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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SCF Family Camp

This was the first family camp held by Subang Christian Fellowship which is SCF in short. I was honoured to be appointed as a committee in co-ordination for all programmes of Kingdom Kidz SCF. My first time ever appointed to do such 'big' job, and it did sound 'big' to me, all my life.... no deadlines, no boss, no meetings, no reports ... never ever had a chance to work in an office.

Thankfully, it wasn't what I have imagined, just some phone callings, email receivings and forwardings... phew!

Not many things need to be prepared though, Evonne and Grace from FGC-JB mother's church, they have all programme arranged, I had just a few things to do, make sure the snacks and drinks supply sufficiently.

Praise the Lord for all had run smoothly, feedbacks were positive and encouraging.

I remember that 4 years ago, I went to a family camp as a teacher's helper, children had to have the 3 days full session, stayed in the hall helping up through the whole camp. My thought now... ( I was quite enjoying that time indeed) it is a camp where the whole family take time off for a weekend away holiday, and we come as a church family, imagine... all the people who come to the camp are those brothers and sisters, such a precious opportunity, we should have enough time for the fellowship instead of merely message.

In the first committee meeting, I suggested to have only one session of preaching in a day, let we come as a family, and spend quality time to know each other more in deep, as well as rest and relax, thankfully quite many of them supported the idea.

So, the programme includes 3 preaching, one in each day, one Dramatition and one family amazing race. I liked the whole idea, I took part of all activities... and therefore came home with an exhausted body, but a refreshed soul!

Here I am with the props I used for Dramatition - Tissue Girl.
Of course ....erghm... our group humbly.. won the first prize.

Monday, March 30, 2009

101 Ways to praise kids

I was raised in the generation where every parent was so 'humble' to admit their kids are good enough, raised under word of 'curse', my parent were raised during Malaysia's 'hard time', their love tank was not filled, and due to Chinese ancient ways of raising kids, for my parents, the feeling of love is so deep and powerful, that it is not always available for verbal expression, or perhaps they are this type of 'Love tank', love for them is deeply buried in the belly...

Love is the glue that binds a family together. I was looking for love, but I did not have the knowledge of what type of lover my parents are, I needed word of confirmation. Everyone looks for love, knowing and sensing that it cements people together, in a most gratifying way. A family is a system, an organization formed by love, in love and for love. If you want to stay in love, tell your loved ones, "I love you" every day.

Saying, "I love you" every day, can become a wonderful habit for building and sustaining a heart filled with love. If you are a belly type lover and you wish to become more verbally expressive, try using "I love you" as a meditative mantra. This may help you develop the habit of saying "I love you" everyday. Keeping your kids' love tank filled. (Keeping Your Love Tank Filled by Paul J. Hannig. Ph.D.)

If you are running out of ideas, here are 101 ways to praise your kids.

1. Way-to-go!
2. You're special.
3. You're on your way.
4. How smart!
5. Good Job!
6. Good for you!
7. You're a winner.
8. Terrific!
9. Great discovery.
10. I trust you.
11. You're exciting.
12. You're so sweet.
13. You make my life complete.
14. You're so heavenly.
15. Bravo!
16. Super!
17. Outstanding!
18. Great!
19. Wow!
20. That's amazing!
21. How nice.
22. That's incredible!
23. You're adorable.
24. Dynamite!
25. Beautiful work.
26. Remarkable job.
27. Nothing can stop you now.
28. You're beautiful.
29. You're one-of-a-kind.
30. You're so creative.
31. Great work!
32. Fantastic job!
33. Phenomenal!
34. You are so important.
35. You figured it out.
36. Hip! Hip! Hooray!
37. You did that very well.
38. Good learning!
39. You're a good listener.
40. You're are so much fun.
41. You're caring.
42. You tried very hard.
43. Wonderful sharing.
44. You're a treasure.
45. Awesome!
46. You're wonderful.
47. You're A-OK!
48. You made my day.
49. Say, "Thank you".
50. You have a great sense of humor.

