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Monday, December 31, 2012

Pork Noodle in USJ

For Pork Noodle lover, we travelled far to OUG for nice pork noodle always, how can I forget about this one in USJ near Good-Year Court 3 at Restaurant Tien Tien Fatt?
You have got to try this if you are USJian and yet didn't know about it. This is really nice, though it was cooked by foreign workers, the standard remains.  
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What a handsome boy

While I was enjoying the handmade products in Mori of Zakka shop in Sunway Pyramid, "What a handsome boy! Look at this little boy, he is so handsome!"(你们看,这个小弟弟很英俊呢!) an old lady who sat on a chair next to cashier counter,  talking to the worker at a loud volume

That evoked my curiosity, naturally my head turned around to look for him. Apparently she meant for my darling Gab as there wasn't anyone else in the shop, I grinned and thanked her for the compliment.

"He isn't little any more, look at him, taller than mommy." I continued.

Ever since Gab turned 6, I haven't heard of a stranger responses to his 'beauty', haha, sounds funny?

When he was still at toddler age, I often heard of stranger who passers by will tell me that 'He is so cute.'; 'He is so handsome.'...

I remember one incident happened in Melaka, where both my ex-sister-in-laws took him to a relative shop, while they were doing their shopping, a lady came in, both her hands pinching on Gab's cheeks and uttered:"Oh, this boy is so  handsome, so cute..." and then guess what?

She carried Gab in her hands, hugged him and KISSED him.... both my ex-sis-in-laws looked at each other, they both asked the same question at the same time: "Your friend?"

Ahhh.... that gave them a chilled.

haha... I told Gab about this incident, well.... he can't remember as expected.

We met this kind lady, her words brightened both Gab and my day.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tea bags Wallet

Finally something for myself. Accidentally found this Tea Wallet Tutorial, it was clear and easy to sew, since the size of the fabric is the same of coin pouch, no harm trying, and it took about half an hour to finish making one.
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这就是祢的爱 吉他谱

这就是祢的爱 吉他谱 G major
G7              C7
   我的心常 左右地摇摆

G7              C7
   快乐时忘 记祢的存在
G7                 C7
   时常犹豫地 望着天空
Am7                 D7
G7              C7
   虽然我不 起眼不完美
G7              C7
   却渴望拥 有爱与被爱
G7                  C7
   有时孤独有 时很傻
Am7        D7
   祢仍爱 我 
     G7               C7
原 来原来这就 是爱
     D7               Bm7
在 我犹豫时祢 爱我
        G7            C7
独自 难过时祢 爱我
Am7               D7
     Never let  go
    G7                C7
原 来原来这就 是爱
     D7               Bm7
从 没停止过祢 爱我
         G7           C7
毫无 保留地祢 爱我
Am7     D7        G7  (D+b9 Da Capo)
   这就  是祢的 爱 

Coin Pouch / Pencil Case Tutorial

This will be the first tutorial I have made, something special for my friends who would like to make the same gift to give away for her friends and relatives.

Coin Pouch / Pencil Case Tutorial has posted in Sewing Octopus.

Colourful Zippers

Christmas is near, this year round not busy with shopping but busy with sewing Christmas gifts: - coin pouches and pencil cases, store many zippers in all colour range, picture shows only in pastel range.

Some small gifts for all little women

Monday, December 17, 2012


这就是祢的爱 吉他谱
G7              C7
   我的心常 左右地摇摆

G7              C7
   快乐时忘 记祢的存在
G7                 C7
   时常犹豫地 望着天空
Am7                 D7
G7              C7
   虽然我不 起眼不完美
G7              C7
   却渴望拥 有爱与被爱
G7                  C7
   有时孤独有 时很傻
Am7        D7
   祢仍爱 我
     G7               C7
原 来原来这就 是爱
     D7               Bm7
在 我犹豫时祢 爱我
        G7            C7
独自 难过时祢 爱我
Am7               D7
     Never let  go
    G7                C7
原 来原来这就 是爱
     D7               Bm7
从 没停止过祢 爱我
         G7           C7
毫无 保留地祢 爱我
Am7     D7        G7  (D+b9 Da Capo)
   这就  是祢的 爱 

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Pic taken by Lee Min Jwen
 今年的圣诞装饰布置主题是‘Joy of Christmas’ 欢乐圣诞,彼得和我商讨后出来的点子,就是用了一些免费假草皮零稀第贴上十架面板,在用圣诞装饰球点缀,增添圣诞气氛。


