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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chocolate Hokkaido Cupcakes with Green Tea Custard

 This is a good one, attended TrueMix Monday meeting, MeiYee was the one show us this recipe, with Thermomix everything turns into possible. And of course made easy. 
As soon as I got home after the meeting, dug out the square paper cups which I bought it 2 years ago, that was the first moment I thought of making Hokkaido cupcakes. Yeah..... dragged for 2 years, almost giveaway these cups, lucky enough that sister refused to take those. :p

Did some variation on the recipe I have gotten, so far it taste well, at least a few of my music student gave me a positive response on their first bite. Amelia even said:"Can sell this cupcake, very yummy."
Joyee and Aiyee commented that they never tried this combination, usually what they can find is vanilla and strawberry. 

 Chocolate Hokkaido cupcakes just out from oven.

I would like to try on green tea custard instead of ordinary vanilla or strawberry flavour. 
I do not have custard powder and refuse to buy a packet as I really seldom use those, I remembered I threw a packet years back which I used not more than 100g. 
Was searching some recipes which teach us making custard out from scratch. 

Cut a bigger hole by using knife, which I could pipe in more custard.

Or you may use a straw to poke a few times to make big hole in the center.

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