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Thursday, December 28, 2017

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Looking for Fitness instructor

Are you energetic, enthusiastic and full of vitality? Are you a college student or a working adult who likes sport, and fitness, if you are available in weekday’s evening or weekend, you would like to get yourself trained while earning allowance. You are the one we are looking for! 

Our Trampoline Jumping Studio is located in USJ 10 also known as Taipan, Subang JAYA.

Contact us via email

Why do I take Herbalife?

I have never interested to take supplements, never had I finish a bottle of calcium, even though I bought a new bottle of Amway or Usana calcium, I never finished them once, ended up throwing away due to expiration. 

I learnt to know Herbalife when a few of my church friends surprised me with their new look of weight reduced tremendously in just two months, even this I never bothered to ask how, it was my cousin who told me that she paid RM149 for me to start this weight lost program. 

Although it is paid for but I was quite reluctant to go, going to nutrition club every morning at 7:15am!!!! 

On the first day they did the measurements and explain to us about why taking nutrition and the correct concept of lose weight healthily, I realized this can be done!! 

In fact I was quite helpless seeing myself getting fatter day by day, I wish to get slim but don’t like the idea of paying slimming centre, usually costs you a big lump!

When I started the program in October 2nd, and also bought extra set to have another nutrition meal during snack time, because I love the nutrition shake so much! It is so delicious. 

After the 10+1 day program, sadly I didn’t lose much kg..... less than 1 kg. I think was because I did not follow Meal plan properly. 

But one think I learnt was about this term - cellular nutrition, I started to google it, reading articles regarding it. And I learnt about self-healing power. All about supplying enough nutrients to our body on daily basis, our cells will work wonders to our bodies, God has created us in such a way that cells have self-healing power. 

I scalded my left whrist in August, I liked to take closer look to how the skin patch healed day by day, very amazing, I don’t know how it works, but seeing it changing and recovering day by day just amazed me. 

Cellular Nutrient is important to us, many chronic sicknesses are due to malnutrition, day by day, bit by bit ... 

Don’t let it happen, replenish while we still have the choice, I rather spend money on Nutritional food then medicines. 

Coffee Enema Thermomix Recipe

Did my first Coffee Enema last night, it was awesome! I used Thermomix to help control time and temperature for boiling. 

1) Add 2 liter of water, bring to a boil at 
     105℃ / speed 2.5

2) Stop the cooking while Sprinkle 2 heap spoons of coffee powder then continue to cook.
     mc3 min / 100℃/ speed 2.5
Without measuring cup, because it will splatter.

3) Then turn the temperature to 
     20 min / 98℃ / speed 2.5 

4) Sieve the liquid, Pour half portion in a bottle, let it cool then refrigerated for future use.

5) Add water to top up another half portion of coffee liquid till 1 liter, allow the temperature drops till 37℃, you may now start the process of coffee enema.
#coffeeenema #tm5 
#Thermomix #thermomixferventthermist #scfjanelee #herbalife

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Herbalife Apple Pie Shake

 Herbalife Apple Pie Shake Recipe: Click on photo to download PDF
贺宝芙 苹果派奶昔 食谱:请点击照片下载PDF

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Hope V Jumping

Hope V Jumping is the first V jumping centre in USJ TAIPAN, is our 5th outlet, 4 outlets are in Seremban. 

Hope V Jumping Studio at USJ 10 - Taipan combines fitness and nutrition in one, serving a glass of nutrient drinks after a workout, replenish minerals and vitamins that loses during workout, especially glycogen or sugar stores to help them recover as well as boosting energy. 

"Proper hydration, as well as replacing lost nutrients such as electrolytes, protein and carbohydrates, will help restore your muscles and ease post-workout soreness. " - live 

Hope V Jumping fitness studio is opening in March. Many promotions will be announced in conjunction with this Grand opening. Contact Jane via messenger for more promo updates.  

Follow hopevjumping instagram

V-Jumping fineness Studio in Seremban S2:
27, Tkt Atlas, Jalan S2F1, Garden Homes, Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban 

Contact Mr. Tan 016 6330932 

V-Jumping fitness studio at Seremban 2 
hopevjumping instagramhopevjumping instagram

Hope V Jumping Instagram

Hope V Jumping’s instagram handling name is hopevjumping  Follow and get more promo updates. 

This was taken last month during S2 V-Jumping fitness centre celebrated 1st anniversary. I was invited to participate their performance. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Best massage companion

I have found the best massaging companion, and is the best and ever ready! Triggerpoint!

I have becoming to love to do it before sleep, releasing muscles especially calf’s muscles, string ham, and shoulders! 

Massaging calf’s muscles before sleep! 

Sitiawan Noodles

Hockchew’s Gan Pua Mee 干盘面 from Sitiawan 

卤汁馄饨 Wanton in Loh sauce (haha, I actually do not know how to pronounce it!) 

Restoran Win Hou Dim Sum & steam boat

But will provide to you the Waze location map! 
Restoran Win Huo Dim Sum & Steamboat, 16 Jalan PJU 1/3B, Petaling Jaya, drive there using Waze:

First 5km

I never liked to run, because I hated the feeling of gasping, whenever my friends joining marathon, I would say: “Be my guest!” 

