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Saturday, January 26, 2013


回家 C:


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CNY German Cookies Promo

CNY is near, start taking order for once a year time German Cookies CNY packaging.

Homebaked German Cookies

-egg free-

-SCS butter-

At special price and special packaging

150g --- RM10

200g --- RM12

280g --- RM14

for bulk purchase:

10 X 280g for only RM120

10 X 200g for only RM110

10 X 150g for only RM90
Jane's Bakery handmade product tags

As long as is 10 and above, mix order will go according the the bulk price e.g. 2 150g X RM8; 4 of 200g X RM11; 4 of 280g X RM12. 

German Cookies facebook promo pic.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

I mind loh~

It has been such long time that I couldn't find anything to blog about except sewing...

Say thanks to this incident... helplessly.

Big big incident just happened that I found out my close friend has just blocked me in facebook when I try to find her profile to write her a letter of apology. What did she do that? How do I feel? I really can't control what she does and why she did that, but I know clearly how I feel. I am so self-centred, am I not?

What did I do to make her so angry about me? Yeah, I admit that I was being very harsh to her and neglected her emotion and feeling. My bad.... it is really my weakness, pride. Because she is not the first 'victim', I know... at least a few more out there. What a failure, I admit, I failed this exam Lord.

What has she done to make me so angry about her? I don't want to mention it. Everyone is in a different shoe.

Just reconciled a relationship with another sister last month, I did my confession with her, and thankfully she was kind and patience to listen to my bunch of nonsensical confrontations.

My bad that I was being so blunt and harsh in words to confront her, I knew I was wrong, I made my apology immediately after the incident and told her why I was so angry about her. She kept quiet and continue sewing, asking questions and helps on things she was not sure. I made another time of apology when she left my house.

I still care about her after a few days, I wanted to send her a letter yesterday, this was when I found that she blocked me from communicating with her. I tried to sms her via phone, asked another friend to help in a group message. She didn't reply. The last move asked her husband to help but I think she told him off.

How do I feel? I do know how I feel. I do mind about the act she did to BLOCK me, I do mind.

I shall then keep this relationship in prayer, I need her acknowledgement before any further action.

I am (still am) such a harsh person. being so direct in words, Lord I failed this test about 'self-control', 'pride', 'patience', 'giving', 'generous'.... I am so reluctant to ask God to give me these.... as I know if I ask of it, I will have to face more of these in order to be trained to overcome these. I must why pray that God will make a way for both of us.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I found GREEN people

Gin, is the owner of TCD artisan bakery cafe, visited the shop many times, love the food that they serve, especially the Aussie Pizza and Aglio Olio.
The interior is country style, one side of the wall painted in green, that is my favourite style and favourite colour, it gives a cozy feeling and enhances surrounding ambience. Just love this place and its food nevertheless quite pricy.

The best is Gin welcomed handmade product, I tried to approach her last year in November with those coin pouches, the response was good. This time I have left Quilted Patchwork bag, keychain pouch, and 3 sling bags in her shop.

I was rather worrisome that she would refuse the bags because they are quite costly, but that prove me wrong, she loves it instead. She loves the Quilted Patchwork bag, she is a GREEN people like me, she is the COUNTRY people like who??? Me...

I left the shop with a prayer, nothing but: "God's favour is upon me, and people have favour upon my sewing, in Jesus' name I pray. Amen."

Gab was happy to see everything went smooth and excited of the sales I made for coin pouches. Thankful for him, someone to share my happyiness with.
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Somehow.... warm.

Boon has a coin pouch, is a Christmas present I made for him, he uses it for house keys and remote control. I love seeing someone using the thing I made for them, it is somehow.... warm to me.

He came to me yesterday night, asking if I could modify the coin pouch, make it a little smaller, and put a metal ring beside so that he could hook a bunch of key, preferably that I could put a flexi hook so he could take in and out without hassle.

I look at it, asking him for the prefered size, I told him I can make another one and he could use this big coin pouch for other purposes.

