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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Jane's Spicy Red Chicken 红辣辣鸡

I've gotten this recipe from Cold Storage Supermarket, this leaflet is on a display rack where there are plenty of recipe leaflets for taking.
I glanced through all four recipes, apparently looking for the easiest to cook. Ayam Masak Merah! Here you go!

Ayam Masak Merah / Spicy Red Chicken for Thermomix:

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Jane's Spicy Red Chicken

4 pcs Chicken Thigh, Chopped.
4 tbsp Dark Soy Sauce 
20g Oil
1 pc  Large Yellow Onion, Sliced
15g Garlic
60g Sambal paste
160g Tomato Purée
2 tbsp Honey or Maltose ( I used maltose, taste nice though)

1/2 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Pepper
1/2 pc Lemon Juice (replace with lime juice)
Ayam brand Tomato Puree 160g


1) Season chicken with dark soy sauce. Set aside.
2) Put in garlic to chop,
    mc / 5 sec / speed 5
3) Add oil, onion and sambal to sauté
    5 min / V / Reverse, Soft speed
4) Add marinated chicken pieces into TM bowl, fry
    5 min / V / Reverse, Soft Speed
5) Add in the tomato purée, honey, salt pepper and lemon juice.
    10 min / V / Reverse, Soft Speed 
    Or until gravy thicken
4) Serve with rice or bread. 

Gab has tried it with bread, "Yummy!" he said.

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