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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Samal Island Mission Trip

Team members
From SCF :- Tom, Jacinta, Richard, Pastor Tommy, Ben and Jane Lee.

From FGC JB:- Mrs Tay, Ruby Lim, Angela Bruyns and Mei Fang.

It was a beneficial trip, every mission trip indeed, you get the chance to meet those 'big people' of God, listen how they 'die' for God's will, and know how they grow in their spiritual growth... never easy though, a little sounds scary to me.

Angela Bruyns

She was Graphic designer, she own a big house in JB, nice and cosy house to cuddle in, earning good for living, but she gave up what she deserves to have, family time, comfortable life, cars, career comes to this place 14 years ago, stayed in a small - stuffy - rattan built house, which was offered by someone, not even a room, but the hall, I think it is as small as a store room of my house.

Started building up relationship with villagers, and got connected with the local church. (long story) 14 years later, School of Acts established 4 years ago, from one student till now about 100 sponsored student, School of Acts has given many hopes and opportunities to those who have once lost, and helpless child back to school.

Point 1 :
Perserverance, what I see in her, through these year of walking with God, she knows God's plan and God's will clearly, it was not easy, way did not come smoothly, she faced struggles and obstacles, as she obeyed and continue to do what is right, she sees God's amazing hands at work.

Isaiah 43:16
16 This is what the LORD says—
he who made a way through the sea,
a path through the mighty waters

Mei Fang

I have heard of her name ever since I joined SCF church, but never had a chance to see her face to face. She was doing pioneering work for God, she is the founder of SCF church.

My first impression when I met her, I had a surprise, she is soft, gentle and quiet, followed by many question marks floating in my mind, and was pondering about how she started the churches, she established three churches all together.

In this trip, Mei Fang, Ruby Lim (sister of Pastor Sony), Mrs Tay and I shared one room, I told her what my impression toward her, and asked of her testimony.

She is a homy lady, she enjoys staying at home, doing house chores and gardening, she never liked to talk to people, she said she was introvert before obeyed doing what God's will, but she just do what God wanted, first she went to Setiawan, she never knew why God sent her there, after a few years, she got back to home - Johore, then God sent her to Selangor, Subang USJ 4 where SCF is founded, the first member is Moi Lang ( my DHG Leader, spiritual mother), from Setiawan; slowly she begins realized why did God send her to Setiawan at first.

Point 2:
Obedience, we will never knew why God allows something happen in our lives, we will never would understand what God's plan is, and how God leads you, but through obedient, that needs a lot of faith, by practising faith, obedient action is taken one by one. God's way is higher than our ways.

Isaiah 55:8-9

8 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,"
declares the LORD.

9 "As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.

The workers of Elim's Place
Stand:Angela Bruyns, Jinafe, Julit, Bing, Jakie
Sitting: Sonia and Elenita

Julit and Jinafe: Husband and wife team, they brought us to families and churches during our stay.

Sonia and Bing: Cooked for us, dishes tasted axactly like Malaysian food, Sonia worked in Malaysia years ago.

Jakie and Elenita: Arranging visitations, they took good care of us, accompanied us.

Supposedly we are to serve, not to be served, but I did really feel like I am in a mission trip, we had all the things done by most of them, food, drinks, washing and laundry, this is really a luxury mission trip. Thanks to their hospitality.

Point 3:
Serve joyfully, this is that kind of attitude, I have to repent for that, (indeed, already did long time ago) I wasn't quite happy with doing work last time, I grumpy about little thing, I felt unhappy with certain people, I judged the work of ones, that was me, but as I am serving and complaining, and God tuned my attitude, and God directed me, and molded me from that kind of self-centered to someone who knows (better) to serve with joyful heart, sometimes still struggles, thank to the Lord, able to tune it back.
Jane Lee

Point 4:
Plug-in to God: We saw many of villagers living in poverty, feeling bad for them about their house, their finacial difficulty, the children who are left behind by irresponsible parents, or some parents have to leave them for a better earning, like those who work in Malaysia and others country, we feel pity for their living environment, and we sighed that we could only do little to help them due to limited supply.

But sister Mei Fang shared with us about the source, the focus, the needs are not on material, but the spirit, we come to the place not just 'Touch N Go' but 'Touch N Grow', as long as they plug-in to the right power point, they will be riched, the power comes from God. What we can do is not just merely giving them and supply them materially, they just need the SOURCE, this would lasts them forever, this will follow them wherever they go. Do not connect them to people, people changes, no matter how much we sacrifice, we are limited.

God gives life, only life will grow. Teach them the Bible, it is like the breast milk, boast up immune system, to keep them strong and grow healthily, know the truth, will set you free from deception.

John 14:6
Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life..."

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Does God need a 'Work Frame'?

