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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Appreciation to Teacher Lim of 3W

I asked Gab once about his class teacher, whether is she fierce or is she an unreasonable teacher after the 'the boy sits at the back~!' incident. Gab told me Teacher Lim is a forgiving teacher; she forgives when student forgets to bring their book to school.

She called a few times when Gab did not go to school, she will tell me what are the works Gab has to do, there was once Gab absent the whole week due to his severe illness, she let us know the chapters she had covered, and hope that Gab does his revision during his days of absence.

I am thankful for her, outwardly she looks very quiet and strict, but indeed she is caring and kind.

Today is the last day of school in 2010, it happened that yesterday on my way home from Sungai Buloh was terribly jam, I rammed up to Kota Damansara for dinner in Ikea, I got a photo frame, and a recycle shopping bag for her as an appreciation.

To show of my appreciation, making a card would be ideal, the card designed by a blogger, which I got it from google search. The message behind written in Mandarin :

靖雄用了一个字来形容您,就是‘Forgiving', 谢谢您的宽容与爱。共勉之。 Jane Lee"

"Teacher Lim, Jing Xiong takes the word 'Forgiving' to discribe you, thanks for your patient (tolerance) and love. Let us encourage each other. Jane Lee"

It was wrapped with the said recycle bag (black and white) and tied with a black ribbon. (I should have taken the picture.....)
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