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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Pet - Honey

Honey's Front Garden
Honey's Kitchen

Honey's son - Gabbie's room

Honey's room

Honey's Spa Room

For some reason I would like to find out why do they love to play pet society, therefore I open up an account, and named it Honey, there I started my Pet Society in facebook.

During the beginning stage, Gab, Alycia and Brayden were with me, teaching me and explaining to me how to play, and how to get more coins for this game, I love the fellowship together with them. I am talking their language, we send gifts to each other, so much so it helps us to be much closer.

That I know why he said: 'Play with them!', an advise given by Pastor Daniel from 'National Children Leaders/Workers & Parenting Conference.

It is so much fun!
Cassie (Gab's pet) visits

Cassie has just taken his jacuzzi spa
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Mary and Martha

"The story of Mary and Martha that is told in Luke 10:38-42 has often been a problem for me." I read this sentence from a blog, m.... yeah, indeed it is a problem for me too, I am a doer more than a talker, I love to dream, but that is only when in my relax mode.

A teaching in a Bible, life application related to our serving today. Usually this lesson to be taught about why not to get yourselves too busy with church activities, each time I listen to this sharing, my questions raised! Did you mean that my involvement are too many? What should I do? Should I just put down everything? Not only me, my comrade has these questions too, she called me this morning to talk over this issue, she is confused and wondering also if she involves too many, and work too hard?

I have another point of view apart from all I could read:

Now as they went on their way, he entered a certain village, where a woman named Martha welcomed him into her home. She had a sister named Mary, who sat at the Lord's feet and listened to what he was saying. But Martha was distracted by her many tasks; so she came to him and asked, "Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to do all the work by myself? Tell her then to help me." But the Lord answered her, "Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things; there is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part, which will not be taken away from her" (Luke 10:38-42).
  1. Martha and Mary did not follow wherever Jesus goes, unlike others serving him along the way, that means they don't usually have a chance to listen to Jesus' teaching; I believe Martha would love to hear what Jesus is teaching.
  2. Jesus addresses her "Martha, Martha..." after she complains about Mary, that could mean she is not serving in a joyful heart.
  3. This chance is precious to Martha, the need is to rest and listen to his teaching, which Mary has chosen to listen. Like the time when on Sunday, for those who serve in certain ministry, they ought to have roster, time to rest and being taught, and being equipped. Jesus wants Martha to be equipped and taught. By the way, Martha has greater faith than Mary (John 11:27).
I believe Jesus meant this, Jesus wants Martha to sit together to listen to him, he loves her very much, not that she is not blessed ever after, Jesus is telling her, this is a good time not to be missed, like Mary has made her choice, in another way of inviting Martha: "Come, sit down together!", instead of rebuking for those who are serving and busying, not to forget that in Matthew 20:28 "For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

There are many ministries still need of people on duty during Sunday's service, therefore do not be confused and misuse this story to advise to those who are busying serving during Sunday's service or during events, our service to God and others is still the highest blessings.

If we would have to serve, serve with a joyful heart, do not complain, 1Peter 5:5 "...all of you, serve each other with humility....." God doesn't look at what we do, and how much sacrifice we've offered up, but God looks at our hearts.


Lastly I pray that I am not twisting God's teaching and God's truth, which I am thankful for He is helping me to understand better what me and my comrade are troubling about.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Conference Report

National Children's Leaders/Workers & Parenting Conference Report
17 - 20 March 2010 ( Wednesday - Saturday ) at Dream Centre

This was a great conference, able to stick with most of the workshop I was initially chose to attend, the only one I made changes was because they had made a printing mistake on Workshop 32 "Puppets 4 ( Understanding the Preschoolers), the moment I walked into the hall, Mrs Jane Koh made her clarification by saying this is only for those who are interested on preschooler not puppets, therefore I quickly went and look for a workshop I can replace with this, hence I was in Pastor Andy Loh workshop titled "Go! (Outreach)" on Friday morning session.

