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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How to fill polystyrene into beanbag?

My friend said got to have 2 or more to help filling in, but I only have myself on doing this!

I stable my inner layer beanbag by tying one side to the window, and stable another side at the drawer chest.

Instead of buying a plastic sheet, I dug out an old file, took out all the papers, fold it into cone shape fix the shape with cellophane tapes.

Cut a hole at the one side of bottom of the packet, instead of open up the packet of polystyrene (the mouth is too big to control) pour them in bit by bit, it might be slow and took a longer time, but it was hassle free to me.

Trust me, you can do it alone! Because I just did it.

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Handmade Good Stuffs

Here are things I have sewn by using Jenome sewing machine which I got it free from a government programme. I've learned to sew beanbags and other basic usage of sewing machine.

Floral Recycle Bag is what I thing very practical, I like to use recycle bags, instead of holding different packs of goodies, I prefer to put everything in the bag and carry on my shoulder, especially for someone like me staying in walk-up apartment at level 4!

Well, I do sell them, please leave a message if you would like to buy one.

RM20 for each Floral Recycle Bag, I only made three, different in the colour of its straps, Dark Brown, Light Brown and Green.

RM250 for beanbag each filled with 2kg of polystyrene beads, RM30 per kg.

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Friday, February 24, 2012


这是由马来西亚妇女家庭社会发展部主办,苹果缝纫艺术中心协办的两天课程-Pakej Teman 1 Azam,除了免费学费之外,一切需用到的用具,布料,工具都是免费,千真万确,一台Jenome缝纫针车完全免费!上帝真正好,本来这样的课程十一年来都只供给马来同胞,因为副部长王赛芝三年前不断的争取,我们是这个政府计划受惠的第一批350个华人。

在这两天,负责教导我们的是蔡老师,Charlin 还有几位马来助手,他们都很有耐心。



上帝啊!你太好了,你没把我漏掉!感谢这一次帮忙我报名的Cynthia姐妹。 谢谢你!
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Marbled Cheesecake Brownies

Marbled Cheesecake Brownies

·         60g butter
·         125g PHILADELPHIA Block Cream Cheese, softened
·         1/4 cup (55g) caster sugar  
·         1 egg
·         1 tablespoon plain flour
·         1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence

·         Chocolate mixture:
·         125g dark cooking chocolate, roughly chopped
·         90g butter, extra
·         2 eggs, extra
·         3/4 cup (165g) caster sugar, extra

·         1/2 cup (75g) plain flour, extra
·         1/4 teaspoon baking powder
·         ¼ teaspoon salt
1/2 cup (60g) coarsely chopped pecan nut

Chocolate cake glaze
200g plain chocolate, chopped.
3 tbsp water
2 tbsp single cream
7g unsalted butter. Chilled.

Chocolate Mixture: TO make chocolate mixture melt chocolate and extra butter in a bowl over a pan of hot water, stirring constantly, then cool.  Use an electric mixer to beat extra eggs until thick and creamy, gradually beating in extra sugar while doing so. Sift in the extra flour, baking powder and salt then blend in the cooled chocolate mixture. Stir through the pecans. Measure 1 cup chocolate mixture and set aside. 
 Cream cheese batter: PREHEAT the oven to 160C and grease and base line a shallow 23cm square cake pan. Cream together the butter and PHILLY Block Cream Cheese with machine mixer.  Beat in sugar until mixture is light and fluffy, then add egg and beat thoroughly.  Stir in flour and vanilla essence and set aside.
SPREAD chocolate mixture in prepared pan. Top with reserved PHILLY mixture then drop spoonfuls of reserved chocolate batter on top.  Swirl a knife lightly through batter to make a marbled pattern.

BAKE in preheated oven for 45-50 minutes, until a skewer inserted comes out clean. Remove from oven and leave to cool in pan.

Chocolate cake glaze
Place chocolate, water, butter and cream in a small heat proof bowl over a boiling water, and stir until smooth remove from heat. 

Glaze the marbled cheesecake brownies when cool. Best is keep cheesecake in fridge before glazing. 

These have a marvelous fudgy texture; cheesecake with a crispy top, marbled with chocolate and studded with pecans. The mixture is baked in a square then cooled and cut into individual squares.  They are great for picnics, as a sweet finish to a barbecue or just with a glass of ice-cold milk at home. They’ll go quickly at kids’ birthday parties too.

Go here for Thermomix Recipe - TM5 Jane's Marbled Cheesecake Brownies


Blueberry Yogurt Cheesecake

Blueberry Yogurt Cheesecake

Base :
120g Digestive Biscuits, crushed finely
40g Softened butter

Filling :
100g Cream Cheese, bring to room temperature
100g Plain Yogurt 
60g Fine Sugar

1 Tbsp + 1/2 Tsp Gelatin
3 Tbsp Water, put Gelatin and water in a heat proof bowl over a boiling water, stir constantly till gelatin is melted thoroughly. 

*make sure the gelatin is melted and kept warm

200g Blueberry Puree*

To make blueberry puree, simply take 200g of blueberries pie filling and add 20g of water, blend well and sieve.

