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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Disable One Click Sharing

Without reading and knowing more of the pop-ups during farming, usually will just click agree and share, this recent apps 'One Click Sharing' has driven me crazy, I used to put privacy setting to allow only farmville pals read all postings from farmville game, soon after the 'click', I found that it no longer pop-up another window to allow setting before sharing, that is going to make my friends crazy, they might want to block me because of those crazy postings ever. 

Thankfully the problem is solves after my sharing in status, Phoebe helped me to resume to default setting. Here I found an article about 'How to Disable One Click Sharing'.

Article from FarmVille Freak FAQ

With the recent changes made to FarmVille’s Facebook sharing, you can now automatically share your posts to your Facebook News Feed in “One Click Sharing”. 

However, many FarmVille Freaks do not like this new feature and do not want FarmVille to automatically publish their shares. One Click Sharing is made possible through FarmVille’s extended permissions which means you can only use One Click Sharing if you’ve signed up and agreed to FarmVille’s   extended permissions. 

What if you have, and you don’t like One Click Sharing? 

Then that’s okay because you can remove it. It’s a farmer’s choice and whichever your prerogative may be, you can opt in or out of One Click Sharing. 

Read below on how to remove One Click Sharing from your Facebook account.

If you are one of the FarmVille Freaks who hate One Click Sharing and would rather not use it, you can disable it (even if you have signed up for FarmVille’s extended permissions). 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to disable One Click Sharing on your Facebook settings.

How to Disable One Click Sharing
  • Go to Facebook
  • Click on “Account” > Privacy Settings
  • Under Apps And Websites, Click on “Edit your settings”
  • Under Apps You Use, Click on “Edit Settings”
  • Edit Settings for FarmVille
  • For “Post to my Wall,” Click on “Remove”

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Benefits of taking Snow Lotus Enzyme

Article from: Snow Lotus Enzyme

Enzymes are protein molecules which is responsible for all biological activities in human cells. Enzymes are organic catalysts that increase the rate at which foods are broken down and absorbed by the body and help various metabolic functions in the body take place. The vital foundation of life will be severely impaired without enzymes. Human body will not be able to digest, absorb and utilize nutrient. Enzymes are very specific in comparison to inorganic catalysts such as acids, bases, metals and metal oxides. Enzyme can break down particular compounds.

Snow Lotus Enzyme are a delicate life like substance found in all living cells whether animal or vegetable. 
Snow Lotus Enzyme are energized protein molecules necessary for life. They catalyze and regulate nearly all biochemical reactions that occur within the human body. If serious enzyme deficiency could lead to organ function disruption, could not support the metabolism of our body, resulting in unhealthy life, illness or death. In fact, even you have consumed enough of vitamins, minerals, water and proteins, without sufficient enzymes, those nutrients will not be able to function properly. As a result, our health will suffer.

Major Benefits:

  1.  Improve cell metabolism
  2. Prevent aging and enhance one's beauty
  3. Increase amino acids in the body

The benefits of Snow Lotus Enzyme are as follows:
1. Improving and strengthening our body condition 

  • Improves liver function, alcohol drinker can see the effects instantly
  • Improves and strengthens the digestive system
  • Normalizing blood sugar level
  • Accelerating cell metabolism
  • Slowing down fat formation in the body organs and tissues
  • Diminishing bad cholesterol and effectively regulating high blood pressure
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Rejuvenating and reducing tiredness
  • Increasing platelet production and helping to prevent bleeding
2. An excellent beauty care and anti-aging product

  • Rich in phosphorus
  • It helps in the growth of cell membrane, brightens the eyes makes the skin fairer and smoother, prevent age spots or stop them from forming
  • Anti-oxidization, anti-free radical and anti-aging
3. Snow Lotus Enzyme health drink increases amino acids

Natural Enzymes

Pineapple Enzyme
Snow Lotus Enzyme
Lime and Grape Enzyme
Papaya Enzyme
Dragon Fruit Enzyme
Mix Fruits Enzyme

Benefits of taking Snow Lotus Enzyme

Monday, June 20, 2011

Accelerando the tempo of my life

When you feel that time passes really slow, that is in primary school time; 

When you feel that time passes slow, you are in secondary school time; 

When you are enjoying everyday and weekend, you are in your 20s; 

When you are thinking time passing fast, you are in your 30s; 

When you feel time passes like a dash of lightning, you are going to be 40 soon..... Sigh!

Let's bow and mourn for every second that passes away.... 

