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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jane's Ginger Garlic Lemon Apple Cider Honey Sauce

Jane's Ginger Garlic Lemon Apple Cider Honey Sauce or Drink 

I once bought a few bottles of this Ginger Garlic Lemon Honey Sauce 1 litre for RM75.
Even heard of my cousin said, this secret remedy recipe is for sale at RM150. (What??? I should have deleted my recipe in only give it to those who buy Thermomix via me.... on second thought, fine, it is somehow easy to make, and recipes are all over the net.)
I can cook it now, since I have Thermomix to do mostly the job. (Please do not hesitate to contact me to buy a Thermomix. I am using this to help me cook and blend red dates, rock sugar, fruit juice as well as mix veggie juice.) 
It is good to clear blockages in blood vessels.

Below info is from
Honey: Honey acts as a natural sweetener in this recipe, and I find it necessary with the garlic and ACV combination (although I actually don’t mind the vinegar on its own.) It is also anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal-but if you are drinking it for a cold it’s really the anti-viral part that matters. It can also help quell a pesky cough.

Lemon: Lemon adds fresh flavor while it works as a natural anti-viral component in the drink, working in tandem with the honey to flush out the virus that is taking over your cells.
Apple Cider Vinegar: The list of apple cider vinegar’s health benefits is virtually endless, with some theories having more solid backing than others. The main benefit it has in this drink is soothing a sore throat and relieving congestion, both of which I have found it to be very successful at doing.
Garlic: Ah, garlic. The infamous date-ruining food, the stinky rose, Italian perfume…it has many names, but its connotation is the same-it will make you smell. The reason for the smell is because constituents in garlic cause the release of hydrogen sulfate the same gas that smells like rotten eggs. While that sounds terrible, hydrogen sulfate is actually quite useful at low levels in the body, and we naturally produce some on our own. It is theorized that this is one of the reasons it has healing benefits, but it is not known for sure. What is known is that it works a treat on clearing on congestion and shortening the duration of the cold.

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