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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Asparagus with cheese sauce Thermomix Recipe

Gab and I love cheese, we will take anything that goes with cheese, I saw a post in facebook about cooking asparagus with cheese sauce recently, you can imagine the desire or perhaps the urge of cooking one on my own.
Today I planned to cook "Char Kuey Teow", and also found a new steps to cook it with Thermomix, more effective and easy to cook.
Well, it is about the asparagus with cheese sauce in this post, get back to the topic.
Quite anticipating for this dish, as I started preparing all ingredients I found out I was running out of cheddar cheese, hence I quickly dug out the Parmesan cheese spread, unfortunately it was only left a spoonful, I have no choice to try using shredded mozzarella  cheese, however it did taste nice, I supposed it will taste much better if it is cooked with cheddar cheese.
Thermomix Recipe

Jane's Baby Asparagus with Cheese Sauce 

500g Baby Asparagus
500g Water (steam)
20g Garlic
10g Shallot
10g Butter
10 pcs prawns
200g milk
5g Corn starch
1/4 tsp Salt
100g Shredded Cheddar cheese

1) Wash and clean baby asparagus, cut off the end/hard part, lay on the Varoma tray, pour 500g water in TM bowl, stack Varoma tray on it, steam.
    10 min / V / spd 3

2) Remove Varoma tray, pour away remaining steam water.

3) Put in garlics to peel skins
    5 sec / reversed / spd 5

Use chopsticks to pick up the skin, use spatula to scrape down garlic from TM bowl.

4) Add shallots to chop.
      5 sec / spd 5

5) Add butter and prawns to sauté
    5 min / V / Reversed / soft spd

6) Add milk, corn starch and cheese to cook
     5 min / 90℃ / Reversed / spd 1

(note: Turn speed to 4 to help to incorporate well corn starch and milk, turn back to speed 1 after 8 seconds)

7) Pour the sauce over cooked asparagus, Bon appetite!

Play some variation: Try Asparagus with Cheddar Cheese and Bacon

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ten Grains Dessert

美善品万能机食谱 Thermomix Recipe

十谷米糖水 Ten Grains Dessert 

食材 Ingredients:
80g 十谷米 10-grains rice,
30pcs 白果 Gingko
1800g 水 water
1pc 豆腐皮 skin of soybean milk
150g 椰糖 Gula Melaka

1) 放入前面四种食材,煮
    Add first 4 ingredients to cook.
   * 塔上蒸锅,stack up Varoma dish
    20 分min / 100℃ / 逆转Reverse /速度spd 2

2) 加入椰糖,搅拌 Add sugar Melaka, stir
     1 分min /逆转Reverse / 速度spd 2

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thermomix Chrysanthemum

Just cooked a pot of Chrysanthemum. Help to release heatiness, have been eating a lot of biscuits, cookies and other deep fried chips during Chinese New Year.

Jane's Chrysanthemum Drink:

20g Chrysanthemum ( rinsed and cleaned)
1800g water
70g Rock Sugar

1) insert simmering basket ( you may cook without using it) put in chrysanthemum wash with running water.
2) Add water in TM, put basket,
  cook without mc
   11min / 90℃ / spd 4

3) Remove simmering basket in aid of Spatula, add rock sugar, stir
    2 min / spd 1

Wednesday, February 18, 2015







Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thermomix 10 grains puree


30克 芝麻
40克 燕麦
600克 水
600克 水 (倒入打糊用) 可随意增减分量

1) 先量好一瓶600克的水,待用
2) 加入首四种食材入主锅
    mc / 20分钟 / 100℃ / 速度2

3) 加入40克糖蜜,20k克腰豆,20克奇亚籽打糊
     mc / 2分钟 / 速度10

4) 一分钟后,从盖盘慢慢加入600克的水。

Thermomix 10 grains rice puree, have a nutritive breakfast , cook easily, eat healthily.

Ingredients :
30g 10 grains-rice
30g Black Sesame Seeds
40g Oat
600g Water,
600g Water  ( extra ) Adjust to suite your own desired puree.

1) Weigh 600g of water (extra), set aside

2) Add first 4 ingredients
    mc / 20 min / 100℃ / speed 2

3) Add 40g Molasses sugar, 20g cashew nuts + 20g Chia seeds , pulverize
     mc / 2min / speed10

4) After 1 minute, pour *extra water via cover tray (mc is on) slowly.
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