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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Conviction is an experience to convince one that has been doing wrong, conviction gives one the opportunity to make a change, gives strength to make a turning point.

Conviction often leads to growth; personally I feel this is a turning point to greatest blessing.

My family members from my dad to my sister-in-laws, everyone has own conviction before coming to Lord, different stories,  different experiences.

Before I became a Christian, I was looking for conviction, I found mine, in the seeking, I found that He is a living God, He is God who listens every little prayer, I found peace in Him, I found myself, hilariously I used to be not me, I thought I am perfect though! Haha.

There were a few times church sisters said in an envious tone that they don't have that kind of conviction, how good if they had one. 

Conviction is a precious experience to most non-believers, as for 2nd generation Christian, they have the privilege to enjoy God's premium blessing like King Solomon did, living with praise and thankful in experience of God's faithfulness, not?

Please don't forget that the blessing of God is for a thousand generations, 2nd and 3rd generation Christians are to be dwelled in His greatness, His peace and abundance!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


祷告 吉他谱 D major
林后     词曲:郑楷

     D               A/C#
祷告 因为我渺小
    Bm             F#m             G
祷告 因为我知道我需要
     D/F#     Em             A7
明了 你心意对我重要
     D               A/C#
祷告 已假装不了
   Bm             F#m             G
祷告 因为你的爱我需要
        D/F#      Em                   A7
你关怀 我走过 的你都明白


A7                     D                F#m            
              G                    D/F#
    Em                 D/F#    G                   A
痛苦从眼中流下   我知道你为我擦
A7                     D                F#m            
              G                    D/F#
    Em        D/F#     G               D/F#
     Em    A      D





祷告 小提琴谱 / 吉他谱 A major
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Handmade Money Belt

I use hand dyed fabric to sew this money belt for my buddy as birthday present, he loves backpacking and travelling, though he has got one, he bought one from internet for RM50+.

I came across a friend who bought one from Guardian shop for RM50 as well, but she complaints that the belt is not comfortable, and the fabric is sticky. I did read some of bloggers they have this problem too. Here I want to give some praise word to myself, that I use elastic band, and cotton fabrics, you can imagine how easy and relax feeling it gives to your travelling.

I did some searching why this money belt is useful.

Oh, by the way I offer custom made service, if you would like to have one, I am more than happy to make one for you, for more info, you may visit Sewing Octopus Etsy store.

 Find me on Etsy: Sewing Octopus

More info from this article - Travel with a Moneybelt: Your portable safe by Rick Steves

More secure than a travel wallet, money belts are your key to peace of mind. I never travel without one. A money belt is a small, zippered fabric pouch that fastens around the waist under your pants or skirt. You wear it completely hidden from sight, tucked in like a shirttail — over your shirt and under your pants. (If you find it uncomfortable to wear a money belt in front — as many women do — slide it around and wear it in the small of your back.)
With a money belt, all your essential documents are on you as securely and thoughtlessly as your underpants. Have you ever thought about that? Every morning you put on your underpants. You don't even think about them all day long. And every night when you undress, sure enough, there they are, exactly where you put them. When I travel, my valuables are just as securely out of sight and out of mind, around my waist in a money belt. It's luxurious peace of mind. I'm uncomfortable only when I'm not wearing it.
Never leave a money belt "hidden" on the beach while you swim. It's safer left in your hotel room (nicer hotels have safes in the room, and sometimes the front desk will keep valuables for you). In hostel or dorm situations, where your money belt shouldn't be left in your room, you can shower with it (hang it — maybe in a plastic bag — from the nozzle). Keep your money-belt contents dry (sweat-free) with a plastic sheath or baggie.
Packing light applies to your money belt as well as your luggage. Here's what to pack in your money belt:
Passport: You're legally supposed to have it with you at all times.
Railpass: This is as valuable as cash.
Driver's license: This works just about anywhere in Europe and is necessary if you want to rent a car on the spur of the moment.
Credit card: It's required for car rental and handy to have if your cash runs low.
Debit card: A Visa debit card is the most versatile for ATM withdrawals. (I no longer use traveler's checks.)
Cash: Keep only major bills in your money belt.
Plastic sheath: Money belts easily get sweaty and slimy. Damp plane tickets and railpasses can be disgusting and sometimes worthless. Even a plain old baggie helps keep things dry.
Contact list: Print small, and include every phone number or email address of importance in your life.
Trip calendar page: Include your hotel list and all necessary details from your itinerary

Packing system

Useful Tips for backpacker, how to have a comfortable carrying, here it is explain all.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Anthem – planetshakers guitar chords

The Anthem – planetshakers
D Major

Bm    A      D            Em7     Bm    A
  Hal-le-lu-jah, you have won the victory.
Bm     A     D             Em7    Bm       A
  Hal- le -lu- jah , you have won  it all for me.
                Em7          Bm      A
Death could not hold you down
            Em7       Bm      A
You are the risen king  
          Em7    Bm      A
Seated in majesty  
            Em7       Bm      A
You are the risen king  

My pal

Another precious pal beside piano and violin,  I have my computer in living hall, it is convenient for me to play it along with youtube. I need it to test most chords that I found from web sites, because not all chords provided by them were correctly transcripted.

