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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beware of Scam When SELLING Things Online (eg. or

This is a note shared by my friend Gideon, depicting the progression of online paypal scam.

Beware of Scam When SELLING Things Online (eg. or

by Gideon Lye Meng Kong on Tuesday, 16 November 2010 at 00:11
A couple of days ago, we decided to give it a shot to sell our product at We were extremely happy to receive email from our 1st potential buyer. The buyer by the nick name John James ( informed us that he had just moved to UK and will assign a shipping company to pick up the product from us to be sent to UK.
Below are the chronological events on the email communications:

No long after giving our paypal email to the "potential buyer", an email was sent by "paypal" informing that the buyer had made the payment for the merchandise (RM 100) as well as the transport fees which came up to RM2,300. We were instructed to settle the shipping fees of RM 2,200 through Western Union before "paypal" can credit us the full amount.

The email address appeared to be genuine from paypal but upon further verification, we found that the so called genuine paypal email was used as username only and the actual email address was, which is FAKE.

Further email from "paypal" threatened to take Legal Action if we do not send money via Western Union within 24hrs.

Reminder email sent from "paypal" but without Legal Action this round. Funny...
The purported buyer explained to us that we have to make an upfront payment of RM2,200 out of our pocket as "paypal" assured us the buyer had made the full payment, which will be released to us once we transfer the money to Western Union. The buyer even asked us not to worry...??
The is the act of a con man. We had make direct contact with genuine Paypal and got feedback that such scenario should not happen as it's only a platform for people to transfer and receive money. Also got to know from them that fraudulent such as this do happen from time to time.  Thank God we didn't get trapped as victim. So....BE CAREFUL!!
Gideon & Joelyn

Jane Lee

Be careful over online news and messages.


zuheir said...


ive almost get scam by trying to sell Antiques item.

and yeah.. its EXACTLY the same including the title of the email = ='

Jane Lee said...

Great to know that. Good luck to you friend.
Have a happy Chinese New Year.

_-( Chris )-_ said...

Wow, Same scenario I just went through, thank you SO much for posting this! I feel like a fool for falling for it, but i now know it is so easy to be scammed these days. Thankyou!

Frixos said...

Hello!! I just got trapped yesterday! I have given Mr.Silver my address and phone number and wants to send his shipping company to meet me and give them 900Euros...How can I end this? Should I just ignore him (can he do anything by having my info?) or should I contact the police?????

Gideon Lye said...

Hi Frixos, I hope things didn't progress further to date. How is the situation now? I believed they can't do anything to you with the phone # and address. And I do believed they will continue to threaten you till you pay up the money. Do let them know you want to cancel the transaction or whatever the deal is. Tell them that you will report to the police if they continue to pressure after you. This is just my 2 cents. Hope everything will go smooth.

Best regards,

Gideon Lye said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jane Lee said...

Thanks Gideon.

Kabukiman said...

Thanks for your post. Same method, step by step... Two years after your report. So the method should be working, because he (or them) keep trying...

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