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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Solution: No eye see

Have you seen such parenting that they will never spank the child or even say 'No' to a child's behavior? I am lucky to meet one which is my music parent, the parent allowed their children to do whatever they want, but thankfully I am allow to teach the elder girl with discipline, (otherwise, I don't know how to teach by not discipline and being firm on certain requirements).

She allows her child to climb even window's grill, to play around, to eat, to play sockets, fan, whatever in my room, I saw him fell from table, fell from chair, head injured by knocking on table's corner, bed, I can take these, because the mother can take it, but I can't take it when he 'poo' in my room, eat in my room, at last I voice it out not to have food in my room, and another thing I can't take it is to play with my phone, I gave him a 'mean' look, and say "NO!". That's it, clear enough, phew..... he is not coming with his sister anymore.

I forgot the name of this type of parenting, this family is homeschool their child. The girl is another issue, she does whatever she feels like to do, at this moment, still under control in my 'authority', but quite a hard case to me, and require more patience to handle it. My solution is that, learn not to press too hard, and to tell the parent about any attitude problem I face, let the parent take over it.

Today, there was another family came to join KK time, from one of the Sonshine playgroup parents, the younger daughter were running up onto the stage many times, and was touching everything she sees, imagine it, the first time she joins, she behaves like that, what's more next? I carried her down from stage to her mother, she yelled as is I tortured her, she had a few times like that just in 2 hours, the mother very patience and lovingly play with her, asked her not to do this, not to do that, chasing after her, salute to the mother, the little girl must be a hyperactive child.

I didn't do much on that, because I don't know what can I do other than discipline, and I do not have the 'love box' of relationship to discipline her, therefore just 'no eye see'.

Imagine my child is like that, I think I have gone crazy ... Salute to the mom.

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