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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Thermomix Char Kuey Teow

Jane's Char Kuey Teow with Thermomix.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for a demo now.
Char Kuey Teow (CKT) is one of my favourite dishes. There is one restaurant in USJ 16 serves delicious "Sister Char Kuey Teow", we used to go there for CKT only, but ever since the chef passed the cooking 'chore' to a maid, the taste is no longer the same, somehow.... not the same, I tried to go back a few times to check if the cook still a maid, sadly yes, still the maid does the cooking. 

Ever since I never go back again. 

No doubt CKT still my favourite, especially fried with extra chilies.

I have seen a photo of CKT cooked by Thermomix, that was the moment I thought I am gonna make my own one of the days. There isn't any demo arranged in this week, thinking of having a break to rest well. Cooking something I like to eat. In the morning Just when I shopped in Mydin, I saw a pile of  prepacked Kuey Teow, and yellow noodles near vegetables department, I was very ambitious, wanted to buy both, although I dont quite like yellow noodles, on second thought, I have thrown away many uncooked stuff which gave my heart a hard hard hard pinch by doing it, thinking it shall be a good lesson for not over buying. 

Hence, just get one packet of  1kg Kuey Teow, why buying so much? Ooh, because I want to practise cooking it to the best I could, my plan was to cook for tonight and tomorrow lunch. First thing I did was pick up the phone, whatsapp my sis-in-law to inform her not to cook our dinner and tomorrow lunch. 

Google a few recipes, came across Ohbin's Recipe, she mentioned about Wendy's CKT recipe is very much closer to Penang CKT taste, and the photos of their CKT can really tell the 'TASTE' loh, therefore I picked up this recipe, convert into Thermomix recipe. 

Wendy mentioned about the importance of CKT sauce, that is the key of a good taste CKT, I would also advice Fervent Thermomist (join 'Thermomix - Fervent Thermomist' Facebook group) please prepare the sauce ahead, and arrange all other ingredients before start cooking. 
One 'laokui' (discourage) incident was, I bought the wrong chili paste, instead I bought 'sambal', and the second time I bought AGAIN 'sambal', what is wrong with me!! The first plate I fried with sambal, it really didn't taste like what it should be. 

Never have I noticed there are tons of different chili paste for different recipes. wooosh, really took quite sometimes to get what I want and YET gotten the wrong one! Isssh....

After fetching Gab from school, we went again to Giant to finally get a CORRECT Chili Paste - Chili Giling. (Thanks to Nimmy, you left a very useful clue in the comment to help me get the correct chili paste)

Second plate for Gab, he loved it. Mun Wah is so clever, gotten a deal to come over my house tomorrow for homecooked food, he said he is good at commenting food,  but I rejected his offer by saying: "I am mastering Char Kuey Teow at the moment, can not comment, just FINISH the food." XD

As for the prepacked CKT, I did observe all the stall owners will put their hand into a plastic bag to split open those Kuey Teow that are stick together before frying. Set aside. I did that too. Haa, thank goodness for this observation, it is helpful though.

Here's the recipe for the CKT sauce, you can mix extra and refrigerate it : (炒粿条华文食谱)
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CKT Sauce (for app. 5 plates)

  • 55g soy sauce
  • 5g dark soy sauce
  • 10g oyster sauce
  • 20g fish sauce
  • 1/4 tsp sugar

Ingredients for A Plate of CKT : (Arranged in order)

  • 10g Garlic (I prefer a lot of garlic)
  • 2 pcs Dried Chilies (Optional, if you do not like spicy, just omit this)
  • 20g Oil / Pork Lard
  • 5 Slices Chinese Sausage
  • 4 pcs Prawns
  • 6 pcs Cockles
  • 6 pcs Cut Squid (Gab likes squit, so I put this in) 
  • 1 tbsp Chili Paste (Cili Giling)
  • 200g Kuey Teow (Room Temperature)
  • 1 bundle of Chinese Chives, cut  1 1/2 inch in length
  • 1 handful Bean Sprout (Soak in the water)
  • Some pepper to taste
  • 1 pcs Egg 
Method: (Get everything prepared and arrange in front of you, we are going to do it quick)
1) Take 200g Kuey Teow, in a bowl mix with chili paste and 2 tbsp CKT sauce, set aside.
2) Put garlic and dried chillies, chop
    5 sec / speed 5 , then using a spatula to scrape down.
3) Insert Butterfly
Add oil and Chinese sausage slices to sauté
7 min / V / Reverse, soft spoon  
4) At 4 min: add prawns, squid and       Kuey Teow
5) At 3 min add chives and bean sprout, cockles and sprinkle pepper.
6) Cover with mc
7) At 2 min break an egg onto lid-dish, using a fork to stir the egg, let the egg mixture triggers in slowly.

Please do not stress of the time when to put in, you just do it slow and steady, adding in one ingredient by one, the time will just right.

I love Thermomix, save lots of my cleaning time, even after a plate of  Char Kuey Teow, my kitchen still as clean as it is before. Muaks Muaks....

Tips: Puting a bowl on top of Thermomix to weigh each ingredient for CKT Sauce.

Watch Basic Introduction of How to Start Using Thermomix in YouTube that prepared by Jane Lee
In English. Basic info of how to start cooking with Thermomix, including measuring, fixing a butterfly, 5 pins, setting habit before cooking.


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Fun to read your blog Jane :) Thanks for sharing this traditional recipe with your Thermomix readers around the world!

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