Everybody reads, attends countless of seminars and workshops, listening to their experiences, absorbing their insights, enlarging your knowledge, and understanding. The world is so big, people are numbers, what you read, affect what you think, who do you connect with, affect your behavior, your mind changes to what you've listened, what kind of frame do you put in your life-picture?

Mankind like to put frame in their life, I could understand it, because mankind are limited, how can oneself know of everything?

But I am curious about why do people put up frame for God? I don't understand. I might not express well here, just trying my best to write out my insight, talking about sharing insight, sigh, don't deny, this always bring me troubles when I try to share my insight, one of my friend doesn't like this idea, and tries not to share too much of personal insight, I understand it, and pretty much agree with the statement. But... it is my blog any way, not many will read (I guess!) you will never please everyone.

God, someone I get to know just 8 years ago, I don't know Him much, m....what I know is limited, He is deep, really deep though He is just right inside my heart, He is awesome, so awesome that I amazed on His works, He works miracles, I may not know all, but one is good enough to tremble, He works new thing, who can tell what is going to happen? who can tell how He is going to do?

I have heard many of preachers, pastors, deacons talked about God (not all, but many to my experience) they shared about God does this, and that, God is so great, I'd loved to know Him more; Somehow one or a few statement they made are something I know is happening around me, but they said: 'GOD DOES NOT WORK IN THIS WAY' 'NO SUCH THING OF THIS.... AND THIS.....' hmmmm...... I wonder why they are so sure about it? But ... for what I know, God does thing like that, God already had worked this thing in somebody's life, it is their real life experience, who can deny? how can they be so irresponsible to put out statement like this for God? Who are they? Who can fathom God's wisdom?

Then, worst thing come later, once the statement came out from their mouth, people who attend this seminar or workshop, will have an invisible frame for God's work.

We really have to be careful of what we read, and listen. Be a wise audience, a wise disciple, and wise children of God, God is unlimited, God works thing in His own way, not base on what our experiences, you may not experience all the 'weird' thing, (sorry, sometime He works thing out of our imagination, what is the better way to describe? ) but it doesn't mean 'He does not work in this way', please don't put a frame to God's almighty, how foolish you are if you believe God 'won't work thing in this way or that way', our responsibility is to TRUST, and put everything into prayer, and WAIT patiently.

Something is really hard for me to imagine, I need to learn to wait for this thing to become 'a past', some may say 'God won't work in this way', because they did not have this experience. I considered myself little faith, therefore I searched around and found that 'YES, God works in this way', and it is still happening... it depends on what kind of frame I put into my life, but I definitely won't put a frame to JESUS, the LORD my Almighty God.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Reconcile friendship

Losing a friendship can be extremely difficult. Depending on the length of the friendship and the nature of what happened between the two of you, it can be a long time before you finally reconcile your disagreement. However, you both can move on past negativity and resentment. Follow these steps to speed up the reconciliation process and begin to heal the wounds caused by your disagreement. (How to Reconcile a Friendship by eHow Relationships & Family Editor)

Friendship starts with an acquaintance, then building relationship, it does not just happen, it takes time to know each other, to understand their habits, character, mind and insight, building up a good and strong relationship, is like a fine gold, it has to go through a few burnings before it is called 'fine gold'.

To build a friendship needs a lot of communication, misunderstanding happen when there is a break in the conversation, things can be settled when both party are willing to pour out then to forgive and forget.

I am blessed, to be able to have a friendship reconciled. Went for a movie yesterday with a friend after two months of 'icy period', I am thankful for her effort, and willing to forgive and forget.

And everyone has different definition of friendship, some like to classify as best friend, I am quite reserved for that, I found that I have difficulty to quote a 'best friend'... hmm... though I will still tell someone's name, but later when I think through, .... my best friend... hard.... because they are all my close friends, who is the best? they are all the best, they come into my life at different time, they are equally important for me during that period of time, and I treat them as who I am, I tell them all of me, and I tell them what I think of them ...sometimes did hurt them, this is what to be said: True Friend. Treasure every friendship, though sometime I may have some comments on them, well, I am not a perfect best friend to them either.

At last I found out who is my best friend.... my family, who know me best, and I know them best, who accept who I am, and I accept who they are, we quarrel, but we love each other, when I have problems I run to them the first, when I am sad, they are the first one to know, we don't do things together, but we have great time when we get together, I love my family, they are my best friends.

How to live quietly

"YES, he used to be my friend some years ago, but we had a misunderstanding and it has never been the same with us since. Indeed, now we seldom are together -- I have not seen him for months."

That is not an unusual remark to hear, and it is not at all an unusual happening. Most people seem to be ignorant of the fact that a misunderstanding which is allowed to remain between two people

Click here for the article.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Home is where my heart is

After a week away from home, really miss the smell of it, not only me, so does Gabriel.