Hmmm.... sounds alike a Classical Sonata piece, a four-movement layout, the usual order of the four movements was: 

1st movement : An Allegro, lively in pace, as in toddler to kindergarten stage.
2nd movement: Slow movement, as in primary and secondary stages.
3rd movement: A dance movement, usually in waltz style (menuet and trio), as in 20s.
4th movement: A finale in faster tempo, just like how I feel now....

Monday, June 13, 2011

为什么 秋去秋来?

我被问到:秋去秋来。Why suddenly in autumn mood?

me: Usually use this to express.... sadness.... and helplessness.

Seasons representing time, time is something we can't keep, they come and go. 






Sunday, June 12, 2011


真诚 能使  我心融化,
忠实 能 让我感动,
稳重 能够  逐渐建立我仅存的信心;

坦然的接受 让我受宠若惊,
坦诚的分享  稳固 我内心的恐惧与不安,
精细的分析能力 让我心泛起爱慕的涟漪,

但我却说,爱慕 是一种咒诅。

天马行空的理想 让我不得不佩服你的天真,
你的理念 我无法解读,







~ JaneLee ~

我 ~ 爱慕虚荣

“我喜欢这个,好漂亮!”  我的一双眼睛总是虚荣的爱看漂亮的画面,帅气的男生,优雅的女士,高贵的饰品,设计高雅的服饰,路过美丽与亮丽的橱窗都会让我眼睛发亮,可以把我归类成爱慕虚荣的女人吗?


我举止不轻佻,走动时也没有过于摇摆腰部,没有冲动消费这个习惯,说话时没有卖弄风情,从不叫男生送这个买那个;不是爱情幻想主义者 (偶尔会放肆一下!),更不乱发脾气;虽不算做事有计划的人,但也不是不务正业;心胸不狭隘 ,从没有自我任性的机会,更不会是年长无知,屡教不改的女人;

不常见异思迁 。。。虽然精神偶尔会出卖思想,让自己也沉醉在幻想世界里,我以为这是唯一我能让自己的生活多一点‘纵容’与‘享受’。

经过这项自我检查之后的结果,我只是一个略懂得欣赏,有不错的审美观,对生活品质要求高一点点,所以不能用'爱慕虚荣' 这四个字来形容我, 我要平反,喊冤!

Monday, June 6, 2011

A dangerous gift

Haven't you came across to this situation, you receive a bottle perfume as a gift, but it was unwrapped? I doubted the sincerity of this giver, why is my gift unwrapped? Moreover it is a perfume gift box, came with a travel sized, wouldn't it be nice if I unwrap the gift by myself?

Well, I am not a perfume-lady, I never crazy for it, I had two bottles, one given by my sister, another was given by my good friend after she knew that I have none, she gave me a new bottle of hers; and therefore didn't border to open it and try it.

I told a friend about my surprise, and she shared an experience of hers, and told me not to use it.

It could be a perfume with love spell, you will fall in love with this guy, and give him everything. She was cursed with this spell for a period of time, good was her mother found out some weird behavior of her, brought her to a media, finally broke the spell, and guess what? They went back to check on the bottle of perfume, it went black in colour.

A dangerous gift!! I asked my mom if she'd ever heard of anything like this, and yes! She said it was an experience of her friend too.

Ladies, just be ware of what you received. I am glad I shared with my friends, and of course praise the Lord for His protection.

What am I going to do with this box of perfume? hm.... I thought of pray over it when I am in and when I am out, haha... see if it turns into black colour. But definitely I'm not going to use it!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

水易君诗 之 二

  • 不把它记下来有点可惜,水易君是我的老朋友,以前还未结婚时,时间多得很,每当有一星期的假期,都会很开心的去Uncle Cake 的糕饼店帮忙,称呼他为Uncle Cake是最贴切不过了,名副其实的蛋糕叔叔。Auntie Cake, 会教会我如何拉花和替奶油调颜色,虽然店后面有点闷热,因为Uncle Cake在这个时候都正忙着烘焙各式面包以及蛋糕类,但是都忙得不亦乐乎!

    过了的许多年后,Uncle Cake 退休了,惊喜他是‘非死不可’账户,并且写了许多好诗好词,他曾经用堂姐的名字写了一篇诗,那一天他也为我的名字写了一篇,^.^   感觉太受宠了!


    水易君 北斗星移天地牢,人间爱情永不老,牛郎织女今何在?藏入人间不怨劳Tuesday at 19:00 ·  ·  1 person

  • Jane Lee 天海地田必废去,唯上帝话语永竖立,哪有人间不死情?惊觉情人泪满脸。 (对不起·,后半句有点悲。。。)
    Tuesday at 19:31 · 

  • 水易君 上帝施恩降甘露,大地回暖景万千,人间博爱相共濡,红颜泪洗情更深。
    12 hours ago ·  ·  1 person








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