51. Good!
52. You make me happy.
53. You're incredible.
54. You're on target.
55. Looking good.
56. I knew you could do it.
57. I'm proud of you.
58. Well done!
59. Marvelous!
60. Exceptional performance.
61. You're a real trooper.
62. You are so responsible.
63. What a great imagination.
64. You belong.
65. That's right.
66. Now you've got it!
67. You're catching on.
68. You're on top of it.
69. Nice work!
70. Excellent!
71. That's remarkable.
72. Beautiful!
73. You're precious.
74. Magnificent!
75. Super work!
76. You're a good friend.
77. You mean a lot to me.
78. That's the best.
79. Give them a big hug.
80. You've discovered the secret.
81. You're spectacular.
82. You're a darling.
83. I like you.
84. You're fantastic.
85. Neat!
86. That's good manners.
87. Bingo!
88. You're growing up.
89. You're getting better.
90. You brighten my day.
91. That's perfect.
92. You're such a joy.
93. You're so kissable.
94. You have a wonderful smile.
95. You make me feel good.
96. You work hard.
97. Good thinking!
98. Good planning!
99. You're a good helper.
100. I like the way you did that.

101. Say, "I Love You" – often.

I did these to Gabriel, the result is, he treats you as friend, he will tell you all of his plans, his ideas, his thinking (sometimes very "bising", well, we enjoying the nonsense chat so much, he misses to be home, he misses the time when we spend the time on bed, talking, praying, tickling...

Happy growing.

here is another set of

Children and Family Services - 101 Ways to Praise Kids

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good Spirit

I am not talking about Holy Spirit, just something make me think about it.

I met a Rev on last Sunday service, HS was so strong that day, my tear shades non stop while I was reading the bible verse, and I did not want my friend knows about this, so I took out tissue slow and stately, put it under my eyes, because the tear shades non stop, not even that, latter... my body shook, goodness, I quickly control it, it subsided after a while, the verse was l John 12:24 - 25. Oh my goodness, God spoke to me!

Then he asked us, anyone who had been prophesied by other that having the gift of prophesy, I raised my hand (indeed I am not sure whether I have it or not, but just had a few prophets said things like this to me) then he walked to me and pray with his eyes open, to proclaim the anointing...

At night I met him again in friend's house surprisingly, he confirmed my gifting, I am fired up! But I told him I have a bad thought, that is "know more, do more" hahaha, he said this is not the problem, just follow the flow of the Holy Spirit.

Awesome to meet him, because that is a jump start for my spiritual growth. Thanks to the Lord, guessed He knows I need this, after long stretch of my "love issue", well this was another precious experience, another awesome deed God has in my life, through this 'issue', I learned that God is in control, God is with me, God listens every thought and every doubt, and His answer is immediate, great is our God.

He also said that I have a "good spirit", this is not the first time I heard that, again, a few times, this time makes me put it into deep thought, of course I feel good each time I heard that ( not pride ), a few questions popped out from my mind.

"Why did they say that?"
"In what way God wants me to know?"
"What kind of quality I have that Holy Spirit prompted them to say that?" ...

And so I did... thinking about these....

And I finalized it with:

Whenever I face problems and temptations/tests, I will do a spiritual 'health' scan every time, and from there I know what happen to me (spirit) in each incident, like 'jealousy', ' pride', ... well these two are my great enemy, I deal with it always....

And then I realized, this is being true to Holy Spirit, means I didn't lie to Holy Spirit what my feeling and what I want, so, every time, no matter where I am, sometimes driving, sometimes reading, sometimes walking, when I found out my problems (that shows I THINK always), I will ask God and deal with it straight away, it takes time to get out from the trap, but I believe these are stepping stones to help me go further and higher!

So, if you want God to help you in spiritual growth, don't cheat Holy Spirit of how you feel, and what you want, tell Him all of you (nakedly), indeed He knows everything...

Happy Growing ...





在爱情的经营中,顺畅运转的要素就是沟通、体谅、包容与自制 (面临诱惑有所自制)







所以要提醒 "情人" 不要太钻牛角尖于寻觅那唯一,应该把精神用在学会经营幸福的能力上...

