     3 秒 / 速度2



To arrange a TM5 demo, contact Thermomix Fervent Thermist

Braise pork ribs meehoon

Thermomix Recipe

Jane's Braised Ribs Meehoon 排骨炒米粉

Ingredients 材料 A
10 cloves Garlic颗蒜头
20g Coconut Oil 椰油
1 tsp Sesame Oil 麻油

Ingredient 材料 B 
250g Ribs 排骨
400g Water 水
2 tbsp Oyster Sauce 汤匙耗油
3 tsp Dark Soy 黑酱油
1/2 tbsp Homemade Chicken Stock Powder (or salt) 自制鸡精粉 或 盐

Ingredient 材料 C
150g Meehoon, rinsed and slightly soften 米粉,过水稍微软化
100g Veggie 菜

Preparation 作法

1) Chop garlic 剁碎蒜米
    mc / 5 sec 秒 / speed 速度 5

2) Scrape down and add cooking oil and sesame oil to saute 刮下,下油和麻油爆香
    mc / 4 min 分钟 / V / spoon 匙速

3) Add B, braise 下材料 B 焖煮
    mc 量杯 / 18 min 分钟 / V / Rev 逆转 / spoon 匙速

4) Add meehoon stir with chopsticks, place veggie to cook 加入米粉并用筷子稍微拌匀,下菜烹煮
    mc / 3 min 分钟 / V / R 逆转 / spoon 匙速

To arrange a TM5 demo, contact Thermomix Fervent Thermist

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