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Friday, May 7, 2010

Before and After ... that matters

It always keep me wondering why am I right all the time, I just don't want to end up that I am the smartest people in the world which I know it is not true, and that makes me feel that I am such insensible, inconsiderable, irritable, unlovable, .... argh everything you could think of from a self-centered person.

The answer is simple enough, as I was talking to Pastor Tommy, and again, as usual.... I was right, very right for some incident and situation, then I said goodbye and last sentence I said to him was 'because I am always right!', that made both of us laughed. That was not the end, I told myself, it is not right, it must not be like that, then I realized: Time matters, I am always right because I always Right the Wrong, the time realm: Right is after the Wrong, Wrong is before the Right, of course I am always right, bla bla bla bla....... I better giving out 'adjustment', 'lessons', 'reasons', 'judgement'.......... 'lao kui'... more to improve, what a proud person I am.

Lord, so so sorry for my behavior. I know why you put me in 'that' position, blunt my 'Axe', for future 'chop downs' ..... I just hope I could understand more of your plan in me, just...... please don't leave me Lord, I can't survive without your strength, I can't stand right without your guidance, I can't grow well without your grace and steadfast love. Please...... keep me in your arms.

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