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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow Lotus Yeast Enzyme vs skin problem

I have a few student who suffering from skin problem on their fingers, there were two cousins, I told the older one to dip her fingers into snow lotus yeast enzyme, she got recovered from her skin problem. And the younger one, I told her the same thing, but she said her mother put some oilmen or coconut oil onto her fingers, since the mother is taking care of, I left it to her.

youngest cousin
But her problem getting worst. One day during the lesson, as I was helping her to play some notes, and found that her fingers were wet by it's discharge, immediately I asked her to go to my kitchen, and make her dipped her fingers into a bottle of snow lotus enzyme. 

On the next lesson which is after a week, I checked on her condition, it had dried up, and new skin began to grow, that was amazing, and this time she wanted to dip her fingers. After another week, her mother came to ask what was exactly I gave to her daughter, as this little one told her mom that I gave her 'ketchup'!! 

the elder cousin
Without hesitation, I showed her and briefly explained to her about snow lotus enzyme.

And the parent asked for one bottle, as her younger son is suffering from dry skin. A few days after, she told me the result was amazing! We made an appointment with Cynthia, she demonstrated how to make and harvest snow lotus yeast enzyme on one Sunday, and we went to USJ2 hardware shop together to get all utensils the next day morning. ( USJ 2 hardware shop, we call this 'One-stop' shop. Tel:03 56356890)

This incident has waken me to using it for shower!! A crazy idea? Not until you have tried it! 

I use this after my shower, put it on my face and body for a few minutes before I rinsed it away. It works well on me. You might get itchiness at first, after a few times, your skin will grow to a better condition, moisture, and smoother. Try it.

resource link : Healing and Rejuvenation with enzyme

My mom and Cynthia used to be my supplier, because I want to use it for shower, I better make it on my own.

After a year of consuming, today is the first time I make this enzyme.

Here is the procedure and things you needed — How to make Snow Lotus Enzyme?

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