今年的布置工作比起以往真的轻松许多,有一班Kingdom School的年轻人帮忙,没两下就完工了,另外特别也要谢谢Yvonne 和 Min Jwen 的点子,她们都是高手,这下我们人多就好办事了!感谢上帝的恩赐与器用我们。 




这样子的聚会每一年都会有至少两次的,去年因公事无法参与,年头又错失了机会,虽然这一次的聚会计划得很短速,星期五才接到短讯说:"明天聚会!" 一向来我都非常感激她们的用心安排,不管怎样这一次不想要错过聚会。
见面的人数达九位,以外地见了三位二十二年没 见的老朋友,兴奋得很。

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mission Training Piano Class

SCF church has been conducting mission training for youth, and this year they have got a name for this training, in order to be benefited to all youth of God, the name has changed to Kingdom School Youth Camp.

Which mean it is not only cater for our church member, youth from other churches who are above 12 and below 18 are welcomed.

This camp lasts for 4 weeks, youth will have to stay in church hostel from Tuesday to Saturday, training inclusive of 'Character building', 'Mission minded Kingdom Church', 'Instruments playing' and all other topics that to training them to be a leader for Christ.

Every youth has a chance to choose on the instrument they want to learn, so they could play as praise and worship team wherever they are sent, there are piano/keyboard, guitar, bass and drum.

It is honoured to be their piano guide this year.

Here is our first class, they have to learn two pieces, 'How great is our God' and '拣选'. Some of them are piano students, some of them already trained to serve as pianist in Kingdom Kidz though they have not gone for any piano lesson, they play well.

Here are the topics they cover for first session:

Chords for common keys in praise and worship team

Friday, November 16, 2012

Out of expectation

Finally done praise and worship chords checking, and score out two Christmas pieces, we have 3 violinists, oh no... 4 violinists, mis-calculated, but 3 of them are new.
I was first thought, every body plays the same part, I felt rather 'bad' inside me for playing unison because I can imagine that the intonation will be bad when everybody plays together especially when they are new (eeee...... squeekie~ clashie~ ), and so I changed my mind, for just writing two parts, make the 2nd part playing just the bass notes (how creative I am!).

Few days ago after done checking chords for 'a few' praise and worship pieces, I took these two Christmas pieces wherever I go, jotted down chords and chord notes in pencil, sketched out some playing patterns while waiting in traffic lights.

Thankfully I had two public holidays in this week, I have my sketch and idea on the sheet, spent the whole day with 4 beautiful nieces on Thursday, teaching them hand sew 'plushies', spent whole night in brother's house watching Hong Kong series.... I know, I know...

Only start scoring after 12pm.... I really have to thank God for His 'provision' and 'ideas', surprisingly I did both pieces in 3 parts, this is really out of my expectation, for people like me... lazy, 'chin chai', able to spend the time and effort to dig out, to try out, to replay again and again; I am glad that God use me. I should say to myself: 'Well done!' 

Thankful for His gift! I did it not by my might and strength but by His Spirit, He makes possible! 

'Dear Father, we will have our first practice this coming Sunday after service, lead us Lord. May all glory unto You. Amen.'

What Child is This for 3 violins

2nd piece for SCF and Kingdom Kidz Christmas Celebration Performance just done scoring:

1st piece is Away in a Manger for 3 violins

What Child is This for 3 violins

Click pic to download PNG format

I invite you to support my work with your donations of any amount. It is gratefully received. My gratitude to all those who have been my visitor.

Away in a Manger for 3 violins

As mentioned last post, I have 1001 things to do, bad time management for someone like me... I spent the whole day teaching 4 lovely nieces to hand sew 'plushie', the result was encouraging, each of them have at least made 4 plushie in the shape they like, butterfly, flower, heart, Eiffel Tower, octopus ... and they learned also to embroider name on these plushie. 

Finally, finish this scoring from my sketch earlier. This is one of three pieces I will be playing for SCF as well as Kingdom Kidz Christmas celebrating performance, we will have another 'What Child is This' and 'Happy Birthday Jesus'. Together with my niece Jenaine, and my student Josiah, and another youth Xin Hui we have 3 violinists, and piano accompaniment by Amelia, and that's why I put guitar chord above it, it will be helpful.  

Please click pic to download score in PNG format.