I was happy that he asked me for something he wants specifically, I love sewing stuff for the people I love, knowing that they are using stuff that is made from my own hands. Somehow..... warm, that is the feeling I have.

So quickly rush home, did the measurement, dug out fabrics, took a look of all that I have, most of them are faminine printing. And I bought a piece of faux leather that I only used a small piece for boyz wallet, hmm... perhaps it is a good idea to make this small pouch from faux leather.

So you see it... it was cute. Can't wait to post it up, quickly took a snap from HTC phone though I know it can't give a good shot but.... I can't wait!

Immediately I got some orders, requested for a card pouch, slightly wider.

And I love proclaiming this ever since I read Joel's book, "God's favour is upon me~ " and a BIG Amen for that.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Usage of Lace Trim

Using 4 lace trim to make this lace lamp shade, just a little 'face lift' to this old stand lamp.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Kingdom Kidz was having an Orientation Day, we usually have this on the first Sunday of every year, to introduce Kingdom Kidz operation time, purposes, classes and this year another new criteria being introduced with is Serving Ministries.

Since two years ago, KK started taking children who are 9 or even younger depends on their maturity to serve as helper in class, to serve in LCD projector, computer - prepare slides that are going to use for Sunday praise and worship, to serve as musicians, to serve in PA system.

This year we would like to make it a big thing for serving in God Kingdom. All ministries are being announced one by one, in order children and parents know what are the ways we learn, and grow in KK.

There were a few children have been chosen in serving as probate helpers, meaning they are given 3 months time to learn and help in the class before promoting to be a helper.

There were two incidents that touched my heart on this Orientation Day. first, a 10 year-old boy walked to me with a smiley face, he said: "I am so happy that I become a helper." I gave him a hug we used to do be to encourage him.

Second, another 10 year-old boy was allocated as Omega class helper which I am teaching. Let me tell you more about this boy. He was in this class for the past two years, he is a smart boy, he answered most of the quiz, he did work fast, he listened to the story each time I tell a bible story, well he also talked nonsense... a lot. He is such a smart boy that he can't stay still, he likes to disturb friends, he is talkative, even when he is not talking he will somehow makes some noise from paper, pencil, chair or table....

This very day, I guessed he was surprised to be the chosen one to serve as helper, he was totally a different boy I used to know, he sat quietly but attentively, he helped to take care of little children (those are just 2 years younger than him.). Such an amazing change in him.

Actually we saw quite a number of boys whose life changed after serving God.

If they children are growing in Sunday School, by the age of 8, they can now tell the bible story to you instead of listening, in this case, why waste the talent, KK starts training them in serving, they grow, they learn while serving God. Yes they do have some character to have fine-tuned, who doesn't? Even we as adult have some character flaws.

It is good to draw their attention to serving people rather than focus on their character flaws. Life is a progression, if they are in God's kingdom, why wait till they know how to serve, start serving from young.

In Kingdom Kidz, youth playing drum, keyboard in praise and worship, being emcee, children serve as psalmist, prepare slides, checking PA system, marking attendance, prepare food, teaching object lessons, helping in the class, taking care of toddler... children now run the children church, mobilize a generation, give children an opportunity to serve in God's kingdom.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Boyz Wallet

As Gab is going to be 12, getting his own ID card this coming March, to get his first mommy - made wallet is the best idea of all.

Tried many searching, and I am glad that I found this one from Noodlehead - Simple and basic wallet for boy.

Dug out the fabric I used for his lunch box sack, which is a dark brown Japanese yarn dyed fabric, and a piece of newly bought cotton lining.

There was a mistake on measurement in Noodlehead post.

"Cutting the pieces:

From the exterior wallet fabric cut one piece 8.5" wide by 4" tall.