Workshops I attended are:
  1. Mentoring the Internet Generation Online & Offline (MIGO2) Session 1, 2 and 3, shared by Pastor Daniel Tan from SIBKL, these 3 workshops were on the first day.
  2. Go! (Outreach) Shared by Pastor Andy Loh, a youth pastor from SIBKL.
  3. Writing Clown Material/Skits, shared by Pastor Randy Christensen, a children pastor from U.S.
  4. The Joy of the Lord, Shared by Pastor Randy Christensen.
  5. Writing Kid-relevant Sermons, shared b Pastor Randy Christensen.
Mentoring the Internet Generation Online & Offline (MIGO2)
Shared by Pastor Daniel Tan and his comrade Keith, a professional gamer, Keith shared with us many of the useful information that kids and adult nowadays get hooked with, and as a professional gamer, he found that there is nothing wrong with gaming, as long as we have a good character and right attitude towards internet and gaming, he unlocks the myth we have had over playing violent video games will make the person becomes violence in nature, instead, he said most of the kids behave violent and aggressive due to their family background and brought up. There are many reasons lie behind when a kid get addicted to internet, the main issue is not on the internet and games.

Parent have to start discipline, tuning their behavior and character while kids are still young, setting boundaries; and it is challenging to parent in the real world when most of our children's time is spent in the virtual world. We may not be equipped to deal with issues such as excessive gaming, Internet pornography, cyber-bullying, and Internet relationships. Yet as parents, we still hold the keys to help our children develop in the Internet age. We have the life experiences and strong values to guide our hildren to make sound decisions on the Internet that will benefit them for life. We just have to find ways to "bridge the technology gap" in order to influence our children.

Go! (Outreach)

Shared by Pastor Andy Loh. I was encouraged by their team, bring love to the world, teaching kids a life long lesson, teaching them the right values, enhancing their knowledge, as well as building up their character, good job to the servant of our Almighty Lord. Equip ourselves with The Armor of God, belt of Truth, breastplate of righteousness, shoes of peace, shield of faith, helmet of Salvation, and sword of the Spirit (God's word), to go forth and bring blessings to the world, to the unreached!

Writing Clown Material/Skits and Writing Kid-relevant Sermons

Both workshops given by Pastor Randy, I am now have a better idea and clear steps on writing skits, and kid-relevant sermons, these are all my beginning, a good beginning, will press on and work on the gifts that God has given to me!

Joy of the Lord
Also shared by Pastor Randy, a new perspective over Jesus' teaching, creative and funny. God wants us to be joyful as he is, God wants us to serve, to eat, to share, to dance, to walk, to work, to do everything with the joy of the Lord, a very good faith lifting workshop.

Beside these workshops, we had 1 1/2 hour plenary on every morning, shared by Pastor Nancy, Pastor Andy and Pastor Nicholas for each. Some interesting insights, I believe all of us enjoy the time with Pastor Nicholas especially.

Not to forget to mention, the food and drink were sufficient for us and they were delicious, they have done a very good job from registration to stage performances, great job to them. I have no complains. They are well done.

Unless the LORD builds the house,
its builders labor in vain.
Unless the LORD watches over the city,
the watchmen stand guard in vain.
Psalm 127:1

Praise be with the Lord.

Jane Lee

Workshops that I've attended in NCL/WnPC

We have to register the workshops to which we will go during this conference, only 7 out of 60, that was hard for me, and as I glanced through the list, I felt bad that I was only ONE ME.

After a quick n short consideration and 'struggling', and... even a little of 'arguing', I took up:

  1. Mentoring the Internet Generation Online & Offline (MIGO2) Session 1, 2 and 3, shared by Pastor Daniel Tan from SIBKL, these 3 workshops were on the first day.
  2. Go! (Outreach) Shared by Pastor Andy Loh, a youth pastor from SIBKL.
  3. Writing Clown Material/Skits, shared by Pastor Randy Christensen, a children pastor from U.S.
  4. The Joy of the Lord, Shared by Pastor Randy Christensen.
  5. Writing Kid-relevant Sermons, shared b Pastor Randy Christensen.