I invite you to support my work with your donations of any amount. It is gratefully received. My gratitude to all those who have been my visitor.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012




要做的事有如重峦叠嶂排山倒海似地涌着而来,歇一会儿变成一件奢侈的要求了。怎么突然有这样的感觉?就从今天的早课完毕后,我喜欢‘习惯性’挑战第八级的学生学习一首新曲,通常都会说:“好!老师跟你比,下个星期我们就看谁把整首曲子弹好!”  讲完后呼呼了两声心想:“你现在哪来的时间练习啊!?”



先把教会要的吉他谱搞定,然后编写圣诞曲子二重奏,再来谈练习吧! 就这样行!

耽误了 :p

Saturday, November 10, 2012


以下短文是 钢琴家 范江毅 在面子粉丝页的分享,好好的学习如何把音乐歌曲练好。


為何在練琴中慢彈是不可以或缺的?在每次練習結束前,建議至少慢彈一次,這是學習後進步的重要關鍵。同樣的,當你作分手練習時,在換手前也該慢彈至少一次。 這原則會帶來令人出乎意外之外的技巧進步,但為何它會如此有效,迄今仍是未知的。這步驟不僅對學習後進步有幫助,更也會有立即進步的效果。



每次練習的最後一次用慢速度來彈,對於學習後進步的效應很大,這點你自己就能親身體驗:試著練習一段,只有用快彈,看看隔天是甚麼狀況;然後再試著練習另外一段,在結束練習前,慢彈一至兩次,觀察隔天的情況。 或者,你可以選兩段困難度相當的段落,在結束前,一段快彈,另一段慢彈,然後隔天比較它們的差異。這種效應是可以累積的,如果你對同樣的練習段落,持續這樣的試驗,你會發

那麼要彈的多慢才叫做慢彈呢?這是判斷性的問題,端視你的技巧程度,如果你逐漸減低速度,它的效應會在某個速度下消失。當慢彈的時候,保持「快彈時應有的動作」是很重要的!如果你彈的太慢,這會變的不可能,況且彈的太慢也會浪費時間。 在剛開始,你可以取在 1/2 到 3/4 的演奏速度之間,但是必需要在這個速度下能很精確的控制。

慢彈對於背譜也很重要,背譜的慢彈,最佳的速度約是 1/2 ,這比學習後進步的速度要慢一些。當你的技巧逐漸進步,慢彈的速度可以逐漸增加調整變快。然而非常有趣的是,有些知名的鋼琴家,常常用「很慢」的速度練習。


Fan-Chiang Yi 范姜毅 分手與慢練練習一直以來都是波哥雷里奇在大師班裡一直主張的重點之一!真的有其必要性!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2nd Piano Competition for Gab

 Gab just had a piano competition in Bentley Music, 14th Hong Kong (Asia Pacific) Piano Competition - Schubert Piano.

14th Hong Kong (Asia Pacific) Piano Competition - Schubert Piano

I could see that he is getting better in expressing and control in tempo, there was a mistake made.... by repeating the mistake, shouldn't be doing it.

Body posture need a lot more improvement, walk straight, bow bla bla bla... all these things have been telling Gab remember these.

He is not selected as finallist, we will do it again next year. :)

Steinway and Sons... he is just so lucky, I never had a chance to play, I told him this is world class piano!
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1st Alphabet Quilt

 This is my first Alphabet Quilt, took about 3 months time to finish, because I was not hard work enough.

I have been keeping it in a small bag for many months finally decided to let it go.....

It can be used as a play mat for toddler, a wall piece in baby room as well as in nursery school / play school, or a wall piece in paediatric clinic.

I used 100% US Cotton for fabric, quilt battling, nylon thread.

Size:  W 49" X H 42"

Please go to Alphabet Quilt for order

Monday, November 5, 2012

Busy with orders

These are the two item I was busy with yesterday night.
Customized Laminated Cotton Boxy Handbag

And a Chalk Bag with hand embroidered name.

Haven't got time to start sewing coin pouch, but have done cutting fabrics this after.
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Fabric Flee

 I was so crazy about these fabric, I have gotten the first chance to attend a fabric bazaar in Sunway, was being invited by an online supplier Love and Craft com which I bought a few things from Alicia, she was then invited me to this bazaar.

Here are some of the fabrics I bought that day, apart from this, also upgrade some sewing tools in this bazaar with discounted price.