同时也提醒我们 "弱水三千只取一瓢饮" 若有幸遇到了难得的伴侣,就不要再三心二意了...

My Note:
Love is not feeling, Love is action, they are so much in difference

just like the bible said, love is action, sadly not many ppl know, not even me, but now I've learned.

Infatuation is auto gear
Love is manual gear- you need to put in effort.

Infatuation does not last
Love endures forever

1 Corinthians 13:4-5
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Marriage Made in Heaven

Miracles do happen today even in realm of love.
As Hannah Yeoh recounts, "God is the perfect matchmaker."
Below is the article taken from <asian beacon your contemporary christian magazine> by R Lim

After her win in the last general election, Subang Jaya assembly woman Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan is crtainly no stranger to miracles.

Filled with faith and a passion to work for society, the petite 29-year political newbie won despite a low campaign budget.

Many would consider this to be her greatest miracle but for Hannah her polls win pales in comparison with her marriage in January 2008, a union she says is "planned in heaven and delivered on earch."

No Ordinary Supper
Initially, I had wanted to dismiss such stories as hogwash. However, after closer examination, I felt compelled to make an exception in this case.

Hannah's story began one evening in January 2007 when a pastor (her classmate in ministry training school) surprised all at supper by prophesying. "He told me that I would receive a marriage proposal in June and my husband would not be Chinese but an Indian who is a man of God," recalls Hannah.

Now, it takes two to tango. At the same time, her future husband Ram was having vision of his own. "For months, I had been having a recurring vision that my wife would preach in church," he recalls. "She would be dressed in white and I can even see the auditorium clearly."

"The Lord impressed upon me that I will be married soon but I didn't know who my wife would be. I met Hannah in early 2007 but our relationship then was platonic," says Ram. While serving together in City Church KL's New Christians Ministry in April 2007, Hannah caught Ram's eyes as she exuded qualities he desired in a wife.

Struggling with indecision, Ram prayed, "Lord, I don't want to choose with my own wisdom. Make it clear to me that she is my wife; so I can receive her as your blessing."

Follow the White Rabbit
Meanwhile, Hannah was beginning to doubt the prophecy. "Logically, a proposal can't happen in June when I'm still single in May," opines Hannah.
Then something dramatic happened.
"I was suddenly consumed by the same emotions I had
every time I saw the vision," he enthuses.
"At the end of her message, everything in the vision had been fulfilled."

However, the "foolishness" of God would prove to be wiser than man's wisdom - events moved quickly to bring these soul-mates together.

When Pastor Mark Varghese, the senior pastor of their church, left for Australia, Hannah was assigned to fill the slot at the pulpit on June 3. He admitted, "I didn't know why, I had never heard her preach but I knew God had directed me to let her speak on that Sunday."

It began as a normal Sunday service for Ram. Sitting in front, he felt happy for Hannah who was dressed in a white top. As she preached, he diligently took down notes.

Then something dramatic happened. Ï was suddenly consumed by the same emotions I had every time I saw the vision," he enthuses. "At the end of her message, everything in the vision had been fulfilled."

Incidentally, Ram had the chance to drive Hannah's cousin, Shelly Yeoh, home after the service and an interesting conversation took place. "Ram told me of the vision that God had brought Hannah to him to be his wife," says Shelly. "That's when I shared that my daughter, Debra Joy Yeoh, Had earlier foretold that this would happen."

With the innocence of a 7-year old, Debra unabashedly told her mother after her first meeting with Ram, that Ram would marry Hannah. Despite being admonished, young Debra stuck to her guns and insisted: "Th\ree plus one is four, right? Rabbits like to eat carrtos right? That 's how sure I am that both of them will get married!"

Shortly after her preaching debut, Hannah was due to fly off to Brisbane to be bridesmaid to her friend Rachel. Determined to act fast, Ram told Hannah to seriously pray about her next step, but he did not divulge what he had seen and heard that day. He did not propose to her then.