From the lining fabric cut 2 pieces 8.5" wide by 4" tall (this is the money pocket lining and the wallet lining piece)

Also from the lining fabric, cut one piece 8.5" wide by *10.5" tall (this is for the card holder slots)"

*Please use  10" instead of 10.5"
After lunch bag sack, I have made him a recycle bag for school exercise books, a waterproof school bag cover though it never being used before, a coin pouch for plasters and alchohol swabs. I am glad that I get something to sew for boys, I would love to sew more in near future. Well ... a son, that is all I have.

with love.  
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Monday, January 7, 2013

Single Handle Applique Quited Tote Bag

 Appliqué Rose Quilt is the technique I picked up in Quilting level 2 workshop last Friday,  in this workshop I learned what two plain fabrics could make a fabulous tote bag, a monkey knot - I love this knot, have seen madam (Epal owner) uses this for her pin cushion, it is so useful, when it is wrapped with marble ball, it can make as accessory to handles.

I am so happy with this bag.

In the evening, Elaine came by with a helper to help me fix oven, I remember she gave me a tote bag embroidered with a Bible verse John 3:16, and this thought came to me, to give this bag to Elaine,

Bobbin work, use bobbin work  for thick thread to sew leaves.
Rose Appliqué Quilting technique makes quilting fun 
Sewing  the word 'Joy' on a wimp
A boxy base gives this flat tote bag a dimension look.  

Thursday, January 3, 2013


D       A/C#     Bm
主 我来 寻求你的 面
        G    A  D  A7
求你充满我 来充满我
D     A/C#    Bm
主我渴 慕你的同在
        G   A7    D
求你洁净我 来充满 我

  D    A/C#   G/B   D/A
耶稣 耶稣    耶稣  耶稣
G     D/F#   E  A7
你的宝 血   洗净 我

  D    A/C#   G/B   D/A
耶稣 耶稣    耶稣  耶稣
G     D/F#  Em  A7  D
你以恩 典为  我   冠  冕

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ain't no more baking business

Many of friends were so concern about why have I not been baking lately, perhaps they thought :'Oh she must be busy sewing and fed up with baking, some one just heat for 3 minutes.

They came to me to find out why, I feel like writing it down, whoever cares will read.

Baking is so fun, like cooking, learning to bake and to cook that you like to eat is so fun, especially decorating cakes and cupcakes.

Baking is like cooking, a lot of washing, it contains butter in most of recipes, and it needs many baking tools to make one cake done and looks gorgeous.

Each baking takes about half an  hour least on preparation, 45 minutes on baking, 30 minutes or more of washing...

Yes, this washing up is the part that I can't bear.

As a musician, I practise often, until I found some kind of weird feeling on my both hands, I know I have done too much with water, that weaken my strength, some how different.

And so I need to take good care of my hands, I try not to bake often by then.

It has nothing do to because of I getting bored over baking.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 New Year Countdown

A very special new year eve celebrated in Trader's Hotel with a group of friends from every places. I met a few new friends, Asahar, Kuni and Gary, friends of Laurie, they are so fun to chat with.

Laurie booked this room a year ago, KLCC view, fantastic fireworks view, we saw fireworks right in front of us, it was an unforgeable experience for both Gab and I. 

Most of all, Gideon bought ThermoMix to cook us a super delicious dinner, from starter, main course to desert, I was so amazed by this Super Chef - ThermoMix could done, after all the cooking, no smell of oiliness, no smoky air, no sticky table, yet it could blend, it grinds, it cooks, it boils, not only gives us a delicious dinner as well as healthy food. Thanks to Gideon for all his heart (hard) work. 

picture taken by Laurie

Happy New Year 2013

Today is the start of a brand new year.
I wish you:

H - Hours of happy times with your dear ones
A - Abundant time for relaxation
P - Prosperity
P - Plenty of love when you need it the most
Y - Youthful excitement at life's simple pleasures

N - Nights of restful slumber
E - Everything you need
W - Wishing you love and light

Y - Years and years of good health
E - Enjoyment and mirth
A - Angels to watch over you
R - Remembrances of a happy years!
Happy New Year 2013

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