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Monday, December 29, 2014

Thermomix Home cooked chicken Essence

Using Thermomix to homecook chicken essence ( haha this is direct translation) it only take 1/2 hour.  It definitely save time, save work and hassle free. Chicken Essence is essential to those who have just recovered from sicknesses.


Ingredients 材料:
1) Chicken, skinned, chopped, crushed bones. 一只去皮的鸡块,骨剁碎。
2) 1ltr water 一千克 水
3) 2 slices of ginger 两片姜 ( optional随意)

1) Put water into TM, place simmering basket and a bowl in the center. Stack Varoma main dish, lay chicken on it. Cover, steam. 
   30 min / V / speed 2
   30分钟 / V / 速度2
2) Empty the bowl and return the bowl for steaming at 15th minute. 

For English Video click here to watch "How to double boil chicken essence / extract" in YouTube


Thermomix Basic Introduction 美善品万能料理机的基本简介

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Online Contest

TrueMix company having a series of "like" contest, previously was "My man can cook" photo contest. And "Thermomix Super Chef Dessert Contest".

This is my first time joining photo contest, I used to receive messages or tag that friends asked me to like their photos, I will do it without any hesitation. Just a "Like" anyway.

Here is my thoughts and things I went through in this period of time.

I didn't read the condition of "My Man Can Cook" contest properly, I assumed the one who gets the most "like" wins, on the last day, I realized it was for "Top Six" winners.
I tried very hard to get more "likes", sending individual messages to all of my friends in the list, one by one, I have more than 2 thousands of friends, just trying to send as many as possible. Yup. Then the other competitor chasing very closely (I was so careless without noticing that I don't have to be the most "like", I am already in the top 6 list), I still sending messages every minute, whenever I am free.
Then sending message to members of my created group Selangor Garage Sales Corner. There is about 16K + members, what I did was, browsing through the group wall, looking those that were active recently.
Was quite happy to do this, Many members were very helpful and friendly, they wished me luck, and Thanked me for managing this awesome group.

There was a lady who shall stay anonymous, messaged me to ask: "It is appropriate to do this?"
"As in..." I replied.
She didn't say anything more instead posted up with a photo she snapped on her phone, showing my message, which I wrote:
"Hi, I am the admin of Selangor Garage Sales Corner". I would like to call for your help. I am entering a photo contest...bla bla bla.... Thanks. ( Then the link)"

Then she wrote on the post: "Dear admins, please discuss among yourselves, is it appropriate to do this."

As a founder of this group, I have all rights to delete her post, and I thought, what was her intention? Why didn't she answer me via message? Her intentions to test if I dare to approve the post or I will delete it? Obviously I don't know what was her intention, I assume she is challenging me for not daring to approve her post.
Yup, I approved that post, and wrote a comment, let's discuss openly.

There were a few of members voiced out their thoughts, some agreed, some don't.

I am amazed not what other wrote, I am amazed how this lady and another two beautiful ladies read my message, they all were angry because they interpreted my message as, "I am an arrogant lady, using my POSITION to command them to do this for my personal benefit, I am being abusive as an admin!" Many more odd mentality, I can't recall. Forget about it, they were rather aggressive, they themselves forgetting that they were in a situation of bullying me.

For a normal and healthy mind, you will be amazed by their interpretation.

The comments went on. Some suggested to delete this post, I told them I want to read how other think about this incident.

At last, I commented and stated out the reason and made my appology to this lady (to make sure she receive notification, I tagged her in the comment) because I have caused her so much trouble.

To state that I am admin of SGSC, is to introduce myself where and how I get to her, and she is member of this group in which we are "connected' and "related". I like having this group as a platform for selling and buying, people get to communicate and make great friends, unlike other buy and sell websites.

I am not being abusive to my authority by sending private message to my group members to ask of help.

She kept quiet.

The post was deleted the next day.

I was quite cool that night, I prayed and asked God to give me strength and wisdom to deal with this situation.

But not the next day.... I was very very unhappy, and I vented out on my timeline, "Having a group with 17k members so what? So what? So what? I can't even send private messages to members. Why? Why? Why?


Then it went on....nothing is changed, I still message members to ask of help though. Haha. Just skip those bitchy faces.

I met some great members, encouraged me do not let fear stops me from doing it. These were very inspiring people, we don't know each other, yet they supported and helped.

I won in this "My Man Can Cook" photo contest, one of the top 6.

It was great!

Next, entering final of "Thermomix Super Chef Dessert Contest"

The day before Monday, felt very demotivated, and discouraged...
I did, very low in spirit. Felt lonely.... Tiring.... Unhappy....
Giving up.... I even told my competitor I am tired and let it be, be it win or lose....

The contest went on, we both making the same thing, she is making Oreo cake pops, and I am making Cake balls.

To the stage.... Am really feeling unfair.... First of all, Oreo?!! A SuperChef contest.... Using Oreo? Basically just crush and mixed ....

Some feedbacks were, Oreo very sweet, I can imagine that. Yeah, very sweet.

I am happy that we both making the same theme, contest supposed to be in this format, easier to rate and judge when both making the same kind of dessert.

