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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Homemade Golden Syrup

Golden Syrup is used in many Chinese dessert, one of the recipes that calls for golden syrup is traditional moon cakes. I used to buy from confectionery store one bottle 700g for RM4.60 and some I bought at RM6.90, the difference from homemade I could tell is aroma is stronger and colour is darker (cooked longer) for homemade. 

It isn't hard to cook in Thermomix. I did a comparison between traditional way of cooking golden syrup, we need to use a brush to "water" the pot to prevent syrup from cristalize whereas Thermomix is just the 3 circles!!! 

Thankful of Madeline shared her recipe with us, this encouraged me to try on my own to cooking golden syrup, if you could compare the way cooking in pot, Thermomix rocks!!

the Three Circles on front panel: Time, Temperature and speed

Thermomix Recipe

Homemade Golden Syrup 
750g Water 
1000g Sugar
1 pc Lemon, sliced 

1) Place all ingredients into TM bowl to cook
     mc / 75 min / V / speed 2 

2) Using chopsticks to remove lemon slices, let it cool before storing in a sterilised jar. 



750克 水
1000克 糖 
1 粒柠檬,切片

      量杯 / 75 分钟 / V / 速度2

2) 取出柠檬片,待凉后装进消毒后的瓶子。

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Char Siew Bao 叉烧包


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Thermomix Recipe

Jane's Char Shao Bao 叉烧包 制作教程影视Video Tutorial

Recipe Inspired by Annie Xavier

Char Shao Ingredients 

400g Skinless pork belly, diced very small piece
40g Shallots


4 tbsp Sugar
1 tbsp Light Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Dark Soy
4 tbsp Oyster sauce
1 tbsp Shaoxin Wine
1/2 tbsp Corn Flour
1 tbsp Chicken Stock Powder (Optional, taste of course is better with it.)
1 tsp Sesame oil
60g Water.(Can add up to 200g)

* Best is prepare filling one day before.


1) Marinate pork dices at least 4 hours.

2) Place shallots to chop
    mc / 5 sec / speed 6

   Scrape down shallots

3) Add marinated diced pork in TM bowl to cook
    mc / 12 min / 120°C / Reverse / Soft speed

4) Let cool and chill in the fridge overnight

Next day, take out the chilled char shao filling before kneading. The Char Shao filling calls for two portions of bao dough. Therefore adjust your time wisely. 

Thermomix Bao Dough

Ingredients A

135g Water (150g water when I omit oil, it will be a little sticky when handling)
20g Oil
20g Sugar
1 tsp Yeast

Ingredients B 

250g Bao Flour / plain flour
pinch of salt

Ingredients C

500g Water


1) Place A in TM bowl to mix
    mc / 30 sec / 37°C / speed 1

2) Add B to knead
    2 min / Knead 

3) Weigh each dough at 25g, make into a round ball shape. Flatten it with rolling pin to make a disc, , scope in 1 tablespoon of pork filling place in the center of the disc, now pinch and fold the outer skirt to closing the disc. Ok.... best is to see it. Here it is the video of How to pleat and shape the bao

4) Place each char shao bao on a square parchment paper. You don't like it to be stuck on the Varoma tray. Let it prove for 30 minutes.


Watch the easier way of shaping bao.

叉烧包 教程影视Video Tutorial


.* by this time I will knead another batch of bao dough before steaming the first batch, or you keep charshao filling in freezer till whenever you wish to make fresh char shao bao.

5) Put water in TM bowl. Stack Varoma in position. Steam
    15 min / V / speed 1

Pull the skin of the dough to make smooth surface 来平面粉团的皮
Seam side up, press and make thin disc 折面向上,然后压平

rough surface 粗面

scope a small tsp of char shao filling place in the center of the disc

Fold and pinch 折然后捏紧

Repeat the fold and pinch 重复折和捏的动作

Like this 就这个样子

Join all the folds and pinch together.向中间挤进去捏紧。

Let it prove for 30 minutes  发酵30分钟

Double in size, ready to steam. 体型增长大概双倍,可以蒸了
Steamed Char Shao Bao 蒸叉烧包

Jane's 叉烧包


400克  花肉,超小切丁
40g克 小葱头


4 汤匙 糖
1 汤匙 酱清
1 汤匙 黑酱油
4 汤匙 蚝油
1 汤匙 绍兴酒
1/2 汤匙 蜀粉
1 汤匙 鸡精粉 (随意,加了味道比较好)
1 茶匙 麻油
60克 水 (可加至200克)

* 建议把馅料一天前煮好,冷藏


1) 腌制馅料至少4个小时

2) 放入小葱头,剁碎
    量杯 / 5 秒 / 速度 6


3) 加入腌制好的肉丁,烹煮
    量杯 / 12 分钟 / 120°C / 逆转 / 匙速

4) 待凉并冷藏

第二天可以取出待用,这份馅料需要两份馒头的食谱,因为版主是用Thermomix蒸煮,所以分两次揉面团。那么自己拿捏 时机安排所需的时间哦!


材料 A

135克 水 (我用150克来代替,并取消油的分量)
20克 油
20克 糖
1 茶匙 酵母

材料 B 

250克 包粉 或 普通面粉

材料 C

500克 水


1) 放入材料A,搅拌
    量杯 / 30 秒 / 37°C / 速度 1

2) 加入B, 揉
    2 分钟 / 揉键

3) 秤35克一份,揉成小球状,杆平面团(我用压的)加入一小匙的馅料在中央, 折和捏,重复动作,最后把折扣都挤上捏平。(可以在这里观看本人为你准备的教程影视)

4) 把捏好的叉烧包放在准备好的包纸上,排放在蒸锅里,等待发酵大概30分钟


* 这个时候我会先揉第二批面团,然后在洗净加入水来蒸煮第一批的叉烧包。但如果您打算收起来在别的时间另做新鲜叉烧包的话,就先冷冻剩下的叉烧馅料。

5) 放入水,塔上蒸锅,蒸煮
    15 分钟 / V / 速度 1

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sweet Vinegar Pork Ribs

One of many yummy and easy Thermomix recipes you must try!

TM5 Thermomix Recipe

Jane's Sweet Vinegar Pork Ribs


600g Pork Ribs
20g Ginger, sliced  
50g Rock Sugar 
50g Black Vinegar 
40g Rice Wine
20g Dark Soy Sauce 
25g Soy Sauce 


1) Add in all ingredients to cook
    mc / 25 min / V / ↺ soft speed  

2) Tilt the bowl, using spatula to stir clockwise, make sure all pork ribs are well coated.

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