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Monday, May 24, 2010

Snow Lotus Yeast Enzyme recipe 制作天山雪莲酵素比例分量

I knew about Snow Lotus from HK series, and learnt from the story that snow lotus could heal almost all the diseases and sicknesses, but never knew how true is true from a story. After so many years, and have came across to this enzyme recipe, and have seen many testimonies, it is really worth the trying, moreover my mom is making it for all of us :p, so here I am.

Me and my family have been consuming this enzyme for around half a year, my mum making it for many of our relatives and friends, people around us, and most find it works wonderfully to improve their health condition. And as I searching for more details of it, and wanted to put up the recipe my own, and I found a blogger has posted up the making with nice photos instructions, here is the site:

How to make Snow Lotus yeast enzyme 制作天山雪莲酵素比例分量

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