By looking at this list, I am so blessed by them, there were all interesting and helpful.

Allow me to share some ideas from each workshop.

Mentoring the Internet Generation Online & Offline (MIGO2)

I love this one, I have had the same insight with Pastor Daniel, you could imagine the joy of hearing his sharing, I hardly feel sleepy, even after a nice, delicious, heavy lunch, because I nodded my head non-stop in the workshop. I felt I am in the right track, non the less because of I blog, I read, I facebook, I MSN, I google, I love social networking..... At times, people had ideas on me spending too much time on internet, which I felt sad about their comments lah, the word 'felt' means I am alright now, I know what I am doing and most importantly I know I am in the right track.

He did mention, 'Isolation is not the solution', right, agree! Therefore I rather be the first one to teach Gabriel to blog, to search, to play games, it is not hard to understand, whenever we picking up something new, we will go back to the one who teaches us if we have any problem or question, that's right, Gab will come back to me when he reaches difficulty, at least this time, I know he trusts me, and he listening, he is learning things in the right attitude and right perspective, which parent could guide them personally, implant some good values as well as molding their character, such as self-control, such as they could play only at a period of time.

When teens and youths are hooked up to internet, this applies to adult too, we often ask them this question: 'Why do you play internet all the time?', this is a wrong question at all time! (quite true though) We need to try to understand why do they wanted to spend their time with internet rather than spending time with you? May be we should find out what are the thing they are getting hook with. May be we as a parent should plan out something for them, we plan some outings, which most parent would rather stay in house under the hot sun.

There is nothing wrong with internet, in fact, the world can't live without internet a single hour, of course it is not applicable to those who don't know about internet.

Nevertheless, we need to be aware, there are dangers of blogging, social networking, and consequences over misuse of internet.

There are a few psychological views over Internet Addiction, 'How to mentor?', 'Gaming', 'Pornography', ;Principle of mentoring', 'Be an FBI agent', but it is too long to share over here, perhaps will talk about it in next blog.

At the end of this workshop, everybody gets a handbook of 'Cyber Wellness' for parents, brought in from Singapore, lots of information!

Go! (Outreach)

Overall, it was just a sharing on their outreach to the poor community and Miamis refuge's orphan. I pray that God will continue enlarging this territory!

Writing Clown Material/Skits and Writing Kid-relevant Sermons
Both workshop given by Pastor Randy, gifted and creative children pastor, I have got many funny and creative ideas over teaching material, we are inspired by his joyous spirit indeed.

Tips and steps were given, practical and relevant, power-up a lot from these workshops.
Such as:
Introduction: Blend the message with the method. Have quality thought and quality presentation.
Basic Process of Skit Development, Elements of Strong Skits, Comedy Concepts, Writing Models, Scripture Interaction Ideas, Sermon preparation process: The S.C.O.P.E, Ooosh, so many so many so many ..... those ideas were practical and can be achieved, love these two workshops.

Joy of the Lord

Introduction: The need for laughter in the human experience.
Psalm 100:2 "Serve the Lord with gladness..."

Nehemiah 8:10 "The joy of the Lord is your strength..."

These two verses are my favourite!

Pastor Randy gave us a few quotes:

"God is not a God of sadness, but the Devil is. Christ is a God of joy. It is pleasing to the dear god whenever though rejoicest or laughest from the bottom of thy heart."

-Martin Luther

"Sour godliness is the Devil's religion." - John Wesley
"Leave sadness to the Devil. The Devil has reason to be sad." - Francis of Assisi

Physically and psychologically proven that Joy Brings Healing into our life. So comrade, don't forget to laugh, don't forget to enjoy the joy that God has given to us! Philippians 4:4 "Rejoice in the Lord always."

Jane Lee

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