Ever since beginning of October, that was the time I started Herbalife weight managing program, I quit carbs, all kind of rice, breads, all kind of noodles, and I started realize I was all good when One of the morning I did my jogging in USJ 11 field, I gasped no more, that was the time I found out how much pressure the carbs do to my body. 

And this Herbalife Nutrition Run is my first 5km run, and I will train up for more of this and looking forward to a more challenging run in next year. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

SCOOPS in Herbalife Malaysia

In Malaysia, Herbalife metrical practice is with level spoon, when you start a new F1 protein shake, using a knife to slit open the paper cover left 1/3 in the opening in aids of leveling every scoop we take. 

One level scoop approximately 8.2g, three level scoops = per serving (25-26g) 

Hence the amount of 2 heap spoons stated in the label is the same as 3 level scoops. Each Serving.

I prefer using three level scoops as I can play around with its flavour. 

2 scoops Chocolate + 1 strawberry = 👍🏻

2 scoops Tropical + 1 Chocolate = 👍🏻👍🏻

2 scoops Cappuccino + 1 strawberry = 👍🏻

1 scoop cookies + 1 Vanilla + strawberry = 👍🏻

2 scoops Cappuccino + 1 scoop chocolate = 👍🏻

2 scoops Mint Chocolate +1 scoop chocolate = 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

And many more, I wish you will enjoy playing with it!

Below is the measuring spoon comes with Mint Chocolate F1 from Vietnam. Which each heap spoon equivalent to approximately 12.5g 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

I Can Love music sheet from Veggie Tales

Among the Christmas quartets, I was also asked to write this Theme Song of  SCF Kingdom Kidz Christmas Event's Theme Song -- I Can Love, by VeggieTales.

This is the original key from Veggie Tales, because it is quite hard for small children, which I have transposed it to A major for easy pick-up. 

We Wish You A Merry Christmas String quartet

Subang Christian Fellowship (SCF) Kingdom Kidz is celebrating Christmas on 17 Dec Sunday, I am asked to organize a string quartet for a small performance, thankful for Boey Hu, she gave me a few books of Christmas violin duet and string quartet, that I am able to choose pieces from there, and here I made a pdf of We wish you a merry Christmas because the original score was written with choir parts, which is harder to read.

I did make some changes upon arrangement. Hope you will enjoy playing this too.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas String quartet Full score and parts Music Sheet

Download We Wish You A Merry Christmas Sting quartet Full score and parts PDF

Thursday, November 30, 2017


进来都利用早上的时间阅读营养学的书籍,希望能更多了解营养对细胞的影响,那一边电话响,Amelia 打来,“Auntie Jane 啊,我知道又一点last minute,可是我们想要问你可以不可以加多一首曲子,表演今年KK的圣诞主题曲?我在WhatsApp发上了,你可以去听一听。可以吗?” 


“哦,没问题的,我知道也是太迟通知你了,没关系,谢谢您。” 就挂上电话了。


借着那个链接,去到YouTube 把VeggieTales 的片段看了一遍,马上走到钢琴开始先爬谱,旋律找出来了,就开始动工篇写出其他三个部分,就很快滴(也不是很快啦,也搞了蛮久,重复听好几遍才能决定用什么旋律)把四重奏音乐给打出来,因为Sibelius都是没有登记的,所以不能存档,只好马上就打印,很可惜,因为改次若果要用到的话,要重新打入,很花时间咧!😩



为了上帝得着荣耀,“I can love because You loved me, I can give because You Gave...." 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

With Christ in the Vessel We Can Smile at The Storm

With Christ in the vessel
we can smile at the storm 
Smile at the storm 
Smile at the storm 
With Christ in the vessel, 
we can smile at the storm 
      D          A7       D 
As we go sailing home 
D            A7 
Saling, sailing home 
A7          D
Saling, sailing home 
With Christ in the vessel
we can smile at the storm 
       D         A7        D 
As we go sailing home

Saturday, September 23, 2017


吃过午餐后,独自走了出来,想要静一静。刚踏出门口有一位姐妹走进我,双手抓住了我的左手臂,向我说:“我要跟你说,像今早唱的那首歌一样,不要灰心,不要丧胆,信靠主耶稣!” 我们互望了对方的眼睛,点点头,眼泪快要流出来。

我说:“我知道了,谢谢您!” 彼此拥抱了一会儿,各自往对方的肩膀轻轻拍拍,穿上鞋子连忙往外走出去。







往 Fraser's Hill Methodist Bungalow 的小路












Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bible Lesson The Ten Commandments Booklet Craft

Ten Commandments craft: 
Photo instructions to show how to turn an A4 size paper to a booklet with just one cut, no glue and no cellophane needed. 

Easy Booklet to printed with pictures and Bible verse.








Friday, July 28, 2017

Sunday, July 9, 2017

9th Commandment craft idea

10 Commandments Bible Lesson

Very cute and funny craft idea for 9th commandment - 
Don't Lie 

   Watch a short clip of this cute Paper Magical TV 

Sewing Octopus Etsy MIni Shop

YoU May Also LikE theSe sToRies:

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