Ïknew then I had to make a decision with regards to our relationship," says Hannah. "I prayed for confirmation during the flight and at the end of the in-flight movie, I saw the name Ram in the cast. I dismissed this as a coincidence. As I looked at the flight attendant who was seving me, the name Ram was printed on his tag! However, I dismissed it again!"

When Hannah arrived in Brisband, Rachel told her that her husband, like Ram, had also asked her to pray for confirmation prior to marriage. This struck a chord within Hannah. As she went to bed that night, the words of Isaiah 57:2 flashed before Hannah - the promise of rest and peace for the righteous.

Upon awakening, Hannah was greeted by a surprise gift from Rachel. It came with a card s\citing Psalm 16:6, "The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places'yes, I have a good inheritance."

On her reutrn to Malaysia, as he picked her up from the airport, Ram said, Ï know you're going to be my wife. Go pray about it and once you're certain, let me know."

Praying intently, Hannah asked for a supernatural sign. She received a sign together with scriptural confirmation in the ten days which followed.

"I dreamt one night that I was in my house and everything in the house was black and white," reminisces Hannah. Ït was raining outside but the rain suddenly turned to snow. I felt the Lord speaking to me. I had asked for a supernatural sign like thunder or lightning but that is common in Malaysia. Snow is supernatural!

"I decided to say yes to Ram after the ten days. I asked him when he was going to propose but he answered that he had already proposed when he picked me up from the airport on June 11. That was when I realised that the pastor's prophecy, made over supper in January, had come to pass.

"God was good to me. After all the signs, all I needed was merely an affirmation that I had made the right decision. As we were waiting to tell Pastor Mark of our engagement, I felt the Lord prompting me to read the last chapter of Ruth.

"The name Ram was mentioned at the end and as I continued to read 1 Samuel, I saw the name Hannah. I was delighted to see both our names in the Old Testament - on the same page in my Bible.!"

Referring to the courtship of Isaac and Rebekah, Hannah points out that Ram's attitude was similar to that of Abraham's servant who was constantly asking God for confirmation while looking for a bride for Isaac (Genesis 24).

"The servant not only kept close to God but he chose to act," says Hannah. "He could have just walked away after LRebekah drew water for him and his camels. Similarly, Rebekah had a choice whether she would leave with Abraham's servant or stay back with her parents."

Drawing a parallel to the story,
Hannah says that the challenge is for us
to trust God's providence in every aspect of our lives - including love.

Now happily married, Hannah and Ram are living proof that God does indeed write the perfect script. Hans Christian Andersen could not have written a finer tale. -

Editor's Note
God guides believers in different ways: through His Word, prayer, godly counsel, prophecy, visions, dreams, circumstances and the still small voice. Believers who are "sheep" are sensitive to the Shepherd's voice. Sometimes guidance is dramatic as in Hannah's story but often in may not be so. Whatever the case, it is the peace of God which is the ultimate umpire in the decision-making process.

My Note
The reason of posting this article, is to encourage myself, because I had my vision of future husband in Feb 2008, and God also told a 5-year old boy about this man, and I have seek for confirmation, not once.. not twice... that were many times.... due to my lack of faith, I had three prophecies in this incident, and I was also greeted by a surprise card from someone sent by pos in written God is in control, God is assuring me of this vision, through the months and speak to me whenever I have doubt, whenever I feel upset..... thing still going on, I shall come back with great news.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vincent - Starry Starry Night

Evergreen song, Ben bought an album of Joanna Wang that is released recently, this is one of the songs in her album, love her style of singing, slightly slow in pace and rubato, appreciate her talent.

This song was first published in 1972, is the year I was born, I can't remember when was the first time I heard of the song, I do remember I loved it the first time, though I did not know what it talked about in the lyric, love the guitar arrangement, tranquility dominant the whole song, sad ending indeed....

