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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Farmville gamer attitude

Usually a farmville gamer will open many accounts in order to help the domain account 'grow' and up level fast. We need neighbours to expand farm, and grow, start added some farmville gamer into friend list, then you found out, not many are playing actively, some have stopped playing, some only taking care of their own farm, I played one account initially, as I found out not many are really helping whenever I needed 'help', I guess they are busy on their accounts too. Therefore I began to use Gab and other's nieces' account to help myself in order to raise barn, send gifts to myself....

As you are managing all of your 'own accounts', I began very selfish with what I share, and has became very hectic to me, managing up to 6 accounts, I never liked this, and became very impatient on playing this game, there are always many postings for one activity.

Slowly I give up all except Gab's account, sometimes don't even care to manage his farmville   : p

And slowly I became more generous in postings, and sharing, click 'help' in friends' needs, trying to send gifts whenever I could. It all began from a Taiwanese game-mate, and an old friend from Melaka, both of them are higher level than me, and they are generous in helping me whenever it I need, by sending me bushels, and raising barn. I felt so much easier whenever they help.

From this small little deed, I felt game could be very fun and easy when all help one another, we don't need to have another account indeed.

A friend asked me when she saw me posting everything, "Why do you have to post everything? I didn't do it!" I told her because there are people will need it, and I need people to do this little deed in order to help myself too, it is true, if everybody holds their postings, I think this game is not fun anymore! And everybody becomes very selfish in posting gifts too.

That is the attitude, I don't mind posting all XP, when I do this, others follow.... imagine!! we level up together, and we no longer have to manage many accounts! That is freedom man!

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