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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Steamed Cracker Layered Cake

I am encouraged by Tina, one of my customers has already started venturing in converting ordinary recipes to Thermomix Recipes, I would like to share of her converted recipe here to bless more of Thermomix users. 

This is the recipe template, putting pictures and words in png format easier for storage in phone, a little more effort needed to do extra miles! 

I usually would share recipes with my customers in this format. Here it is the recipe template of Steamed Cracker Layered Cake Thermomix Recipe Template.

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Thermomix Recipe

Steamed Cracker Layered Cake

250g butter
170 g brown sugar
200 g cream crackers (I use Jacobs Hi Iron)
5 eggs
2 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder

1) Cream butter and sugar
     mc /  15 sec /   sp2

2) Run sp3, add eggs one by one thru mc hole till well mixed

3)Add cream crackers. 
    mc / 15 sec / sp 5

4) Pour out half the batter. 
Add choco powder in the other half. 
     mc / 10 sec / sp 3
Pour out into separate bowl

5) Wash TM bowl. Put water for steaming, qty just over the blades

6) Line small cake tin with some butter. Pour 1 layer of original flavour batter into cake tin.
      Steam 10 min / V /  sp2
(*Add at least 500g water, start counting when water reaches Varoma)

7) Put chocolate flavour batter. Steam 
     7  min / V / sp 2

Repeat till all batter is finished. 

* Please check water lavel.  Quantity needed differently depends on the number of layers you make.

8) Last round steam 10 min / V / spd 2

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Coconut Duet Jelly 椰子燕菜双重奏

Coconut Duet Jelly in martini glass

Coconut Duet Jelly in disposable cups for party

I was going through the recipe with audience before start in TrueMix office training hall.

Let's cheers! Toss for an abundance! 
Coconut Duet Jelly is a combination of coconut and sea coconut. Very easy recipe again, original recipe from

Thermomix Recipe

Jane's Coconut Duet Jelly

Ingredients A: 
2 tbsp Agar-agar powder
150g Castor Sugar
400g Water
600g Young Coconut Water
4 blades of pandan leave
200g Young coconut flesh, shredded

Ingredients B:
2 tbsp Agar-agar powder
50g Castor Sugar
400g Water
400g Young Coconut Water
200g Sea Coconut Syrup
200g Shredded Sea Coconut Flesh

Ingredients C:
2 tbsp Honey
2 tbsp Lemon Juice


1) Reserve the Syrup from honey sea coconut, shred sea coconut flesh and young coconut flesh for later use. 

2) Bring Ingredients A except young coconut flesh to boil
      mc / 8 min / 100°C / speed 1

3) Discard pandan leaves, toss in coconut flesh, then pour mixture into prepared mould to half full.

4) Rinse TM bowl with water, place ingredient B except sea coconut flesh in TM bowl and bring to boil
      mc / 8 min / 100°C / speed 1

5) Lastly, stir in sea coconut flesh and ingredients C, mix well 
     3 sec / speed 2

6) Pour sea coconut mixture into the half-set young coconut mixture. (Or if you are doing it in party cup, spoon into each cups/ glass, pour coconut liquid into each cup / glass.)

7) Leave to cool and set completely then keep in the refrigerator.

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Jane's 椰子燕菜双重奏

打印 Jane's 椰子燕菜双重奏 食谱
2 汤匙燕菜糕粉
150克 幼糖
400克 水
600克 幼椰子水
4 片班兰叶

2 汤匙燕菜糕粉
50克 幼糖
400克 水
400克 幼椰子水
200克 海底椰肉,切丝

2 汤匙 蜜糖
2 汤匙 柠檬汁


2)除了 椰肉,将材料A放入,烹煮
      量杯 / 8 分钟 / 100°C / 速度 1


     量杯 / 8 分钟 / 100°C / 速度 1

     3 秒 / 速度2



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Braise pork ribs meehoon

Thermomix Recipe

Jane's Braised Ribs Meehoon 排骨炒米粉

Ingredients 材料 A
10 cloves Garlic颗蒜头
20g Coconut Oil 椰油
1 tsp Sesame Oil 麻油

Ingredient 材料 B 
250g Ribs 排骨
400g Water 水
2 tbsp Oyster Sauce 汤匙耗油
3 tsp Dark Soy 黑酱油
1/2 tbsp Homemade Chicken Stock Powder (or salt) 自制鸡精粉 或 盐

Ingredient 材料 C
150g Meehoon, rinsed and slightly soften 米粉,过水稍微软化
100g Veggie 菜

Preparation 作法

1) Chop garlic 剁碎蒜米
    mc / 5 sec 秒 / speed 速度 5

2) Scrape down and add cooking oil and sesame oil to saute 刮下,下油和麻油爆香
    mc / 4 min 分钟 / V / spoon 匙速

3) Add B, braise 下材料 B 焖煮
    mc 量杯 / 18 min 分钟 / V / Rev 逆转 / spoon 匙速

4) Add meehoon stir with chopsticks, place veggie to cook 加入米粉并用筷子稍微拌匀,下菜烹煮
    mc / 3 min 分钟 / V / R 逆转 / spoon 匙速

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Simple Osmanthus Jelly

Beatiful Osmanathus Jelly Jars

Dried Osmanthus, can be obtained from Chinese Herbal Shop

Ingredients Needed

Thermomix Recipe

Jane's Simple Osmanthus Jelly recipe

Ingredients A
1 ltr Water 
150g Sugar
1 tbsp Agar agar powder 

Ingredients B
1 tbsp Dried Osmanthus flowers
20g Goji 

1) Boil A  
    mc / 7 min / 100℃ / speed 3

2) Add B to continue to boil  
    mc / 5 min / 100℃ / speed 1

3) Pour into small cups, let it cool about 40 minutes, (depends on size, larger size takes longer time) 

4) Take a small spoon to give a quick stir, if the time is right, Goji and osmanthus flower will be set wherever it is. 

5) Then keep refrigerated.

This is in step 4, while the jelly is half set. Use a small spoon to give it a stir, flowers and goji will just set wherever they stop. Very beautiful scene. I love watching them.

This is before jelly is half set

These are set Jelly.


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