But as I am listening, I sing along with the lyric in this youtube's owner provide, despite of the name Vincent, I felt deeply inside it is actually uttering the love of Jesus Christ, just not quite agree with the last verse, "They would not listen they're not listening still
Perhaps they never will "
hahaha, so I would changed it to "Perhaps they listen now", guessed you don't mind.

Vincent - Don McLean

Starry, starry night
Paint your palette blue and gray
Look out on a summer's day
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul
Shadows on the hills
Sketch the trees and the daffodils
Catch the breeze and the winter chills
In colors on the snowy linen land

Now I understand
What you tried to say to me
How you suffered for your sanity
How you tried to set them free
They would not listen they did not know how
Perhaps they'll listen now

Starry, starry night
Flaming flowers that brightly blaze
Swirling clouds in violet haze
Reflecting Vincent's eyes of China blue
Colors changing hue
Morning fields of amber grain
Weathered faces lined in pain
Are soothed beneath the artist's loving hand

Now I understand
What you tried to say to me
How you suffered for your sanity
How you tried to set them free
They would not listen they did not know how
Perhaps they'll listen now

For they could not love you
But still your love was true
And when no hope was left in sight
On that starry, starry night
You took your life as lovers often do
But I could have told you Vincent
This world was never meant for one as
beautiful as you

Starry, starry night
Portraits hung in empty halls
Frameless heads on nameless walls
With eyes that watch the world and can't forget
Like the strangers that you've met
The ragged men in ragged clothes
A silver thorn on a bloody rose
Lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow

Now I think I know
What you tried to say to me
How you suffered for your sanity
How you tried to set them free
They would not listen they're not listening still
Perhaps they never will

Vincent lyrics with Chords

Vincent Guitar Tabs

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Librarian 天秤一族

上个星期六的晚上在音乐厅里, 就跟3个朋友聊起了这个话题:"你有多了解我?" 所以每个人轮流说出对对方的认识。
当中, 有人提过说: "我怎么可以与任何人那么的融洽呢?" ; 也说过: " 我怎么好像不太表露自己!",我的解释是(我常常会为一些我所做的解释一番,太无聊了,但我又不可以接受误会的产生,导致我有这个习惯)。。。:"那是因为我可以接受朋友的性格,不管他/她是怎么样子的人,我接受他为我的朋友,我就不会在意她/他是怎样的性格,反正大家是朋友。"

我也不太会解释,因为我也被他弄糊涂了,朋友们, 以下是我刚好在今天的下午收到的电邮当中,一篇关于星座的分析,我其实不太迷星座,但又不得不否认它的准确度,太奇妙了。



Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Teenage Attitude

How does a happy, cooperative 12-year old boy or girl suddenly turn into a sullen, depressed 13-year old? There are two powerful forces that overtake our kids in the early pubescent years and account for some of the strange behavior that drives parents crazy. The first, is social in nature with incredible pressures being inflicted on adolescents by the peer group. But the second, and I think more important, is hormonal in nature. We can see the effect of these hormones on the physical body, of course. But, something equally dynamic is occurring in the brain. Human chemistry apparently goes haywire for a few years, affecting mind as well as body. This internal upheaval will motivate a boy or girl to do things that make absolutely no sense to the adults watching anxiously on the sidelines. There’s a tendency for parents to despair during this period of transition. Everything they've tried to teach their sons and daughters seems to have misfired for a couple of years. Self-discipline, cleanliness, respect for authority, the work ethic, even common courtesy may look like lost causes. But there's good news. Better days are coming. I promise. That's why, perhaps, the very best advice I can offer at this time is: don't look too quickly for the person your child will become.
Dr. James Dobson for Focus on the Family.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Alexis Jazz Bistro with friends

Alexis -

You'll find stylish, warm, award-winning interiors as you walk into the premise. It is a Jazz bistro located in Great Eastern Mall - Ampang.

We've come for the Jazz Trio, impressed by the pianist Michael Veerapan's virtuosity, and the single Sylvia Howard, though I was not quite know-how-to appreciate her way of singing, I love the swing rhythms that played by Michael Veerapan's Trio rather.

