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Saturday, November 20, 2010


Popular book-fair has just started on Thursday, didn't manage to go, and facebook friends wrote in their status about the long queue and many gave up the purchasing; This afternoon, Gabriel went to the book fair with my mom, he called me and asked of my permission that he is going to buy two books, both are 'Wimpy kid' purple and yellow books, purple book is in hard cover costs about RM45.95, yellow book is at normal price RM29.90, these two books are definitely not in the book-fair discounted books, I have to delay his buying as I know there is a bookshop in Summit — Bookalicious is selling book lower than Usual price, well, it really took me awhile to convince him not to buy at that moment.

That very night, finally I went to the book fair, headed to this bookshop 'Bookalicious' right away. 

As I walked into the shop, the first book I looked at it, was the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' purple book 'The ugly truth', this is a new release; I checked on Border days before, and asked them if there is a soft cover (because cheaper), and found that it is only available in another two week time.

Here I took up the book, happy to see the 'cow sticker' on it, it is a 'GREAT BUY!' sticker, written on it "Usual: RM45.95, NOW: RM29.90" without hesitation, I took this book, and together with the yellow book, it is cheaper then any other bookshop, I got it at RM24.90.

As I made my payment, I asked the guy why they sell in such low price for a new release book? He said: 'Not sure! May be we can afford it~'

Well, I don't really care much lah, as long as I got it at the price which I am happy to pay for it.

I showed Gabriel these two books as long as I got home, and he couldn't wait to read them as soon as he got them, and I told him: 'Gab, I am happy that you are able to make a decision to just obey mommy and wait for my buying.' Of course he felt 'better' to hear my compliment, also felt good that we could save more money.

A happy ending of the day. Love~

I bought 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' hard cover (purple) at RM29.90, UP RM45.95 CHEAP! go Summit shopping mall Bookadicious near to ACE hardware shop.

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