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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Too many of farmville postings?

I am seriously addicted to farmville playing recently, it was all started from helping a friend.

Months ago, when a friend asked me to help to just give a hand to help her in a farmville posting, therefore I went to her profile to look for this posting, but I can't see anything, not a farmville posting at all, I told her I can't help her.

That indeed pondered me, I checked this out from farmville fan page, and I noticed I actually blocked this application long ago, as the postings irritated me.

And here I am playing this game by unblocked this application, and I do privacy setting to all my farmville postings. Here is what I do:

  1. Group friends who are playing farmville as 'farmville'. You could do this by going to 'account' on right top, 'edit friends', 'create a list', enter a name (group name - 'farmville'  or others), then select friends. 
  2. Whenever there is a posting (they have a lot, until I can't stand the posting myself, really a lot!!), go to the pad lock logo, select 'customize', type 's' for 'special people' or you could use cursor to do the selection, click twice on the row of words written in light gray colour, type 'farm...' it will comes out automatically the full name, cilck it, save setting, then post it. I have to do it in everything posting in order to keep my friends a piece of peaceful mind~ because I love them much. 

For friends that who do not play games, or you have stopped playing this game, or your own group of friends are playing and they did not do the settings, you could actually do the same as I did last time, to block the application.
How to block the application? Here is the step:
  1. Go to account and select 'privacy settings', select 'Edit your settings' below 'Apps and websites' on your left bottom.
  2. At this paragraph 'Apps you use',  'Edit settings', 'X' out the one you don't like to read their postings,  click 'Remove'.
These are the simple steps to get rid of the irritating postings.... just don't have to delete your 'facebook account', haha, enjoy the fun of connecting with your friends and relatives~!

Jane Lee

Monday, January 24, 2011

German Cookies

German Cookies Recipe

227 gm Salted Butter  (or unsalted butter with 1 tsp salt as replacement)
110gm Icing Sugar
1 tbsp Vanilla Essence (Optional)
270gm Potato Flour
100gm Plain Flour 
Sieve flours and icing sugar before used.

1) Cream butter, icing sugar and vanilla essence until fluffy. 
2) Add in potato flour and plain flour. 
3) Wrap dough in cling wraps, chill for ½ to 1 hour for ease in handling soft dough
4) Roll into small ball and use fork to press in the center. 
5) Bake on a cookie sheet in preheated 200°C oven 10 to 12 minutes, remove to wire racks to cool.
Getting ready to pack into small containers as CNY  gift.


Jane's Note:
(10 Feb 2012) May be you should try to change the proportion of flour to 2:1:1  Potato flour: Tapioca: plain flour to get best result, not too soft, not too hard.

Jane Lee

Check this Thermomix German Cookies Recipe

Monday, January 3, 2011

Highlights in Pa Lungan Trip

Rain/drizzle, almost everyday and night. (photo taken by Raja Umong)

small plane
A small plane fully occupied by us. (photo taken by Raja Umong)

Riveboat ride
Cold riveboat ride.
Buffalo sleigh
Very muddy path

Burned Rice dip in Fermented Rice, it was nice, I love it.

Cold, serene and quietness

Traditional cook ware for baking, well..... it is my first encounter to this kitchen tool.

witnesses two slaughtering - Buffalo and two wild boars.

smoked wild boar feet

Gabriel and I sat near the fireplace in early morning.

Wrapped rice in Isip leaves

Eating Bario rice (finest rice in the world) everyday!
Bario rice is wet paddy, worker have to harvest stalk by stalk prevent seed from falling into water.

Gab learns to whistle 

feasting almost every night in difference houses.
This is one of the nights, feasting in one of the local's house. (photo by Mun Wah)

Playing with earth worms (Photo by Azra Tilai)

Crossing river by bamboo bridge

River play

BN candidate Christmas visitation, helicopter stopped in the field right in front of Batu Ritung Lodge   
(photo taken by Raja Umong)

Christmas Eve event, candles were being lit up by two arrays of lady seniors. (photo taken by Raja Umong)
Steve Agan, 11 year-old boy, who follows his dad hunting at most time, he has good hunting and shooting skills, we were amazed.

Ritung's Rock (photo taken by Raja Umong)

Kampung and dudes volley-ball match

Sometimes just rest and relax.(by Raja Umong)  
Gabriel (left) KL brave boy trying n enjoying the "bua' si ang" with a new found friend, Agan a kelabit boy. Hmmmm...  (by Raja Umong)

The only entertainment for kids is playing in the pond (formerly paddy field)

Gab fishing everyday, thankful for him, we have crispy fish serve as superior food.
Ma also found her role in this trip, she had caught many, and blessed our stomachs for many times. 
(photo taken by Raja Umong)

Hiked up to Mount Tudal, only half an hour hike. (photo taken by Azra Tilai)

Important entertainment for the kids. 
(photo taken by Raja Umong)

Of course this nice and cosy Batu Ritung Lodge homestay, only RM70 per night with 3 meals.  (photo taken by Raja Umong)

Batu Ritung Lodge

Batu Ritung Lodge Homestay in Pa Lungan, Bario Kelabit Highlands, Sarawak. Indeed no need to explain more, just go direct to the site, Supang explains all.

But I would like to show you what I see, and share what I appreciate.
A signboard at the walkway.

The gate
A long covered walk way leads you to the house.
Batu Ritung Lodge is the only one house with gorgeous view of ponds, formerly paddy fields.
Serene and quiet morning, mountains covered by thick fogs.

spacious hall

Reader's corner

A 'big screen' window 
Pool of lotus right next to the 'big screen window'

Mdm Supang has full list of recipe, we enjoyed her cooking very much.

Breakfast during our stay.

Me and Supang, sister of my brother-in-law, the necklace on me, is hand beaded by her, given to me as a souvenir.

A souvenir from Supang Galih

Evening scene - Batu Ritung Lodge Homestay is originally built by Hansen late father Galih Balang.
Some place you don't like to miss, places right behind the lodge - Batu Ritung.

The lodge is named after this rock (batu)- Batu Ritung, erected in remembrance of a local warrior, Ritung, who is also an ancestor of Hansen.

This is only a brief introduction of Batu Ritung Lodge. You will need to go personally to experience the beauty of Pa Lungan.

Sewing Octopus Etsy MIni Shop

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