The most happy thing is I get to know a vendor name Jane, she sells very cheap cotton and cotton linen, visit her blog - Jane's Handmade
This one I got it from Jane only RM16 per meter, considered super super cheap. (Happy).

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Patchwork Curtain

Kind a long long time I have not been writing. 

Here is a small happiness I want to share with all beloved friends. 

 I found this old patchwork last week while I was digging old stuff for Klang Garage Sale, well as usual I totally have forgotten about having this awesome piece.

Have been very busy lately but I told myself before started any work of 'coin pouch', I will have to first finish all the undone work, so I did! I have done sewing 'blue strap' for my cousin sister, Cindy's Chalk bag with bear pocket, done making another 3 chalk bags, one for Johnnie with hand embroidery 'J' letter on it.

And today, I finished this awesome curtain. Love this curtain.

Now left one more handbag order of my church friend, to be done tonight! ^.6 ~ <3>
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Coin Pouch

I was planning to make coin pouch and slim pencil cases as Christmas gift for my students and friends.

After done sewing all the pencil cases and pouch I needed, I thought of using cotton to make some for my relatives.

And the result turned out good, a thought came out recapping a conversation that I had with a lady boss of artisan bakery 'Carpenter's Daughter', she once mentioned that I could sell some sewing product in her shop, so I dug out all different cotton fabric, cut a few bundle of them few days ago, and finally started sewing them a day before last night.

I was doubt and worrysome about the lady boss reject my request, me and my friends had lunch at Carpeter's Daughter bakery shop, they served delicious western food.

I saw Jin, she was very busy during lunch time, so  I waited till about 2.15pm, I rehearsed a few round before my friends, asked some advice of things I should say before approaching her.

She remembers me!! Thankful for her, immediately I told her about condition and commission, I left the first 10 little handmade coin pouch on the shelf.

I pray God guidance and blessing on this little business I have just started.

Here are the details of handmade coin pouch:
Coin pouch, 4.5" x 4.5"; YKK coloured zipper with cotton lace puller; Both outer and lining use 100% cotton.

Uses for coins, keys, medicines, sanitary pad, receipts, cards, candies and such.

It also comes with matching slim pencil case upon request.

It is a lovely and thoughtful gift for your love ones.

Coin Pouch - RM12 each
Slim Pencil Case - RM12 each

Buy 10 for RM100 + Free Postage for local buyer

Coin Pouch / Slim Pencil Case

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What He's Done 奇妙的愛


Martha Munizzi - What He's Done

      D     E     A
What He's done for me is so amazing.
       D    E       A
The love He has for me I can not explain.
        D        E
All I know is I once was lost but now I'm found.
   C#m    F#m
I was blind but now I see
          D    E
And I know He will do for you
What He's done for me. (Repeat)

     D E    C#m F#m 
Amazing love, amazing love, 
     D E    A 
amazing love, amazing love.
        D        E
All I know is I once was lost but now I'm found.
   C#m    F#m
I was blind but now I see
          D    E
And I know He will do for you
What He's done for me. (Repeat)

奇妙的愛(約書亞樂團-璽恩/ 專輯:永遠掌權)


奇妙的愛 奇妙的愛
奇妙的愛 奇妙的愛

Custom made Chalk Bag

 Johnnie has been chasing me about making him a chalk bag, but the fact is I didn't know what kind of material fit making one.

Finally he passed me the old chalk bag as sample last Saturday when we went for Apeh hike.

At least I find out what material I should use, felt as inner layer, some curtain fabric, or heavy fabric like cotton canvas as outer layer, a drawstring stopper, cord, mmmm... I still can't figured out what should I use to replace the plastic ring which helps to hold and stiffened the opening of chalk bag, that I wasn't quite sure if I could get this.

I did ask about what need to be improved, Johnnie said he needs a waist belt with belt clip, top drawstring closure instead of side closure ( the old chalk bag). Ok, these two new things.

As I started work on sewing chalk bag this morning, I was still thinking what to use for stiffening the chalk bag-open mouth. I remember I have a roll of yellow polypropylene clothes rope, hurried into store room dug out this rope, and it worked! Praise the Lord.

Because it is my first time sewing it, even though I tried searching for tutorials, browse through many blogs, those were not that I want, anyhow, I headed back to continue sewing it, tried hard to figure out the way to sew it.

