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Thursday, May 25, 2017

7th Commandment Be faithful in Marriage craft idea

This is the craft I use for 7th Commandment - Be faithful in Marriage

Teaching children to make origami ring is fun, they will have much fun making tons of them.

Difference in size on using half-origami and measured 8cmx5cm
Will you marry me?

 This is part of 10 commandments lapbook, I made a small envelop to keep two origami rings in it, sealed with two diamond stickers.

Here is the video I made during the class. Hope the explanation is clear enough for you. However I have tutorial on pictures below.

How to make origami diamond ring video tutorial

How to make Origami Diamond Ring 

For children, they just need long strip of 8cm x 5cm to have duo sided effect, you will need another small piece of paper size in 2.5cm x 3cm as shown in the Origano Diamond Ring tutorial video.

This is half of origami duo sided

Fold half to make a clear folding line.

Open it, and fold another half to get the folding line clear.

Open it up

Now, make the quarter fold this time. 

Do the same to the other side.

From the quarter fold, fold up to the half folded line.

This is how it should be.

fold both ends together to get the center folding line.

Here is what you should get.

Using a finger to mark the center point.

Turn paper up to make diagonal fold, keep the center be the center point. 

Do the same to the other side

fold up both edges 

joining both ends by tug into one end to the other end

I bought diamond stickers from Daiso. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

How to Handmade Lip Balms

Handmade Lip Balms for Beginner 


1) Digital scale
2) 250ml Break x 1
3) Saucepan 
4) Kitchen Thermometer
5) Metal / glass stirer (optional)
6) Alcohol swaps and tooth picks
7) 8 empty 5g lip balm tubes 
8) 30 holes Lipstick tray / holder (optional)

Ingredients :

25g Sweet Almond Oil
10g Beewax 
2 x VE capsules
5 drops of preferred essential oil


 Wrap alcohol swap around toothpick, sanitize every tube. After first use, open and turn over to wrap it around. One swap for two tubes.

  Get lip balm tubes ready in this "30 holes lipstick tray / holder."

Put a break on digital scale, Weigh 25g of Sweet Almond Oil and add in 10g of beewax.
Melt beewax over a double boiled method. Keep stiring during the process. 

 Remove break from saucepan, using kitchen thermometer to check mixture temperature. As soon as it drops to 60℃, add in Vitamin E (open VE capsules) and essential oil. 

In a very quick while, till tubes to 3/4 full.

As soon as the mixture harden, a hole in the center will be formed. By this time you may need to return break to saucepan to keep mixture warm. Get ready for the second filling.

Filling gently, you may perhaps slightly overfilled.

Wait about 30 minutes, when they are fully hardened, cap them and store in fridge. (I do store them in fridge)

There are two types of lip balm tubes, the lean one is 4g, the short one is 5g.

Put on a sticker, they are ready to be sold! 

Cleaning :

It can be very hassle in this part, there will be some stick in the break, if you would like to keep them, you may scrape off and melt them again in saucepan, pour them in a small container, it is good for soothing crack skin in fingers and heels. 

Or what I did is to clean the extra wax with tissue. Fill the saucepan with more water, put a few drops of detergent in it, leave the break laying in the saucepan, turn it once awhile to make sure all areas is covered. And remove and wash it with sponge. 


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