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Thursday, May 27, 2010

See Good things in a hassle.

Thursday morning, clear sky, wonderful breakfast me and Gab had had. The moment I went to my car (brother's car) and found back tyre went flat, kind a panic at that moment, I do not have time to fix it, have to send Gab and another 2 boys to school. While hurry them into my car, and sort out a solution.

Tried to fill gas in at petrol station near by, but can't work, then went to my brother's house to take his car to send kids to school. Due to mum went out for exercise couldn't get her to fetch me back, therefore I walked home in the morning, lesson starts at 8am, phew.... what a hassle.

As I post my status in facebook as:

A day starts with hassle, found out one of the tyres went flat early in the morning...

I got the first comment from Daniel: Don't just see the evil around you. See the good that God is already doing!

Here I go, the first good thing is 'I SAW It' was punched. After morning session, I used to have one house-call student, that I need to give lesson at her house, the parent sms to cancel today's class, the 2nd good thing God has made.

Then I sent the car to the workshop just near by, the tyres have to replace due to the age of usage. This car is belong to my 2nd younger brother, he had an accident earlier, the front bumper and other's part were missing inclusive of number plate, indeed I was quite worry whenever I am driving, but... it is really better than no car! I have classes everyday, just can't imagine cancel all my classes... for weeks. So, after got his permission, I ask them to fix all together for him, 3rd good thing God has made, why did I say that, because I am helping my brother to settle his problem, counted as one good thing.

Thursday is the busiest day, classes after another at HOME, isn't it God is so good? If this the tyre get punched on another day, I would have to cancel class and might not be able to fix it for my brother, and if it is punched tomorrow, even worst.... tomorrow is Wesak holiday, all my holiday plan ...burn! the 4th good thing God has made.

I choose to praise God, because it is said:

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever.
Psalm 136:1

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