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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Thermomix studio-like photo taking

Sis family came back end of June, to pay a visit to our dad as well as celebrating her and our mom's birthday, one stone kills 3 birds, oh, not, 4 birds... To attend a Thermomix demo.
Bro-in-law and sis have been browsing the pictures of dishes that I made by Thermomix, they were amazed of varieties that this super machine could do.
Not only blend and juice, also chop, grind, mill, steam, knead, weigh, whip, pulverize and stir fry, multi-function.
I invited them to come over to my house, to show them a proper demo from A to Z.
Hansen is a good photographer, as soon as I finished the last word in the demo, he started to arrange those food that I cooked and baked on the table, this alone took almost an hour, to get the right spot for right lighting.
The result was fantastic, allow me to show you these pictures that taken by Hansen.

噢呀,加入 Thermomix - Fervent Thermist 一起建造一个强和关怀的团体。携起手来共同扶持成为最好团体。共同 成长。
Oh yeah, join Thermomix - Fervent Thermist in building a strong and caring supportive team. We work together and giving full support to fight for a Best Team. Grow together.

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