Breakfast Cheesy Egg Burger

 Beat 2 eggs until well blend, pour it unto hot pan, tear a slice of cheese on top of egg, fold it as the bottom of the egg gets cooked.

Toast the burger bread, cut into top and bottom halves, spread butter onto one half, then spread mayonnaise another half, put in lettuce, cherry tomatoes.

Serve it with a cup of hot milk tea.

We had this for today's breakfast, and Gab will take another serving for his school snack.
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I Believe - Guitar Chords

I Believe                      我相信 (约书亚乐团)
by Planetshakers of Deeper album 
Guitar Chords

Intro 4x :  D - A - D - A   
Verse :
     Bm                A
The rain may fall, The thunder roar, 
        G           G
Yet I believe, I believe 
     Bm                       A
What people may say, Whatever comes my way, 
          G          G
I will believe, I believe
Em                   Bm                D   A
Nothing can separate | me from Your love, 
     Em              Bm            A       A 
So I lift my eyes to heaven and believe
           D               A
You are my God, You are my saviour, 
             Bm                 G
You hold the world within Your hands 
           D                A
You are my God, You are my healer, 
          G                  A
Lord I believe in You, Jesus  
Lord I believe
D       A     Bm       A
|  Hallelujah, | Hallelujah, 
G        A      Bm            A
Hallelujah, | Glory to God

我相信 - 耶书亚乐团

我相信                                  I Believe (planetshakers)

约书亚乐团 - 天国文化复兴 

 Intro 4x :  D - A - D - A  

    Bm           A
轰隆 雨中
          G         G
    Bm                          A
意人所说 不管发什么
    G                 G

Em             Bm          D       A
      Em              Bm       A    A


            D              A
祢是我 我的拯
            Bm          G
            D              A
祢是我 我的医
            G              A
我信靠 我主耶
D        A      G          A
_哈利   _  哈利
D         A        Bm           A
           _ 哈利    _ 荣耀归

Monday, August 6, 2012

2nd hand blessing

While I was enjoying my blessing from someone, and there he said: " This is 2nd hand blessing, you should ask for 1st hand blessing!"

I put no blame to him, It was my fault, yes, it is still, as I used to tell my friends this: "God will bless you in order you to bless me." Can you see the contradiction? God will bless me, and God bless them in order to bless me, and yet why shouldn't I ask God to bless me directly? ....

I didn't know how to reply him for this at that moment, this thought has been constantly with me lately, not to question God why didn't He bless me direct, not to feel unhappy about this '2nd hand blessing', but to get a better way of telling people around me.

Here it is:
A few puzzling things about blessing, does size matter? Does weight matter? Does time matter? Does quantity matter?Does the procedure matter? Does the source matter?

Remembering of 'five loaves two fish', were there 5 thousands of people receiving Lord's 2nd hand blessing? Aren't God's blessings nourishes all of us? And I thought the precious is to give thanks to God's blessing in each little incident, not give thanks to God's blessing for big or small, soon or later.

Hence, I would like to tell this friend that I actually enjoying God's blessing regardless small or big, first or later, because there is no such thing as '2nd hand blessing', I would never have thought of using this word to describe my blessings, but receive with a thankful heart instead.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Favourite all in one

Do you know what is laminated cotton? At first glance, I don't quite like it, because of it's glossy surface, it gives a 'loud' feeling to me,  I like matt and a little gentle... soft look. But as I have to learn to make my first laminated cotton handbag (left pic), and after awhile of using this bag, I fall in love with this material, it is not sticky as I thought it would, it is not as hard as I thought it would. 
I still remember I kept looking at the texture of this fabric, I like to see the thread counts, the fabric is laminated with polyurethane coating. And it is so much different with some other cheaper PVC fabric which the coating does not contain Phthalates and they are not made with vinyl or PVC (polyvinyl chloride), I hope this post helps you to know the difference.

Paisley has been my favourite design of all, I don't know why, I like it's complicity, I like the motives, I like the idea to decorate in and outside of the droplet, I just like it. This laminated cotton comes with paisley in heart shapes design, oh my goodness...... it has everything I love. Sadly... this design fabric does not sell by it own, I have got to buy the package which is RM169 for just 1 meter, now you know why I am not selling this design fabric, because it is too costly. Please don't tell my mom, I actually bought two sets. Phew....... I managed to get just two,and it was SOLD OUT. 

Sling Bag is my best design bag that I ever like to use, simple reason, I don't like heavy bag, I like sling bag as you don't have to keep putting up the dropped handles, and I could carry it wherever without noticing it actually exists. In this size, I won't use wallet, I keep all money in the pocket itself, a camera, handphone, cards, keys, pen, lipstick (like I put it on all the time... this is more to lip balm I would say.) hair band, tissues. 

So this sling bag has it all! 

This simple design of course comes out from me, yeah I know it is very lousy, without zipper.... do you know I don't like zipper? I like it this way somehow! 

Sewing Octopus Etsy MIni Shop

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