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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Joyful Jane Sourdough Starter is 5 year old!

Joyful Jane sourdough starter is successfully made on 31 March 2014, has turned to 5th year in 2019.

This is an awesome moment in every year. Even though I am not baking sourdough often, yet willing to maintain the feeding to keep it growing, watching it growing strong each day, smelling it fragrance is a joy to my soul, lucky me who can still keep it alive each time. 

Wishing to have more time enough to bake sourdough bread, Gab and I definitely love to have sourdough breads more often. 

Happy 5th Birthday to Joyful Jane Sourdough Starter! 

Fed it twice in a day, 😂 overflow! 

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Healthy is sexy

Loving this line:
"Being healthy is sexy"—  Coach-nim John Kim in Oh My Venus played by So Ji Sub 苏志燮 ì†Œì§€ì„­

This drama was introduced by my sis in law when I ask her which Korean drama to watch, she strongly recommended dramas from So Ji Sub, that was when I learned to know who this handsome guy is. 

Loved this drama as there are inspiration and motivational  quotes from both main roles, KBS2 Drama 오 마이 비너스/Oh My Venus! Pick up one or two important thing for yourself! 

Whatever the magnitude, everyone is in pain, in their own little way. So, don’t cry. Everyone is still living on, enduring their burdens. – John Kim

It may look fine on the outside but it needs time to heal – Ep. 2

Do you know why the past is important? Because it serves as a lesson for us. – Ep. 1

We can’t give up because we’re scared of something – Ep. 16

Remember. If you’re hanging in there, You haven’t reached your limit (you haven’t done anything beyond your limit). If you believe, you can do it. – Ep. 14

Extracted from edreamj 

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Chizu Green Tea Latte Recipe

Chizu Matcha Latte 
Chizu Green Tea Latte

Chizu = Cheese 
Also meant for cream cheese

( ˘ ³˘)❤ Green Tea Latte Chizu is served! .

EMBORG Whipping CREAM 200g per packet

Chizu Cream Cheese Topping
Cream cheese 227g (
Sugar 50g - 70g (at your own preference)
Fresh Milk 100g
Whipping Cream 200g 

EMBORG cream cheese 227g per block
Hand whisk cream cheese and sugar.

1) Hand whisk first two ingredients till sugar melt thoroughly.

2) Add in milk slowly, whisk till cream cheese mixture well blend and smooth. 

Fold whipped cream into cream cheese mixture gently.

3) Whisk Whipping Cream till soft peak. 
Thermomix : put in butterfly, whisk for 15 seconds, speed 4 (make sure whipping cream is chilled)

4) Fold whipping cream into cream cheese mixture gently. Keep in refrigerator, serve any time.
Green Tea Latte for 2
Milk 700g
Green Tea powder 2 tsp
Sugar 20g

Uji Matcha Powder 

Thermomix steps:
1) 8 min / 90∘c / speed 3
2) Put in butterfly to whisk
20 sec / speed 4
Tips: scoop cream cheese and slide into coffee cup thinly and slowly to allow it floats on it.

(^_−)☆ .
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