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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Praise with one voice

Attended SCF Worship Seminar titled: "Sacrifice of Praise", it is a 2-session seminar, today was the 1st part of the whole seminar; the seminar started at 1pm after Sunday service, which adult, youth and KK praise and worship teams attended, from as young as 6 years old to as 'young' as 05 (better put in reverse way, Oops!), hosted by Pastor Jacinta.

The most happy thing is my Gab now is serving together with mommy~ say cheese! I told him I am proud of him and praise God that we able to serve God in the same ministry.

In the seminar, we learned 'What, why, how and when?' about Worship, the role of worship leader, psalmists, musicians and dancers.

To be able in one of the team, we've got to know it is a 'Holy Calling'. One of the thing that brew me was "Singing with one voice", and I knew from music theory 'one voice' meant playing together, more prescribe as rhythmically and melodically, and I did remember when I was in symphony orchestra, the conductor Mr. Ota said about playing in unity, none of our instruments should stand out from one another, we should try our best to emerge our notes into the piece, that is what I understand. But talking about it in praise and worship I really have no idea how to explain it clearly, because it is not only about the notes, counting, but it is also about spirituality, and I am not that spiritual, when I play piano accompaniment, I am more particular on the harmony, counting and intonation of those psalmists, sorry to say that, but I am still ok with you guys.....

And as soon as I got home, I google about it, many articles again..... and I found one, and it is:

With One VoiceSunday, May 23rd, 2010
by David S. Lampel

People who share the same focus will always sing in unison.

Individuals become a family by having something in common. In the case of human relation, it is the blood flowing through their veins that binds them together. But in the case of the family of God, it is the blood flowing out of the veins of Christ that does the binding.

A person may be drawn to participating in a choir by a love of singing_but it is that man or woman's love for Christ that will keep the song in his or her heart.

So how do we sing in unison?
Singing in unison (as used here) does not mean everyone singing the same note. What it means is that we all agree on

who is to sing to whom we are singing why we are singing
The answers to each of these can be found in Psalm 148. First, who is to sing? After itemizing every created thing, including the sun and moon, fire and hail, snow and clouds, the Psalmist continues his list with
. . . kings of the earth and all nations, you princes and all rulers on earth, young men and maidens, old men and children. -Psalm 148:11-12 NIV
The point? Every person on this earth is to be praising the Lord. The second question_to whom are we to be singing_is answered by the first three words of the Psalm
Praise the Lord! -148:1a
Can we emphasize that too much, or too often? In this scattering world of distractions and false truth, can we hear too many reminders that it is the Lord who is to be the sole object of our praise and worship?

When the choir members arrive for practice, when they troop in on a Sunday morning, when musicals are staged and rehearsed and performed_the desire of every heart should be for the Lord. The focus of every thought, every intent, should be on the Lord.

Finally, why?

Verse 13 answers this.

Let them praise the name of the LORD, For His name alone is exalted; His glory is above the earth and heaven. -148:13 NKJV
Why? Because only the Lord's name is exalted_literally, "set on high"; it is only His glory that stands above earth and heaven.

With one voice.

What unity and strength there is in joining our voices as one, in praise of the One, the mighty God of heaven, the only one worthy of our praise.

In unison.
From In Unison, by David S. Lampel. Used by permission.

You see, I really do not know how to explain it well enough, I am blessed and this article is simple enough to say all that we need to know.

Happy serving!

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