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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sometimes he could be that considerate

Gab will have to stay home sometimes, I will pack him lunch. And this year, I enlarge his territory of service, he has to wash his dishes after lunch, his bottle, Tupperware that he brings school for snack, and also his school shoes.

Some of the days I will be quite busy, that are the days that he has to do all this, he has no complaint. One afternoon, he phoned me that he would like to cook instant noodle as his lunch, I understood as that day, the lunch was really tasted 'no appetite', so I let him cook and urged him to be careful when cooking. (Don't worry, this is not his first time of cooking)

That very night when I came home, I saw that everything had been cleaned and well kept, oh deep in my heart I felt comforted and encouraged, sometimes he could be that considerate. My sweet heart melted.

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