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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Joyful Jane sourdough starter

My "Joyful Jane Sourdough Starter" is one today, happy birthday!!

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Basil Pesto Sauce, Thermomix Recipe

Pesto is my favourite, this is my first attempt making it.

Thermomix Recipe

Jane's Basil  Pesto Sauce 

Ingredients :

35g parmesan cheese , cube
50g basil leave
10g Garlic
50g walnut , lightly roasted
1/2 tbsp Sugar
1/2tbsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp salt
90g extra virgin olive oil


1.  Put parmesan cheese cubes , mill
     10sec/speed 10

2. Add basil leaves & garlic , blend
    5 sec/speed 7

3. Add walnut, lemon juice, sugar and salt, blend
    mc / 20 sec / speed 4

As soon as it starts blending, pour extra olive oil on  lid.

Note*: Keep in sterilised jar in the fridge for around 3 weeks

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Calculating hydration percentage of sourdough starter

I was asked by a member in facebook group Thermomix Fervent Thermist in a post when I posted up my sourdough bread Thermomix recipe, can't remember which recipe it was, the member asked me about what percentage is my sourdough starter..... frankly speaking, I have no idea of what she meant, not until I searched for the word "hydration percentage" of sourdough starter.

After finished reading two articles, I still don't quite get what they meant about 1 cup of flour 1/4 cup of water.... and how this percentage come out of.

Well today, I put into action, read a few more posts about percentage of hydration level of a sourdough starter. Many still explained in cups and pounds, when I started making sourdough was all about grams, and now a Thermomix user, in grams too.

Not that hard to understand though, just need a little time to figure it out the formula laaah!

Here it is, how to calculate the percentage [Y%] of hydration level of your sourdough starter by grams.

Use a calculator to help you key in:
[Amount of water] divide [Amount of flour] = Z


Z x 100 = Y% [percentage of the hydration level]

So what is the hydration percentage for the sourdough I am using?

Joyful Jane sourdough starter is being fed each time with 30g of water, 50g of flour:
using a calculator to help you key in:

30 ÷ 50 = 0.6
0.6 x 100 = 60

hence the answer is  60% hydration

According to

Bakers percentage/hydration simple percentage volumetric equivalence chart

For 60% hydration sourdough starter, the measurement of solid ingredients will be
60% Hydration Sourdough Starter | 63% Flour | 38% Water | 4 cups of flour |1.5 cup of water

Jane's Chia Sourdough bread

The recent found out for Thermomix users to make sourdough bread, it is more hassle free when I modify the steps to dilute starter with water first than to add starter after the dough is formed. 

Therefore you will find that this recipe is to dilute starter with water in the first step. This makes it easier to blend in. 

Thermomix Recipe

Jane's Chia Sourdough bread  

230g Water ( 150g water + 80g milk)
120g Sourdough starter (60% hydration)
360g High protein flour
60g Wholemeal Flour
10g Salt
20g Sugar
20g Chia Seed
80g Hot water


1) Add water and sourdough starter, mix well
    15 sec / 37°C / speed 3

2) Add all flours, salt and sugar to mix
    30 sec / speed 6

3) Continue to knead
    4 min / knead

4) Oil a plastic bag, set aside.

5) Roll dough into ball shape, keep in the plastic, squeeze out air from the bag, secure the bag with rubber band.

6) Let it sit for 1 hour. 

7) Take out dough, press air out after an hour, repeat step 2, go for the first proving, approximately 3 hours. (Or keep in fridge overnight for at least 12 hours)

8) Before take out the dough for second knead and proving, pour the boiling water over the Chia seeds. Stir and set aside the chia gel to cool.

9) On a mat, press air out from dough, pull it long, pat the dough out, spread half of the Chia gel over the dough, flip the dough over, and spread the remaining Chia gel over it. Flip the dough over again and again to incorporate the Chia, but not more as the dough is now loaded with the seeds and is fragile. 

10) Divide into smaller balls, lay two balls in a greased loaf baking pan, keep in the oven for second proving, about 6 hours

11) Preheat oven at 210°C. Put in the loaf pan, spray the loaf and oven with water.
      210°C 10 minutes
      200°C 10 minutes
      180°C 10 minutes

Watch Basic Introduction of How to Start Using Thermomix in YouTube that prepared by Jane Lee
In English. Basic info of how to start cooking with Thermomix, including measuring, fixing a butterfly, 5 pins, setting habit before cooking.


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Not so sour Sourdough bread

Hmmmph.... This is how I feel for my breakfast today, in the first bite of sourdough bread spread with Isigny Ste Mère unsalted butter. Almost instantly... Hmmmmph .... again and again.

The Chia Wholemeal Sourdough loaf was yummy, the butter was yummy, when two are together becoming super delicious!

I don't make sourdough often, my Joyful Jane sourdough starter was made since last year March, it has been a year, I feed it constantly, if I am not making sourdough, I will at least feed it once in a week, and keep it in fridge for a week. 

I realized, if I am not using sourdough starter often enough, the sourdough bread will be very sour, which I find rather strong to take it. Some people like the sour taste, therefore if you would like to have very sour sourdough bread, keep the sourdough unfed for longer times, may be feed once in 2 to 3 days. The longer the proving time, the sour the bread it will turn.

Gab always want me to buy sourdough than making one, haha, because they were too sour. I rejected his requests most of the time, as I believe I can make better sourdough bread. Too bad to he that he still have to take my sour-ful-sourdough bread every time. 

Through those testings, I found out If I dislike the sour taste in the bread, what I will do is, I will take out sourdough starter from fridge two days before the day I want to make bread, throw away almost all of them left about 20g of starter in the jar, feed Joyful Jane Sourdough Starter with 30g water and 50g High Protein Flour, I will feed it twice a day. If I feed it in the morning once, I will feed it again in the night, because I don't make big loaf, hence I will throw away some of the starter, feed again. 

The next day morning feed once, I will not throw any sourdough starter this round, by this time sourdough starter has becoming very strong and active, it may double in size in short time. Use the sourdough starter now, it will surely gives you a yummy and not-so-sour-sourdough bread.

Hope my sharing helps. 

Sourdough proved for 6 hours. Around triple in size.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Thermomix USB Thumbdrive

What do you think about this miniature  Thermomix USB thumbdrive ?

I got it from previous TrueMix Superchef contest 2014, company giving out this as an appreciation gift to all participants.

This is cute, just having great time to play with it, always wanted to take a good picture for it, taking just this alone mere monotonous. I spotted two metal angels have been sitting on top of TV for many years, these are gifts from my sister in law, candle stands, glad to find out the miniature Thermomix USB fits well on the candle tray. I am amazed, my plan before was borrowing a set of Sylvanian rabbit families from my niece for some photo shootings, but never made a trip to visit her house, now I can have my own version of "Thermomix Angels" (happy, and proud of my angels)

Sewing Octopus Etsy MIni Shop

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