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Thursday, October 13, 2016

“You will be kicked out from the group!”

I have just started attending BSF, short for Bible Study Fellowship since September, it has been two months, every Thursday at 9:30am at SS17 First Baptist Church. It is not far from where I am staying, my friend from Serdang is also attending BSF every Thursday morning.

I was told indeed I must not be late, or being absent without prior notification, strict practices.

It was rather struggling to get time to attend this class, I know I need no excuses to just quit it, in order to not allowing or giving a tiny chance from stopping it, I went every Thursday so far.... but non of the day was early or at least punctual, I was late from the very first day.

I am in grabcar driving since July, driving every weekday morning after sending son to school, because those times are MEGA PEAK time, I don't know where I will ended up to, especially on Thursday, I tried to end trip before 9am, so allowing myself to have enough time to drive back to SS17.

Most of the time got stuck in the jam unfortunately.

To the discussion group, hardly speaking to anyone, often listening to them sharing their opinions, most of the time they were very polite, and gentle.

Every Tuesday, the group leader will give me a call to ask if anything I need to pray, and she will then put into ASK and send to us in a Whatsapp group.

Today, I was very late, came from USJ, yet took me the longest time to stuck in the slow traffic then I go from KL.

As soon as the sharing in the hall ended, I met a lady from the same group, she is an usher too, we give a smile and nod head every time we see each other, never saying anything, she came to me with smiling face and say: "Hi!" Oh I was very surprise, finally someone attend to me and may be wanted to know me better after a month of joining.

I was feeling happy and responded quickly: "Hi!"

"If you be late again, you will be kicked out from the group."


Mmmm.... I know I am bad as I being late all the time.

haha, don't you feel odd? I felt odd, and thought: " Ok, then just kick me out!"

"Wait a minute! I am not going to allow this happen to stop me from knowing God's Word. You may not be perfect, you are the blue eyes in the group, sharing great testimonies, if you do not know how to care or at least ask me if I know the regulations of BSF?" So discouraged. So different from the lady I know in the group sharing.

Fine, If you think I will just "LET'S QUIT! NO WAY, here I am to be overcomer!
I am not quitting BSF because of her!

Go forth! and March In!

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