Made a few mistakes, nothing but using ripper to rip seams, this is what all seamstress hate to do, I show no exception.

When finally the bag is done, I still need a set of belt clip and adjuster, black nylon webbing, drawstring stopper. When in time like this, that really could kill me, as if I am sitting on a hot plate.

As soon as I finished morning class, rush to craft shop searching hi and lo, thank goodness I managed to get what I needed.

Hope Johnnie is satisfied with this custom made chalk bag.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New bags are coming up!

I was kind a busy with sewing curtains, beanbag and did some curtain alteration previously, sew two bags for my nieces in Singapore, a few big cushion covers for my cousin, and 7 sets of 5 stones for my niece's school mates. As soon as I finished sewing 7 sets of 5-stones, today I started cutting a few different laminated cottons for sling bags, one is for my sister-in-law. The rest are for sale. 

My sister and some friends asked "Why are they so expensive?"
Yeah, they are, a few reasons: I try to snap some photos of 'the making of sling bag'. 
Cutting thick interfacing, usually to stiffen lining. It is called glued fabric. 

Here you go ...

Assorted laminated cotton in different printing.



Apple craze
To be continued...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Saved from stained

 It was a white T-shirt, unfortunately was stained with milk tea drop, even though have tried to wash it many times the stain remains somehow.

I tried to do something call 'tea-dyed', boiled tea bags and dipped whole T-shirt into it, makes the whole T-shirt into beige colour, but the stain remains...

I remembered I bought some laces from Daiso shop not long ago, and when I try to patch these laces, and it matches well with this dyed colour than when it was white, so here it is my first customized T-shirt.
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Spiritual Gifts

A note that inspired by a photo shared by a friend in facebook.

''If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
Being a teacher despite of in teaching music or in Sunday School, I like and enjoy being a teacher always, my enjoyment is to see students and children or perhaps adult understand better after my explanation.

I always believe my spiritual gifts are teaching and praise and worship, mmm ... Just google search some test on 'Spiritual Gifts' and got this result, just copy and paste top 5 here to share:

Graph of Score
Spiritual Gift
Statement / Response
20 = 5
48 = 5
76 = 3
104 = 1
132 = 5
24 = 5
52 = 5
80 = 5
108 = 1
136 = 3
28 = 5
56 = 5
84 = 1
112 = 3
140 = 5
6 = 5
34 = 5
62 = 1
90 = 3
118 = 3
8 = 5
36 = 3
64 = 3
92 = 3
120 = 3

Same result that I got from a paper test that given by Pastor Jacs few years back. Nothing is to be proud of, as all these are given by God, just hope that I will not letting Him down. 

I pray that God will continue to use me in His Kingdom. 


【洗脸小秘招 60岁都没皱纹】








Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Conviction is an experience to convince one that has been doing wrong, conviction gives one the opportunity to make a change, gives strength to make a turning point.

Conviction often leads to growth; personally I feel this is a turning point to greatest blessing.

My family members from my dad to my sister-in-laws, everyone has own conviction before coming to Lord, different stories,  different experiences.

Before I became a Christian, I was looking for conviction, I found mine, in the seeking, I found that He is a living God, He is God who listens every little prayer, I found peace in Him, I found myself, hilariously I used to be not me, I thought I am perfect though! Haha.

There were a few times church sisters said in an envious tone that they don't have that kind of conviction, how good if they had one. 

Conviction is a precious experience to most non-believers, as for 2nd generation Christian, they have the privilege to enjoy God's premium blessing like King Solomon did, living with praise and thankful in experience of God's faithfulness, not?

Please don't forget that the blessing of God is for a thousand generations, 2nd and 3rd generation Christians are to be dwelled in His greatness, His peace and abundance!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


祷告 吉他谱 D major
林后     词曲:郑楷

     D               A/C#
祷告 因为我渺小
    Bm             F#m             G
祷告 因为我知道我需要
     D/F#     Em             A7
明了 你心意对我重要
     D               A/C#
祷告 已假装不了
   Bm             F#m             G
祷告 因为你的爱我需要
        D/F#      Em                   A7
你关怀 我走过 的你都明白


A7                     D                F#m            
              G                    D/F#
    Em                 D/F#    G                   A
痛苦从眼中流下   我知道你为我擦
A7                     D                F#m            
              G                    D/F#
    Em        D/F#     G               D/F#
     Em    A      D





祷告 小提琴谱 / 吉他谱 A major
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