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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to make Snow Lotus Enzyme?


Things I use:

1)  6'' wide mouth funnel
2)  6'' funnel
3)  5.4' plastic mug
4)  4.5'' Chinese rice bowl

5) Coffee-cloth strainer

6)  Colander and shallow bucket

If you are making 9 bowls, you need this for
melting Indian brown sugar.

7) A bucket

Snow Lotus Yeast Enzyme Recipe / ratio:

It is free, I believe nobody is selling it!

Remember 3+1+1

1) 3 bowls of snow lotus enzyme yeast
2) 1 bowl of Indian brown sugar
3) 1 litre of filtered water

You may use 900ml to 1 litre of water, depends. 

I got it from 'Boulevard' hypermarket in
 USJ 1  at RM22

How to make snow lotus enzyme? 

Here is the procedure:
1)  Melt Indian brown sugar with 1 litre of water, you will need to use wooden spatula to crush the bigger rock of sugar, make sure they melt thoroughly.

(I rinsed snow lotus yeast and did some measurements needed while the sugar is soaked in the water)

When it is thoroughly melt, the sugar water is black in colour and less white tiny bubbles.

On every 5th making,
just rinse with running filtered water in a
plastic colander.
2)  Scoop 3 bowls of snow lotus yeast into 'Horlick' (S) glass bottle, I use 'big mouth funnel' to ease the procedure. 

There are some Medium size glass bottles, which allows you to make 9 bowls of snow lotus yeast at once, we could get all utensils from USJ 2 hardware shop, we call this 'One-stop' shop. Tel:03 56356890 

*(I don't earn anything from it! :p   Do it just for the help to give you a peaceful mind.)

2) Pour Indian brown sugar water into the bottle which filled with 3 bowls of snow lotus yeast, remember to strain Indian brown sugar with coffee-cloth strainer,

3) Cover tight, loosen once a day to release gas that produces during fermentation, then cover tight again. Wait at least 5 days before harvesting.

Benefits of taking Snow Lotus Enzyme

Things to know while preparing Snow Lotus Enzyme

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