Arrived in Singapore Airport at 11:35pm, it was 25 minutes earlier, but because of the health inspection in Singapore Custom while Jefferey ( a young adult from FGC JB ) and friends drove in to fetch us, they were stuck in the jam for almost 2 hours, they arrived Singapore Budget Airport at 1:45am.

Supposedly we will stay a night in Angela Bruyns' house, we changed our plan to drive home straight after we had supper in Pelangi town's famous 'Curry Chicken Feet' and 'Roti Canai Garing' that was almost 3 am in the morning. Really have to apologize to Christine, for she had been waiting us in Angela's house the whole night, and she even brought us some goodies, so sorry for the change of plan.

Ben drove all the way, only had a short toilet break, reached Putra Heights at 6:35am for brother Tom and sister Jacinta, then me, Pastor Tommy and brother Richard in USJ. Guess Ben's machine broke down right away he reached home. Thank God for the save journey.

Missing Gab so much, somehow, when the first sight I had in him, I felt so much thankful for him, such a wonderful, sentimental son God has given to me, I am blessed.

He missed our home, so did I, we went home right away this morning, I noticed one beautiful thing of Gabriel, he took a deep breath immediately I opened our house' main door, he walked in as he is new in this place, while he walked to the dinning table, he said: ' Oh, our table will get busy and messy again!' (* grump! why did he say that! hmmph)

He took a glimpse to the inside of washroom, then walked to our room, cuddled himself in his blanket, turned on the air-con, there he sleeps......then .... he slept for 2 hours.

There is no place like home.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Holy Fools

Read an article from Our Daily Bread about this title - Holy Fools.

I once asked 'Does God joke?' Of course I knew He doesn't, just can't understand why He worked in this way, who does? His way is higher than our way, His wisdom for whom who can fathom? we will never knew, men have tried to measure and calculate the possibilities, men have tried to plan out things from their knowledge.

Indeed it is another lesson to learn - Holy Fools, don't you think it is easy to be that? (a fool!) Oh, you've got to have great faith in order to classify yourself in this act. I thought I have have great faith, I overrated until I stumbled, but I knew the problem why I stumbled, I have not got enough for Him, I have been seeing thing by my own eyes, not in the sight of HIM, I stumbled because of scare, doubt, pride, stubborn, impatient...

God teaches me to be more sensitive to His voice, but I was too stubborn and I closed my ears, God teaches me to let Him take control, but I was too proud that I think I can handle it, God teaches me to trust in Him, but I was too scared to be fooled around...

Holy Fool is the attitude I should have in order to solve all problems. You may not agree with me, but I think I am willing to be one of the kind.

1 Corinthians 4:10 "We are fools for Christ"

Holy Fool

ODB RADIO: Listen Now | Download
READ: Genesis 12:1-5

If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes. —Mark 9:23

When God spoke to Abram, he obeyed at once, departing for an unknown land based only on a promise. Childless, he trusted God to make of him “a great nation” (Gen. 12:2).

God often does His work through “holy fools”—dreamers who strike out in ridiculous faith. Yet I tend to approach my decisions with calculation and restraint.

My church in Chicago once scheduled an all-night vigil of prayer during a major crisis. At length we discussed the practicality of the event before finally putting it on the calendar. The poorest members of the congregation, a group of senior citizens from a housing project, responded the most enthusiastically. I wondered how many of their prayers had gone unanswered over the years, yet they showed a childlike trust in the power of prayer. “How long do you want to stay—an hour or two?” we asked, thinking of van shuttles. “Oh, we’ll stay all night,” they replied.

One woman in her 90s explained, “We can pray. We got time, and we got faith. Some of us don’t sleep much anyway. We can pray all night if needs be.” And so they did.

Meanwhile, a bunch of yuppies in a downtown church learned an important lesson: Faith often appears where least expected and falters where it ought to thrive. — Philip Yancey

Faith looks across the storm—it does not doubt
Or stop to look at clouds and things without.
Faith does not question why when all His ways
Are hard to understand, but trusts and prays. —Anon.

Prayer is the voice of faith.

For your info, I have started back my prayer indeed, one precious night, had supper time together with pastor couple and another sister, there were sharing about some issues the sister voiced out, and pastor said this: 'Why did God answered different from what you've asked, do you know why?' That enlighten me, God has answered me, but I was looking at another thing, and then kept asking about the matter, and God said it again and again to me, how can I being that stubborn till I ignore His voice, oh my goodness, now I know I was so wrong.

Prayer is the voice of faith.

The period of time, weaknesses made me good, there are friends and relatives around me that are really care fr me, and uncomfortable to the point that I know I can't do this without Him.

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