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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

TrueMix Monday meeting 180814

Something I like the most in weekly meeting, is I get to see cooking class live, it's funny, always makes thing easier to do after watching the whole progression.

Like making cream puff, you won't believe it is so easy to make by using Thermomix, after I have seen it, I made the same recipe 3 times in that particular week.

Today, we have Suriya chef, showed us Getuk Ubi and Sambal Petai. When we first had a look at the long list of ingredients of this recipe, I am afraid of making it, first thing came across my mind was : "I am not going to make it!"
Tricia turned to me and said the same thing I had in mind.

Well, I love sambal, one of the top in my to-do list, if I am not making it at least I get to see how she cooks it. Thankful for today's program, after the demonstration, it is in fact easy to make when you make it by Thermomix. It's a total hassle free.I snapped a few photos of the food as well as Suriya chef. I love her explanation, allow us understand more of the history of Ubi Getuk, her mom's recipe.

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