200ml Non Dairy Whip Cream, whipped to mousse state and chilled

Topping : (Optional)
4 Tbsp Blueberry Pie Filling
1-1/2 Tbsp Lemon Juice

*Mix well

100ml Non Dairy Whip Cream, whipped stiff and chilled

1) Prepare a 7 inch loose base round tin. Mix the crushed biscuits and butter in a bowl. Transfer to the cake tin, using a small spoon to press the base evenly. Chill in the fridge for later use.

2) In a mixing bowl, using a electric whisk, whisk cream cheese, yogurt and sugar till mixture is creamy and no lumps. Pour in the gelatin mixture, using a hand whisk to incorporate well. Add in blueberry puree and whipped cream, stir well.

3) Pour into the prepared cake tin, using a spatula to level the surface. Leave to chill for at least 3 hours. Remove from tin.

4) Choose your desired piping tip and pipe the whipped cream along the edges of the cake. Spoon and spread the blueberries pie filling on top of the cake. Decorate as desired.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cranberry Shortbread packaging

It has come to an end, Valentine's day has just over, busyness has gone, tireness is the one clinging on me now. Have been doing photos organising this afternoon, upload some photos of the making of cranberry shortbread, this is the collage that made out from all little tiny detail of what I have been busy about.

Beside baking, all the glass jars were being washed before used, filling in cookies into jar, tying trio ribbons and label, packing party packs for someones special!

Happy busy days I have had! Praise the Lord for every new day!
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The Wind chime

Day comes and day goes
When oh when is the day that was told?
There hung the wind chime years ago
Winds come and winds go
Sing to your heart, sing till you old

Wind chime glow when wind blow
Where oh where will the wind go?
Blow it high, blow it low
Swinging fast or swinging slow
There I need the wind to show!


~Jane Lee~

Thursday, February 9, 2012






Chap Goh Meh Air Hitam Waterfall Hike

It has been quite a long time haven't been to waterfall, hiked Tabur West many times, this event was set together with my new Hainanese friend Felix that I met last Saturday Sukee gathering, he is a lone ranger, have done many hikings alone.

Air Hitam waterfall is in Puchong Putri, a beautiful place just in our neigbourhood.

I was surprised and amazed by her beauty, pool is ocean green in colour, crystal clear water, I can see my toes even though the water level almost touches my chin. I sat on the rock, was trying so hard to capture her beauty, with my limited skill and the limited features of this camera I am having, I am satisfied.

I could just sit on the rock watching her beauty, enjoying her singing, awesome work of God's creation. Speechless.... Thankful for God.
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cranberries Shortbread in Glass Jar

Special homebaked Cranberry Shortbread cookies for your beloved, and honourable ones.

I lover shortbread, and I love cranberries, there I combined these two of my beloved together to make this perfect match for a perfect Valentine's day gift, a special homebaked Cranberry Shortbread cookies in glass jar tied with lovely ribbons, to give away to your beloved ones,  whom you treasure them and give thanks to God that they are in your life!

Make your order at least a week before.
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hong Cha Pork Noodle

OUG Hong Cha Restaurant is another place serves great recipe of pork noodle, RM6 for a real big portion, filled with vegie and sliced pork + lots of lots of pork lard residue (as per request) without extra charge.

There is another restaurant just nearby, serves yummy pork noodle in day time, Sun Sea Restaurant. Simply google it, you will find lots of information and comments of this stall.
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

CNY Melaka day trip

We, Gab and I have not been visiting Melaka for the past two years during CNY, I used to go with Gab and my mom or Hansen's family on the 3rd or 4th day, there was a year that I let Gab followed his dad since CNY eve, I just remembered that was my worst Chinese New Year at all, a day was like a year to me, I missed him so so so much that I swear to myself, I will not let him away from me during this big event.

And this year, Brian requested to bring him down as he said Gab hadn't be with him during CNY for past two years, I told him I want to follow too, but he said: No, and therefore I said: No!

On the 2nd of CNY I called pa in-law and wished him Happy Chinese New Year, he asked if we are going down to Melaka to pay him a visit, I told him that I will bring Gab to Melaka on the 4th day. And so we went, I was surprised to see Gab's step mom, well, I never have been told, she was kind and gentle lady, we went for lunch, visitation and dinner together, we chatted about her new coming baby - Gab's step baby brother or sister to be. Gab is exciting about this coming baby though, he wishes for a baby brother.

Visited my ex 'Farmville' neighbour Sharlyna, she is a wife of Brian's friend, and her son is Gab only friend in Melaka, Melaka hasn't changed a lot... still beautiful, still jam during this season, food is still delicious.

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Cranberry Shortbread

Cranberry Shortbread

·         227g unsalted butter, dice.
·         345g plain flour, plus extra for dusting
·         ¼ tsp salt
·         110g caster sugar
·         75g dried cranberries

Preheat the oven to 150°C Place a parchment paper on baking tray.

Mix together the flour, salt and sugar. Rub the butter into the dry ingredients. Add in dried cranberries. Continue to work the mixture until it forms a soft dough. Make sure you do not overwork the shortbread or it will be tough, not crumbly as it should be.

On a lightly floured work surface, roll out the dough, use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut the dough, you may need a small knife to trim away dried cranberries which stuck in between. Space the heart shape dough evenly and bake in the preheated oven for 45-50 minutes, until the shortbread is firm and lightly golden.

Transfer to a wire rack and leave to cool completely.

Sewing Octopus Etsy MIni Shop

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