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Friday, August 15, 2014

Tremella Longan Drink 云耳白果龙眼糖水 - Thermomix

Tremella Longan Drink Recipe云耳白果龙眼糖水食谱

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Tremella Longan Drink 云耳白果龙眼糖水

Ingredients A : 材料A
15g Tremella 白木耳 (half piece 半粒)
6 pieces Red Dates 红枣
10pieces Gingo 白果
800g Water 水

Ingredient B:材料B:
20g Rock Sugar 冰糖
15pieces Longan 龙眼干 
2 pieces Pandan Leaves 班兰叶一束 (Optional,随意)

Method 做法
1)Rinse and soak tremella for at least 1 hour, cut into smaller pieces

2)Put A to cook
     放入材料A, 煮
      mc / 15 min 分钟 / 100℃ / Reverse 逆转; Soft spoon 匙速

3) Add B, continue to cook
     mc / 10 min / 100℃ / Reverse逆转; Soft spoon 匙速

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