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Friday, August 22, 2014

Jane's Kuey Teow Soup with Shredded Chicken

I made about 2 litres of chicken broth two days ago, was wondering what I can cook for... Google searched for recipes, I have a sickness - greed, I want to cook this, and I wish to have that, usually what happen after the search, plenty of 'screenshots' loaded... Duh!
Eventually no decision made. Worst scenario is when doing marketing in Mydin, often there is this problem of struggling what shall I buy if I choose recipe A, but I wanted to cook recipe B...what if this C recipe?
How it normally ends? I tell myself off by saying: 'Stop! Just make recipe A. End of story.'. Sigh, I wish I can say this at the beginning of each mind-war, that makes things so much easier and faster.
No exception, I had the simple chicken broth Kuey Teow Teng recipe, yet I wish for Ipoh Hor Fun...which requires many prawn heads and shells. That makes me thought of I should have kept all the prawns' heads and shells previously. And make sure I do it next time.
There are two types of KueyTeow, one is for stir fry, another is for soup, make sure you get the right type. 
Get ready chicken broth, cooked chicken breast, shredded. Soup Kuey Teow, rinse with hot  water, drained and set aside. 
Tips: Because Kuey Teow is very sticky and oily, you may use a plastic bag as mitten to loosen it before used.

Jane's Kuey Teow Soup with Shredded Chicken 上汤鸡丝河粉
Ingredients for 1 bowl: 一碗材料的分量
180g Chicken Broth 鸡上汤
150g Kuey Teow (Rinse with hot water, drained, set aside)
35g Shredded Chicken Breast 鸡胸丝
1/4 tsp salt 盐
1 stalk of Chives, cut about 1.5" length 韭菜
1 handful of Bean Sprout 一抓豆芽
Some pepper to taste 少许胡椒
2 pcs Fresh prawns 鲜明虾 ( optional ) 
Spring Onion 青葱,切粒
Fried shallots 葱,爆香
Method: 做法
Put in chicken broth and salt 放入鸡上汤和盐
5 min / 100℃ / Reverse; Soft
At 3 min, Add in prawns
At 2 min, add in chives.
At 1 min, add Bean sprouts
In a bowl, set a portion of Kuey Teow, shredded Chicken. Pour soup into it, garnish with chopped spring onion, fried onion and some pepper to taste. 
You may cook 4 portions in Thermomix.

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