Let's see how is the result.... According to my previous round, based on the marking I read, and the actual situation as in what I heard from the back kitchen, ingredients were not well cooked, and the recipe was not originally by the contestant, it was given to her a day before, she never cooked that before, many helping hands in the kitchen.... There were some biases comments I over heard.

This is how I feel.... Tiring and heart Breaking, I put in so much effort, understand that they (advisors in the HQ) were big group of old friends and gel very well to each other, and I am just me, plus a few of new friends whom I believe they are fair and just.

I need strength and wisdom.... I need God's grace to help me to overcome this battling-mind.

Giving up is the thing I want to do, but I also want the "Chocolate" cookbook, this is my very purpose of joining this contest.

I pray that God, you take control of this situation. Make it a fair game to all. At least Lord...may be Lord wants me to learn..... To survive in unfairness...

I will survive! Praise the Lord! Whatever it will be, I will survive! Because nothing is more precious than getting a distinction in a lesson God wants me to learn. (Sounds awesome and great right?) When God shuts the door, no one can open, why the sad face? All things still work for the good of those who love Him and do according to His will.

Phew... Last thing, really..... You get all kind of friends in the list, some support all the way, some facebook friends (haven't met personally) just helped and encouraged, some friends ignored your message, some.... Showed you a sticker - frustration sticker.

See, isn't it interesting? I can tell lot more I have seen in this situation.

Well, overall, I still have many who helped and shared.

I have learned another thing, those that joined a contest and won, not because they have many friends, not because of "Not Fair", these people really spent a lot of time sending out messages, approached people, posted many places and many times in a day, don't somehow say "Not Fair", the won because they put in a lot of their effort.

Sigh, I wonder I will ever join this kind of contest again, very tiring.

Friday, December 5, 2014



Cake pops and cake balls

Mini cake pops

Cake balls with customize wordings

Cake pops top view

Well, I had a bunch of failed cake pops, chocolate cracked, the first time I made, I didn't know I should keep the chocolate warm, as it gets cooler, it gets thicker and thicker, hence the coating cracks easily, also because of the coating is thick and heavy, my large cake pops fallen out from sticks. Therefore it is better to make LARGE size for cake balls, smaller size for cake pops.

for print out / Join facebook group Thermomix Fervent Thermist for more updates and sharings.


30 portion(s)
Lemon Yoghurt Cranberry Cake Balls
  • 150 g Sugar
  • 227 g Unsalted Butter, Room Temperature
  • 1/2 tbsp Baking Powder
  • 1/4 tsp Salt
  • Lemon Zest of 1 lemon
  • 2 pieces Large Eggs
  • 125 g Yoghurt, Natural Flavour (or replace with 100g milk + 25g Lemon Juice)
  • 190 g All Purpose Flour
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract, 1 vanilla bean = 3 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 tablespoons Lemon Juice
  • 40 g Dried Cranberry, Soaked with warm water, squeezed.
Cream Cheese Frosting
  • 250 g Cream Cheese, Room Temperature
White Chocolate Coating
  • 400 g White Chocolate, chopped


The Lemon Yoghurt Cranberry Cake
1. Pre-heat Oven 180ºC, line a 9"x 2" baking pan with parchment paper.
* If you are using Milk + lemon juice, mix them now.

Mill sugar with 1 sec / Turbo 

2. Add butter to beat mc / 37℃ / 1 min / speed 3

3. Add all ingredients except cranberries to mix 
mc / 30 sec / speed 6 

Using spatula to scrape down mixture from browl.

4. Add cranberries to mix 10 sec / speed 5

5. Pour mixture into prepared pan, bake for 27 to 35 minutes.

This can be baked a day before.

6. Once the cake is baked, cool it on a baking rack before use.
Molding the cake balls

7. When the cake is in room temperature, using a knife to trim away the crust / burnt sides.

With the cooled \ room temperature cake, break into pieces, put into locked image , blend

10 sec / speed 8

blend it 2 times if needed.

8. Add cream cheese into locked image with the help of spatula, mix with with cake chunks a little while before blending.

15 sec / speed 6

Blend it 2 times if needed.

9. Line a tray with parchment paper.

Put a small bowl on TM main body to weigh each ball approx. 25g for cake balls or using an ice-cream scope to make large cake balls.

Align balls on the lined tray

10. Refrigerated for 30 min to help harden the cake, but can not be too cold. Chocolate coating might break due to the huge different temperature of both cake and warm chocolate.

11. While cooling cake balls, melt white chocolate with

60ºC / 4 min / soft image

12. Pour melted white chocolate into a slim tall measuring cup or jar. Using chocolate dipping forks coat the cake balls, do not have to swirl, just dip it and lift it up. Let the excess chocolate drip away by shaking it gently.
Transfer it back to the parchment paper.

13. Use a dessert knife to trim chocolate "skirting", then place on a piece of doily paper.

14. You may colour the remaining white chocolate with desired food colouring drops, spoon them into a piping bag with small hole nozzle, ready to pipe any pattern to decorate cake balls


Watch Basic Introduction of How to Start Using Thermomix in YouTube that prepared by Jane Lee
In English. Basic info of how to start cooking with Thermomix, including measuring, fixing a butterfly, 5 pins, setting habit before cooking.


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