We were there at 9:30 sharp, thanked God for the smooth traffic and everybody being punctured to the date. I was excited to be there as Grace told me it is a nice place, and they have good musician from around the world, cover charge is RM25, that is quite reasonable for a concert tickets.

We had Sarawak Curry, a set of sandwich, and two jugs of beer, that's all for the night.

Dawne was in Alexis, and she actually knew Alexis by reading my facebook status, she loved the place, hope we'll go together one day, yah!

The night filled with talkings, laughing, drinking and eating. Grace were there having dinner with her music school colleague, she was the one told me about tonight is played by Michael Veerapan, a famous pianist. She join in for a short moment of talk and fellowship, those pictures were taken by her, how sweet she is!

用傷疤做勳章 (網路文章)







This is encouraging, sister Jasinta also shared about being a wise woman co-incidently this afternoon (2nd service of SCF), women should:

  1. Admit our sin (our problems, character)
  2. Stop sinning again (nagging, complaining)
  3. Forget sin (don't carry old history, face tomorrow)
That helps me to see my problems and with solution.
First, like the Mary Madelene, where priests and people accused her of committed adultery, Jesus didn't say a word but scribble in the sand, he wrote: "who has not sinned, throw the first stone" The crowd went off.

Mary Madelene admitted her sins, and she stopped sinning again, then she walked with Jesus, she live a new life, she accepted for who she was and who she is now... she forget her passed, and serve the Lord whole heartedly, that is what we could learn from this woman.

A precious lesson God has ever wanted us to learn.

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good.
Psalm 107:1.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Who's at fault for bad kids?

Whose fault is it when a child goes bad? Who gets the blame when adolescents skip school, or spray graffiti on a bridge, or begin to experiment with drugs? In the opinion of some people, parents are inevitably responsible for the misbehavior of their teenagers, and certainly, many deserve that criticism. Some of them are alcoholics, child abusers, or they otherwise damage their kids in some way. But I think it's time we admitted that the sons and daughters of some very loving caring parents can go wrong too. Only in this century have we blamed every misdeed of the younger generation on the mistakes and failures of their parents. A hundred years ago if a kid went bad, he was a bad kid. Now it's the fault of his dear old mom and dad who mishandled his childhood. Well, maybe; and maybe not. Teenagers are old enough to make some irresponsible choices of their own, and they must share the consequences of their mistakes and failures. Am I trying to take bad parents off the hook and make them feel better for their shortcomings? No. But I do want to speak on behalf of those good-as-gold moms and dads who did the best they could and still got an unpleasant surprise from junior. They deserve a pat on the back, not a slap in the face.
Dr. James Dobson for Focus on the Family.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Relationships - Infatuation, Lust or Love?

Many young people confuse love and infatuation. Understanding the difference between these conditions may save teens much pain in relationships. The intimate and powerful nature of sexual intercourse demands commitment. The best context for sexual commitment is marriage. So often premarital sexual relationships are based on physical lust or infatuation, not mature unconditional love.

Definition of Infatuation: - like a mist spray
An unrealistic or extravagant love or admiration appealing to the senses and impulses, sometimes called lust. Infatuation may be the initial attraction that will, with time and commitment, grow into a mature and unconditional love.

The word love is used so loosely in the English language that perhaps the best way to define love is by what it is not. Infatuation is not bad, it is just not good enough to carry a relationship over the rough times. The condition of being ïn love" or more accurately, "in infatuation" may be the beginning of a relationship. For romantic or sexual love to last, the general qualities inherent in personal character are needed -- patience, respect, consideration, protectiveness, trust and trustworthiness, hope and loyalty.

Definition of Lust: - like a firework, once lit can't be stopped.
Intense sexual desire or appetite, an overwhelming desire, as in lust for power. A sexual urge or physical impulse.

Definition of Love: Like a humpty dumpty - with a strong foundation.
Devotion based on commitment and unselfish concern for one another. It freely accepts another in loyalty and seeks his or her good. In sexual relationships, a sexual attachment is formed that adds to the commitment.

