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Friday, December 27, 2013

Wonderful elastic bands

I usually spend most shopping in kitchen departments, though I don't cook much, it is such joy to see even a new design of fry pan.

More of "upgrading" info of latest innovative designs and ideas. There are so much to catch-up. I'd love just see, rather than buying home, to me, some of them are just ain't practical.

Just like the grapstic™, I own a couple of them, they were given by my sis in law, brought home from Canada during her sister visit. I loved the sweet colours and design, but I struggle every time I want to use it. Till now... I prefer an ordinary elastic bands than using it.

More effectively and user friendly than it.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Last minute Christmas gifts

The idea just hit me when I look at those laminated fabric and I didn't know what can I sew for all family members in such a short time.

Thank God for the inspiration. I made 15 of them in two days included a day I sewed until midnight 3am.

This could be the greatest idea of all to make a Christmas gift last minute.

Mean Scratched!

Gab and I were going to Sunway  Pyramid for a dinner, it was raining and traffic was slow, it took half and hour to finally reached Pyramid.
We saw traffic was bad in all area, included the parking area, cars turning round and round looking for a parking lot. I saw a car reversing right after I drove by it, then I hurry put on signal light showing the car behind that I am taking this lot. How rude was the driver despite my signal and was on my reversing gear, he drove in right away.
I was very angry with his behavior, yet I continued to driving forward.
Not long later we gotten a free space. Gab was very angry and felt unfair and said: "If I were you, I will go down to fight with him, or at least scold him."
"I don't have to do it, I don't need to get myself into trouble, I will go to his car later, and scratch his car for a revenge." I said it like I mean it.
"Ah? You will do it, mum?"
"Ya, in this way nobody sees me, nobody knows it."
"Let's go!" I continued to say.
Gab looked nervous, and a bit worried about my plan.
As we walked pass by the car, I laughed and he reminded me: "Eh ma, do it!"
"Haha, I was just kidding!"
He looked at me and whispered to my ear: "I scratched his car!"
"Huh? How?"
"I used my fingernail..."
"what?" I Broke into laughter.
This is my Gab! Who has a crazy mum, and does crazy thing...with minima harm. Lol

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cool Free stuff...Yuhoo~

It's wonderful, when I previously bought a CPU for RM300 from Leonard and he gave another bag of free stuff included CD player, mouse and a set of Sonic Gear speaker. Honestly I had a bad thought when I looked at those stuff, I thought:"Mmm... I'm not gonna need these, should I bring home or should I reject those, should I? should I not?" This thought running through my mind while he was testing and showing me the CPU. You know... I am a 'warm' person, don't quite understand this 'cool stuff'.

I brought back those stuff reluctantly, stored in the storeroom. The day before yesterday, Gab took this out and was trying to connect it with his iPod via AUX cable, "It Works!! Aaah, so nice and so good of him, I was amazed by his work, I know it is a very simple thing by just poking in and plucking out, at least he did it! I thanked God for giving me a boy!

Ha! I don't need a mini speaker anymore, which I bought two months ago, and returned to my brother the next day due to some defections, am still waiting for him to restock though, since this works so much better than the mini speaker, I'm gonna to change my buying to another stuff, praise the Lord.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Avatar me!

XD, Avatar me! Fun app, I did that via The Social Tree machine in Changi International Airport, something to do to kill my time while waiting for flight.
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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Driver that drives me crazy!

I have been troubled by snail pace old CPU, this is blessed by my ex-brother-in-law, it is already the 2nd unit he gave to me, many thanks to him.
But as time goes by, this one has becoming terribly slow, it took up a lot of time for just one command, I am getting very frustrated about it, and the printer can't seem to have it work done too. I prayed for a replacement.
I saw a friend posted in Selangor Garage Sales Corner in facebook group last week, selling used CPU for RM 300, picture showed the mother board and it looks cool to me, (I know it sounds funny, but I really don't know much about PC thingy, all at my first impression was: 'Nice!', though later I found out from PC shop worker this is an 'antique' jor! XD it is still worth the price. ) I am sure is a privilege as an admin of the group, quickly commit to get this unit.
This purchase came with many free stuff, so good of him, Len, also my ex-primary school friend. Gab and I happily got home, he helped me to fix old hard discs, DVD player in it, which he did a good job, Gab even sacrifice our dinner outing, willingly stayed home to finish this job. Somehow, there was a problem with the start-up button, he had given many attempts to try to fix this, eventually doze off before I got home that very night. Hence we sent to Bao's shop to fix it the next day. Bought a new casing to have this problem solved, the worker also helped installing software that we both needed.
Gab and I very excited about our 'new' CPU, so quiet so fast.
However, Hp printer is still the same old problem, I can do scanning, I can't print documents, driver is missing, I need to update Windows to get driver from the update, then... the only problem I have is: I can't update my Windows.

These few nights, I tried to search for FREE downloads HP printer driver, I even download different series that I could get online, non of them works, most of them pup-up a window saying I have to get my Windows update in order to also 'update' printer driver.

I was so crazy and frustrated over this driver issue. I almost wanted to curse HP and Windows, what a conspiracy they have had. I hate them!!

I am so thankful of those friend put in effort to help and suggested ways to solve this issue.
This friend Len really a genius, not only he offered to bear 1/2 the price on the new casing (which I rejected the offer), he also helped me to get HP driver, I really don't know how he managed to get them, it was just awesome. The procedure is not that short description, he did try many ways, and sent files to me a few times, until they work.

As I am not a PC lady, I did spend quite sometimes to figure out how to 'run' those files,  I have to give a little praise to myself, pat pat, I have done a good job too! Wonderful!

Now, I can print my scores, recipes, tutorials, Kingdom Kidz Lesson Plans.... and all that I need. Thankful for everyone, thankful for God that He places so many angels in my life. Praise You Lord!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fly to Singapore

Just gotten checked in at gate Y1,  the gate has just opened, one hour before the flight 12.40pm.
It was quite a long queue, after given checked the boarding pass, walk through the gate, just a few steps I reached immigration counter, another few steps custom check, there is only one counter opened for the first 15 minutes for such crowd, I will make no complain if the air-condition is cold enough.
I was told to be at least 3 hours earlier, yup I did! Reached at 9.40am, spent some times to finally get a parking lot at the newly open parking space on the left side of LCCT ENTRY.
Had my breakfast in Old Town, Nasi Lemak for RM17 served with a SUPER DRY fried chicken, I guess it is better than oily though :p
For some reasons... if you know me, super "sotong" - blur queen, I was told to proceed to international gate, I went through all 'check-in' procedure, found a seat to settle down, waiting for boarding call. Soon enough I found no my jacket, Argh, I must have left it in the  enquiry counter.
I walked in quick pace, headed to the counter which is quite a distance, thankfully the jacket is still there.
As I get back to the international departure gate, the officer now requests me to have my boarding pass stamped at the "boarding pass checking" counter.
off I went, the officer said: "You have to go to Gate Y1 next to "gate - domestic departure".
Both international and domestic location at distinct ends. And I thought along the long walk, it is such a blessing in disguise, I can't imagine if I wait for boarding call in the wrong boarding gate!!
Ok, that is me, anything could happen.
Well, reached at the gate Y1, long queue...

Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas craft ideas

Found this beautiful site shared many beautiful ideas to teach you making own Christmas decorative.

Click here

Sewing Octopus Etsy MIni Shop

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