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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Klah Hot Spring

We went to Klah Hot Spring on 4th Oct, Gabriel enjoyed the play in hot spring, as well as the cold water park. This was the 3rd time we been to this place.

Don't forget to buy some eggs for you to boil eggs at the boiling point. It is an extra ordinary experience for all the children.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Clubing no longer my ideal place for drink.

Spending time with friend at my house, Josephine brought two bottles of wine, one is Japanese prune's wine, another is white wine, it is good to spend time here with friends, low spending, with comfortable music and lighting.

I loved this arrangement, which i can have my time without neglecting Gabriel.

Rainy Night

A rainy night, went out supper with both my parent and Gabriel. Brought them for Tosai at Restaurant Maju&Maju in USJ 14, which the Tosai is the best so far. Gabriel and I can consume 3 pieces. We chat about rainy day, I told them I like rainy day, I feel cold, quiet ( you could only hear the pitter patter nature rhythm that made from rain drops) peace, romantic, good..... never realized till my dad said he likes rainy day too. Oooh, dad and I have the same like. Never too late to know him, though he is about 67 this year.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

If God wants you to trust Him

"If God wants you to trust Him"
wrote Donald Grey Barnhouse

"He puts you in a place of difficulty.

If He wants you to trust Him greatly,

He puts you in a place of impossibility.

For when a thing is impossible,

then we who are so prone to move things by the force

of our own being can say,

'Lord, it has to be You.

I am utterly, absolutely nothing.'"

A paragraph I read in this book

Mary & Martha: Balancing Life's Priorities

Sewing Octopus Etsy MIni Shop

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