The Power of Friendship
Most relationships start with an attraction.
However, attraction cannot be the only thing that sustains a relationship. Strong relationships need strong friendships based on respect, honesty, self-control and trust. Teens place great value on their friendships, but often overlook friendship when it comes to dating and relationships. Infatuation comes and goes, and so do our youthful looks as we age, but a lasting relationship is built on qualities that outlast physical appearance.

No Apologies®

I was trained in the year 2006 March, and have been given many seminars for SMKs, private secondary school, colleges, as well as churches. It is real encouraging to see them making wise and important choices for their life. Some how there were still some cases that upset me, some will just choose to walk away in the middle of the seminar, some will not change their mind, and some 'don't care' attitude. Truely understand this is beyond my control, just try my best to explain and tell them the truth. I did some copy and paste from focus on the family web site some selective information regarding No Apologies®.
Participants actively taking part in a HIV/AIDS quiz

SMK Jinjang 30 April 2008

Program Description & Objectives

No Apologies® is a character-based abstinence curriculum that helps young people make wise choices regarding high-risk behaviour, including sexual involvement before marriage. The curriculum deals with the value of the individual, marriage, the family and the importance of keeping ourselves pure for our future spouse.

The objectives of the No Apologies® curriculum are to help participants:

  1. Understand the value of character and abstinence leading to healthy behaviour
  2. Identify clearly the consequences associated with premarital sexual activity
  3. Recognise the relationship between love + sex and the benefits of saving sex for marriage
  4. Practice skills necessary to achieve the goal of abstinence from premarital sexual involvement

At the end of the workshop, participants are challenged to sign a pledge card saying they choose to wait and save sex for marriage. They are asked to defy popular culture by holding on to their virginity with pride, and at the day of their wedding, to proudly present the signed pledge card to their spouse, saying “I waited for you.”

What does No Apologies® cover?

Curriculum Summary

The No Apologies® curriculum consists of seven units:

  1. The Video – After viewing the video, the facilitator facilitates a discussion with students about the key messages from the video. In Unit One, students begin to explore the reasons why teenagers engage in sexual activity.
  2. Healthy Relationships – The key message of Unit Two is that we are unique multi-dimensional human beings (emotional, physical, social, ethical and intellectual). Students begin to see themselves, and others, as multi-dimensional. The connection between conduct and character is emphasized. Students set dreams about their future and also set goals to accomplish their dreams. The facilitator facilitates discussion on the obstacles to reaching goals. The class learns about the role character plays in fulfilling dreams. The power of friendship is emphasized.
  3. Media Literacy – Unit Three examines the influence of media on teens. Students practice critical thinking and evaluate the influence of media in advertising, music, music, TV and the Internet.
  4. Premarital Sex Has Consequences – In Unit Four, the critical message of the consequences of pre-marital sex is discussed. Unit activities and discussion center on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), to include HIV / AIDS. The lessons bring understanding to sexual progression and drawing boundaries, decision-making, the consequences of pre-marital sexual activity and dispelling the myth of “safe sex”.
  5. HIV/AIDS: A Generation at Risk – In Unit Five, students will learn how HIV/AIDS is transmitted and how it affects the body. They will gain insight into the pandemic’s impact on the world’s youth and about safe and risky behaviors.
  6. Abstinence. It Works Every Time – Unit Six defines abstinence and underscores the benefits of self-control and abstinence. Students practice refusal skills against negative peer pressure and learn to create safe boundaries. Also highlighted in Unit Six is the relationship alcohol and drugs play in peer pressure, date rape and in keeping commitments to their dreams and goals. Students who have been sexually active are encouraged to begin again with an abstinent lifestyle by postponing sexual activity until marriage.
  7. Marriage Matters – Unit Seven allows students to confront the question, “How do I know the timing is right?” The facilitator leads exercises on finding the right marriage partner and solving problems in relationships. The point of the lesson is that many marriage problems can be avoided by the decisions made prior to marriage, including the decision of whom to marry and the benefits of postponing sexual activity until marriage.

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