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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Things to know while preparing snow lotus enzyme

Things to know while preparing snow lotus enzyme

1) The enzyme should not have any contact with metal
2) Close loose during the process of fermentation.
3) Keep utensils away from oil (keep your working place clean, especially sink, wash before use)
4) Some only allow 3 - 4 days of fermentation period, I choose it 5 days, the longer you ferment, the sour taste it gives.

Things to note for consumers:

1) Enzyme can be taken before or after meals, more than once a day (Gastric patients should consume after meals)
2) Consumers that has coronary diseases and asthmatic patients should dilute the enzyme with water before drinking.
3) Not suitable for pregnant ladies but can be taken 3 months after labour
4) Enzyme should be drank 4 hours later after consuming tuber crops (such as potatoes)
5) This drink is some what "heaty" therefore drink lots of water. Coconut water helps as well.

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