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Monday, November 22, 2010

My precious wok

An old wok given by my aunt, mom took it back for me, it was badly stained indeed, but as soon as I know it is 'Rena Ware', I took it any how.

Frankly speaking, I don't have the ability to buy even one set now adays, or I should say I won't spend this money, even though I know it is darn good in quality, it is just way too luxury to me.

So I wet the wok with garbage enzyme, and leave it for half an hour, I used dish washer (composed with enzyme) scrubbed by steel pot scrubber, never easy to get rid of those, took me hard work to clean them.

Though I read some of the tips to remove black burnt stained, but it is not applying in my case, as this is not inside the pan or pot, but outside, therefore.... still have to use the old ancient way.

Because is an old wok, therefore don't quite feel the 'pain' while scrubbing, happy instead, to see it getting cleaner and cleaner.

Still one side hasn't done yet, too tired, will do it another day.

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