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Monday, January 30, 2012

Replacement German Cookies

As earlier, this friend of mine is asking if I could replace or refund to her friend who has baught two boxes of German cookies from me, although I requested to make an apology and communicate to this buyer but has failed, I was qutie sad for not able to communicate, I couldn't fall asleep for days! Anyhow I have decided to send her these two boxes of replacement.

However, I managed to get this buyer facebook profile later after the delivery, sent her a message, I'm glad to find out more about her feeling and thought, she finished the two boxes of cookies she baught earlier, and happy with the taste. Regarding the burnt base, there were 3 cookies, she wanted to let me know it would be good not to include them in future. And I will keep this in mind and be more sensitive to the heart of a buyer.

End well sleep well!
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

Feedback on CNY German Cookies

I've just gotten a feedback, "Inside got 5-6 burnt cookies and the cookies cannot hold, crumble into pieces before even eating."     

I have decided to bake another replacement and deliver to this friend directly. 

There are 4 things I need to clarify:

1) I admit the burnt cookies, I shouldn't have put them in, I believe mom feel it's alright, as the cookies tastes nicer when it is a little burnt (base). 

2) The softness of this cookies is it's uniqueness, I have been taking this since 10 years ago, it's my cousin who baked this every Chinese New Year, me and my family like this recipe because of it's softness. 

3) I didn't add more flour to get harder and firmer cookies. Indeed I used more flour and changed the recipe last year, it did give me firm and harder cookies further more, I can make more cookies by adding in more flour. But I honour the original recipe which I got it from my cousin, and she did ask me to stick on the original recipe.

4) No chemical ingredient is used in this, not even a bit of baking soda. 

Things I've learnt from my precious friends, it's ok to vary recipe (more flour)to bring out the better result and better quality of this cookies. I need the customer for self collection to avoid unnecessary collision. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

The making of Jane's Bakery

First time ever had this thought to bake cookies for sale! Dear friends, thanks for all your support, because of you, this Jane's Bakery is established, and I have a different CNY this year, ABUNDANCE! Wishing you all a Blessed CNY!

With my mom's help, I'm able to finish 19 boxes of 250g in a day. Thankful for her love. 

Cheesy Omelet

For someone who loves cheese, egg and bread..... my little darling.

All you need:

2 tbsp cooking oil
2 eggs
1 slice of cheese
some mayonnaise (optional)

Beat the egg, heat the pan with 2 tbsp cooking oil in a non stick pan, pour eggs into pan, break cheese into smaller pices spread them on top of the egg, scramble the egg, turn off the fire as fast as you see egg is cooked but still remains some moisture.

Spread some mayonnaise on a bread, sandwich the cheesy omelet, here you go.... yummy breakfast!

I used to keep mayonnaise in a small plastic bag, cut a corner away, keep it in a Tupperware ready for use whenever I want.
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我的小宠 ‘小肯伍德’ 今日 ‘马不停蹄’地为我而跑!这个马儿真好!

Sunday, January 8, 2012








Thursday, January 5, 2012

"I will get use to it!"

Gab is standard 5 this year, a busy year for UPSR preparation, all schools are giving intensive tuition after school from Monday to Friday, which will start from next month, by then his school shall only be finished at 3pm or 3.45pm, all my music class starts from 2pm, I wouldn't have free time to do picking up, and sending to another tuition.

There is only one best choice to solve my headache- Day Care; he'll be well taken care of, someone will pick him up from school, checking his homework + another round of tuition until 5:45pm, and is cheaper than sending him to different individual-tuition, which is a perfect plan to me, but it doesn't sound good to him though.

Yesterday was his first day in center, hmm....even though I was busy with my 'duty' some church works and teachings, I felt a little lonely, thinking of  him the whole afternoon, wondering if he's doing well?

We chatted about his day in center last night, he told me there's no one washing their feet after entering the building, but he did, I encouraged him not to quit this good habit, he nodded his head; the floor was rather sandy, and he said: "I am not use to it........ (paused) but I will get use to it!"

Everybody has to memorize 20 vocab, and some manage 50, he barely made 20, I told him that he'll get better with constant practice, and I will be there to support and help him, he smiled because he knows this is good for him.

This is his first day in day care.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A successful dinner cooking.


French Creole Style Sauteed Prawns

Crevettes Saute St Lucia - French Creole Style Sauteed Prawns

·         12 large prawns , peeled with tails left on
·         salt and pepper , for seasoning
·         2 teaspoons green peppercorns , crushed
·         garlic cloves , peeled and crushed
·         100 g butter
·         lime, juice of
·         2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
·         chopped parsley
·         salt and pepper
·         olive oil
For Garnish
·         red peppers or green peppers or yellow pepper , cut into thin strips
·         lime , quartered for garnish
Heat olive oil in small frying pan and add the seasoned prawns. When the prawns are sealed, put in a hot oven for five minutes.
After removing the pan from the oven, add your butter, parsley, garlic, green peppercorns, Worcestershire sauce and lime juice.
Mix together until the sauce is creamy, then serve on a hot plate. Garnish with strips of peppers and lime.

Fried Prawns in French style

A simple way to cook prawns other than Chinese stir fry way.

Original recipe requires more than what I have, there were a few things I dropped, but it doesn't reduce the taste, it was delicious!

For two-

10 prawns, peeled. Marinated with salt and pepper.
2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed
2 tbsp margarine
1 lime, juice
chopped parsley
olive oil

Heat olive oil in small frying pan and add the seasoned prawns. When the prawns are sealed, remove and set aside.

Cook butter, parsley, garlic, and lime juice, dress the prawns with this garnish.

Original recipe of French Creole Style Sauteed Prawns
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